How to start dropshipping with Shopify?

Shopify is the best choice for dropshipping. It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms of the moment. Its ease of use, accessibility, optimal reliability, power and absolute compatibility with dropshipping explain this craze. To get the most out of dropshipping on Shopify, you first need to get through the various steps.

What are the key steps to start Dropshipping with Shopify? 

Choosing Shopify to launch your dropshipping e-commerce business is an excellent option. In fact, it's become a must for dropshippers to launch a successful dropshipping business. In just a few steps, discover the basics of launching your dropshipping business with Shopify.

Step 1. Create a Shopify account

Before venturing onto Shopify, it is important to determine the essential preliminaries, including the niche market. Indeed, it is very important to define in advance the specialty of the e-shop to be launched and the type of products to be offered for sale. Once you have clarified all the points, move on to creating your Shopify account.

It should be noted that opening an account on Shopify is free. It even offers all new users a 14-day free trial. During the account setup process, Shopify will request access to your personal information and details.

Step 2. Determining the Shopify shop theme

Now that you've set up your account and are the proud owner of a Shopify dropshipping shop, it's time to choose the right theme for your shop. On Shopify, you'll find a dozen or so quality and original free themes. Set yourself apart from the rest by configuring a unique Shopify theme. An e-shop with a good theme and an easy-to-navigate homepage is likely to catch the attention of your target audience.

Step 3. Adding products

When the configuration and customisation is complete, you can now move on to adding the products to be marketed. With the help of dropshipping applications, you can easily find the right product category for your business. Each product category should be well organised so that the customer can browse them easily. However, to import products en masse in dropshipping, there are tools that make the task easier. Oberlo is one of the most popular. It is important to remember that each product must include an image, a clear and precise description with price and discounts.

Step 4. Setting up other information

Any dropshipping shop on Shopify worth its salt should feature information on delivery and payment options. Tax options should also be included. This information is essential and guarantees the effectiveness of the e-commerce with the customer.

Dropshipping with Shopify: what tools should you use?

When you set up your dropshipping store on Shopify, you're still a long way from the end goal. The greatest difficulty in dropshipping lies in the choice of suppliers and products to sell. Indeed, getting started in dropshipping shopify requires close collaboration with a reputable dropshipping supplier. In addition, there are a number of effective tools that list a shopify dropshipping supplier.

  • Oberlo, the exemplary tool

Oberlo is the most used tool in shopify dropshipping to search for products and suppliers. It takes care of searching for the products you need from the supplier and ensures that they are imported into the Shopify e-commerce site in one click. It should be noted that the tool cannot be used for dropshipping on ebay. If your main supplier is AliExpress, Oberlo is able to manage the shipping and tracking of the entire package.

  • Google trends, another option

Google Trends is also a perfect ally for finding all the trendy products. By searching for a keyword, this tool allows you to find the most sought-after and best-selling product of the moment. 

What are the best Dropshipping shops on Shopify?

To get your shopify shop up and running, you can get help from some dropshipping shopify tutorials. Alternatively, there are also examples of shopify dropshipping shops to inspire you. Each site is based on a specific shopify dropshipping theme which will most likely help you determine yours.

  • Bluecrate is a specialist in personalised gifts. This site puts forward a very effective marketing strategy (advertising videos on Facebook). This allows it to generate a lot of traffic.
  • Dude Gadgets is also a perfect example of a shopify dropshipping site. It specializes in marketing various gadgets. His site stands out for the support button option and the quick preview.
  • Shopepie is the shop that will make all women happy. Specialising in the sale of fashionable ready-to-wear clothing, this e-commerce site is distinguished by a small animation displayed at each product viewing.


With all the steps to follow as well as the rules to respect, creating a Dropshipping shop with Shopify can be very complicated. For personal guidance, you can get help from an expert like Minea.

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