13+ Best Alternatives to PayPal in 2023

PayPal is one of the oldest online payment systems in the world, but it's not the only one. Choosing the right financial technology for your business comes with its own set of challenges, and you need to be smart about it. While PayPal is one of the payment gateways payment gateways, there are hundreds ofalternatives to PayPal, some of which may be more suitable for your business. So read on to find out. Let's get started! 

Features of the best online payment systems

Before choosing an online payment method for your business, here are the criteria to consider: 

  • International transaction capabilities
  • Deal in local currency
  • Ability to send wire transfers
  • Receive payments between bank accounts
  • Low fees for everything
  • Manage an online business or e-commerce platform
  • Access to international networks and markets
  • Prepaid debit cards (usually Visa or Mastercard)
  • Provides some type of working capital

Lists of the best alternatives to PayPal for digital payments

Here we will look at a general overview of each brand, its price, advantages and disadvantages. This will help you determine which type of electronic payment solution is best for your business.  

  1. Google Pay
  2. Skrill
  3. Tipalti
  4. Payoneer
  5. Square
  6. Stripe
  7. Venmo
  8. Remitly
  9. Klarna
  10. Apple Pay
  11. Hyperwalle
  12. PaySimple
  13. Bolt

Google Pay

Google Pay is a secure mobile payment application and digital wallet developed by Google. The payment solution powers online, in-app purchases and contactless on a mobile device. This allows users to make payments with tablets, Android phones, and even watches.


There is no additional fee when you use a debit card to make a purchase in-store or through a service. However, there is a 2.9% fee for credit card payments.


Alternatives to PayPal: Skrill

Founded in 2001, Skrill is a digital wallet provider that offers various online payment and money transfer services. Since its launch, Skrill has expanded its cross-border operations to more than 120 countries, in 40 different currencies. When you choose Skrill, making fast and secure payments with a virtual wallet that adds convenience and security is choosing Skrill. 


Sending and receiving money is free with a Skrill account as long as no currency conversion is involved. Any type of withdrawal costs $5.50. Making a credit card transfer also comes with a 2.99% fee. However, if you do not use the account, a monthly inactivity fee of $5.00 applies. There is also a one-time application fee of $10.00 for the Skrill Visa prepaid card.



Tipalti is also a better alternative to PayPal for business. It makes accounts payable automation faster, more secure and more efficient. The end-to-end solution modernizes operations while providing an efficient payment gateway. Your business will thrive in a unified cloud platform with integrated tax compliance.

Tipalti is a robust platform that offers a comprehensive white label experience. This ranges from endpoint automation to virtual payment services and digital marketplaces. 


Tipalti offers two affordable packages designed to help your business grow: Tipalti Express and Tipalti Pro. Express is the lightweight solution for teams that need simple payment capabilities.

Tipalti Pro includes W-8 tax forms, international tax IDs, and multi-entity debt. Pro and Express pricing varies based on needs, processing requirements and users.


Is there an alternative to PayPal: Payoneer

Payoneer is very similar to PayPal and offers a merchant account that provides money transfers and digital payment services. Indeed, it is the go-to global partner for e-commerce businesses, online stores, small businesses, etc. Payoneer also offers working capital, borderless payments and endless opportunities for business growth.


Payoneer's price depends on what you are trying to do. Getting paid will cost you 3% of the transaction for credit cards and 1% of ACH transfers. Withdrawing funds costs up to 2% of the transaction. It costs $1.50 for domestic funds and 2% for non-local currency. If you do not use your account, there is also an annual fee of $29.95. This fee is waived for normal activity.


Alternatives to PayPal: Square

What is the best alternative to PayPal for small businesses? Square is the ideal solution for small businesses, freelancers and ephemeral stores. You can quickly and easily process payments securely with the Square Payments app. It's also easy to accept a variety of payment types, including:

  • Press, dip or sweep
  • Keyboard entry
  • Online payments
  • Invoices

Square also offers an open API for deeper customizations. There are no additional fees, long-term contracts or other big surprises for business owners.


For Square, the standard processing fee is 2.6% +10 cents (contactless, swipe, chip and magnetic stripe cards). Manual keypad payments are 3.5% +15 cents.



Stripe is one of the best alternatives to PayPal. In fact, it is a payment processor that offers custom APIs for e-commerce businesses and mobile apps. The platform accepts more than 135 different payment methods, multiple currencies and is the best software for running an online business. With the integration, you can start accepting payments directly through your website or app.


