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Dropshipping, how to find the right influencer for your shop?

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When one has chosen to swim in the world of commerce and particularly e-commerce. There are several ways to optimise sales. Among these means, there are influencers. So, how do you find a good influencer for your dropshipping shop?

Why use a good influencer?

With the advent of social networks, marketing with influencers has also appeared. These people, who have become true experts in this field, have the function of referencing an online sales site, including dropshipping. It is also a way to better target your prospects. Indeed, if you want to see your online business succeed, it is essential to find a way to target your prospects. This is also the main reason why it is beneficial to work with profitable influencers. That is, those who have a good reputation and the ability to attract audiences.

How to choose the right influencer?

To find the right dropshipping influencer to ensure your business performs well, there are a few key points to consider. You should know that it is very easy to find an influencer as more and more people are turning to this activity. The most difficult thing is to make the right choice. Nevertheless, with the following guidelines, you should have no trouble finding one.

Some tips for identifying the right influencer

So, with the number ofinfluencers emerging day by day in social networks, it becomes really difficult to sort out. The first mistake to avoid is subjectivity when making a choice. Above all, don't think that the number of fans is enough to make the right choice. Indeed, it is also very important to consider the quantity. For this, two points should be taken into account.

Choosing an influencer that suits your shop's image

Even if it's dropshipping, you obviously have a brand or business to promote. So when choosing an influencer, make sure that they are perfectly consistent with your brand. By this we mean that their personality should be in line with your values. Moreover, this is logical since it is impossible to get results if you choose an influencer who does not share the same values as your company.

To know that an influencer has the right personality for your needs, you can use an influencer marketing platform. These are tools that allow you to benefit from many advantages:

  • They provide access to the entire influencer market and allow for comparisons.
  • The data that these tools collect and analyse sends you to the topics that influencers are posting.
  • They are equipped with technology that will lead you to personalities you didn't even expect. But they are really interesting.

Make a choice based on the influencer's community

The purpose of a dropshipping influencer, whether in or out of online commerce, is to be a lever for digital communication. Indeed, you use their audiences. In other words, you also need to analyse their community to see if it is in line with your company's image. For this, you can still rely on a tool like the influencer platform.

During this analysis, the age range, gender, geographical location, etc., can be checked, it is quite possible to have a good accuracy on the information of each influencer's audience in order to be sure that the message will reach the right targets. In addition, the engagement rate of the community should also be taken into consideration. Many fans who are not active will not give the expected results.

Beware of fake influencers in dropshipping

Digital influence, just like online business, is growing steadily. Today, there are also what we call fake influencers. There are some on social networks, whether it is a dropshipping influencer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other networks. Most of the scammers are found on Instagram due to its popularity. Their goal is to have partnerships with a company or brands. The scam lies in the fact that you can buy followers that do not exist, but are simply robots. These scammers mostly take advantage of the lack of knowledge of advertisers to make their move.

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How to partner with an influencer?

There are different approaches to establishing a partnership with an influencer. To begin with, you can choose the direct approach, which consists of directly proposing your project without knowing each other. You can contact the dropshipping influencer by phone or online. There is also the matchmaking approach. This involves identifying people who are part of the influencer's network and proposing a connection with them. And of course, the other methods are all indirect. Relationships are built on trust. You can also offer an interview where the influencer can tell you about themselves, their experiences and their background.


A good influencer is a lever for your dropshipping shop. But finding this dropshipping influencer remains a challenge. For this, you can rely on Minea, a tool that will help you and guide you to the perfect person for your value.

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