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Find influencers for your dropshipping site with relevant tools

In order to promote the visibility of your brand, you are advised to use the right tools to find your influencers.

Who is considered better placed to represent your brand than an influencer? Thanks to the numbers of their followers and especially their engagements, they hold an important place in an influence marketing campaign. Choosing a good influencer is not to be taken lightly. To help you in this step, here are some relevant tools. 

Why work with influencers? 

Wondering why you should work with influencers? What does your dropshippingsite have to do with influencers? Then you should know that this is the most effective way to get even more traffic for your dropshipping site. So, if you need to increase order numbers and sales, all you need to do is find the right ambassador for your brand. Seeking the help of an influencer for your dropshipping offers you the opportunity to build a quality audience. 

In order to meet this expectation, a good number ofdropshipping influencers are available to you. No matter what type of products or services you offer, you will always find the right one for your needs. However, it's not enough to find an influencer, you need to find the right one. This is a step that is quite crucial. That's why we offer you some effective tools to help you find profitable influencers.


When we talk about influencers, we immediately think of those who are on Instagram and YouTube. As we all know, these are the most visited platforms by Internet users. If you want to gain even more audience, try to find influencers who are successful on these platforms. With its database of over 10 million influencers on Instagram and YouTube, HypeAuditor is considered the ideal tool to find an influencer for your dropshipping .

It is also a very easy to use software. It analyses the accounts of each influencer and offers you quality indicators. These are the ones that will help you find the right influencer. In order to facilitate your search, HypeAuditor offers 35 performance indicators. Thus, you can choose your ambassador according to :

  • Its age
  • Its type of audience
  • His commitment
  • Its quality score
  • Its location 
  • Etc.


If you want to try a newer and much more effective tool to find your spokesperson, you can also opt for Stellar. This software already works with a large number of well-known brands. With this tool, you can analyse the profiles and the content of these profiles in real time. If you are interested in an influencer, Stellar will give you access to their latest social media content or statistics. This is relevant data to help you make your choice. 

Thanks to Stellar, you will also have the chance to get in touch with the influencers. This way, you can talk about your partnership and negotiate the price of the services. Moreover, thanks to a special option, this software allows you to easily manage your relationship with your ambassador. From your first contact to the briefing. This tool also has performance indicators to help you select the right person.

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Hivency is also a great tool to help you contact an influencer for your dropshipping . It provides you with micro influencers with exceptional potential. Even with a small audience, you can trust them because of their engagement and conversation rates. Hivency can also help you find an Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest influencer for your dropshipping that fits perfectly with your product. 

All you have to do is provide all the information about your services or products. Once this is done, the software will find the right ambassadors for your needs. It is then up to you to choose your spokesperson based on the important information you get from each profile. With Hivency, it is also possible to pay your dropshipping influencer on the platform. And if you want to get in touch with your contributor, you can use the messaging option. 


There is also Buzzsumo, which is also considered a relevant tool. This software is very popular because of its wide range of options. It can help you create quality content and make your marketing efforts successful. Buzzsumo also allows you to find the most popular content on Twitter and Facebook and to identify the influencers who have shared the content. With this tool, you can also find your ambassador.

In order to help you, this software offers you numerous performance indicators such as the number of followers and the number of likes. By typing in the right keyword, Buzzsumo suggests the best influencers based on the ranking of influencers in relation to your keyword. It is then up to you to filter the list according to the type of influencers you need.


Influencer search is a crucial step for a dropshipper. If you need help to find the ambassador that could propel your service, rely on Minea. Minea has just created an efficient tool that will allow you to easily find influencers that are suitable for your brand.

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