Stripe charges a fee of 2.9% +30 cents per transaction. You can also opt for a customized solution with different pricing offers, depending on the business needs.



Venmo is a better alternative to PayPal for personal use. In fact, it's a mobile payment service that makes it easy for small businesses to transfer money. With over 60 million active users, it offers a social way to make transactions without the need for a PayPal account. Payments can be made via the app or in person via a QR code.


A simple transaction from your bank account, debit card or account balance is always free. If a credit card is used to pay, there is a 3% chargeback per transaction.


Alternatives to PayPal : Remitly

Remitly is a mobile banking solution and international payments company that allows a business to conduct cross-border transactions. It is basically faster and cheaper than other tools, with a top-notch exchange rate and an easy-to-use interface.


The transfer fee depends on the transfer speed, the amount of money you are sending and the country of the recipient. If you select Economy, the fees are lower and delivery is made in 3 to 5 business days. However, Express has higher fees, which can also increase if you send more money, and delivery usually takes a few minutes.



Klarna is one of the best alternative options to PayPal. It is a Swedish "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) solution that provides financial services such as: 

  • Online payments,
  • Payments after purchase
  • Direct payments. 

It also offers zero fraud liability for complete security and protection. The company offers its customers a variety of payment methods, including financing, installments and 30-day payment terms.


All payment options for Klarna cost 30 cents per transaction, plus a variable rate of 3.29% to 5.99%. The Instant Shopping feature costs $30 per month, plus a 30-cent transaction fee. In addition, the shopping feature also charges variable rates of up to 3.29% for on-site sales and 3.79% for off-site sales.


Alternatives to PayPal: Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service that works with any Apple device. It allows users to make payments in person, via iOS apps and on the web using the Safari browser. A business can send and receive funds directly through Messenger, simplifying the payment process and expanding your point-of-sale opportunities.


Apple Pay is generally free for Apple users on a limited basis. However, larger businesses will be charged with custom pricing. For a current quote, you should contact Apple. Online reports indicate that the platform is 36% cheaper than the average payment gateway solutions.



Hyperwallet is a fintech brand and global payment solution that enables localized, multi-currency payments almost anywhere in the world. It's a frictionless payment experience, whether it's revenue, royalties or commissions. E-commerce and corporate customers trust Hyperwallet to efficiently distribute global funds on a single platform. Finally, it's a great alternative to PayPal for business. 


To get an idea of the additional cost, you should contact the third party payment processor. Hyperwallet only operates and provides services through local affiliates. This means that pricing is never transparent.



This Colorado-based financial technology company offers simple electronic check and credit card processing. In addition, it is approved by more than 20,000 businesses. PaySimple offers a free trial with no contract and an inexpensive way to accept payments and reduce processing costs. The system allows you to: 

  • Slide cards,
  • Set up recurring transactions,
  • Create web payment forms,
  • Send electronic invoices and much more.


PaySimple has a simple pricing plan and was developed for the unique needs of a service-based business. Credit card processing is 2.49% per transaction plus monthly fees. ACH and checks will cost 69 cents plus 0.25% per transaction.


Alternatives to PayPal: Bolt

Is there an alternative to PayPal on eBay? The answer is yes. Bolt helps improve the payment process for online retailers. In addition, the mobile solution offers a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee and access to millions of buyers on the Bolt network. Order approval is faster and easier with Bolt's one-click payment. The solution connects seamlessly to e-commerce platforms like Magneto.


Bolt offers custom quotes for a business, so prices are not available online. When determining the cost, they look at factors such as:

  • Sales volume
  • Type of company
  • Risk of fraud



PayPal is not the ultimate solution for online payment systems. First, take the time to understand your business needs. What are the main features required? Is there a budget? How many people will use the software? These are all excellent questions that should be asked at the beginning of your search. There are currently hundreds ofalternatives to PayPal. Do the work ahead of time and you'll find a better solution in the long run. 

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Frequently asked questions 

How to receive money anonymously?

Major money transfer services such as PayPal and Western Union can allow you to send money anonymously. However, the transfer is not really completely anonymous. Your information will be linked to the transaction, even if PayPal or Western Union do not share this information with the recipient.

Are there any risks to using PayPal? 

One thing is clear, paying with PayPal is safer. You get additional security features and protections, no matter which payment method you choose. 

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