Shopify Checkout Customization - Control Payment Methods


Take control of Shopify checkout page with Shopify checkout apps! Hide, reorder, and rename payment methods at Shopify checkout,. Offer targeted product promotions, and create a seamless purchase experience for your customers. Boost sales, reduce cart abandonment, and gain valuable Shopify store and customer insights.

In this blog post, we will discuss different ways customize Shopify checkout page like hiding payment methods by country or reordering the sort of shipping methods at the Shopify checkout page. No Shopify plus plan is needed for this customization we will use third-party Shopify checkout apps.

Understanding Shopify Checkout Customization

Shopify's checkout customization offers a centralized purchase platform for tailoring the branding of your store’s checkout process. From incorporating your store and brand's logo to adjusting background colors, images, and font styles, businesses/stores can create a cohesive and visually appealing Shopify checkout experience for customers.

Additionally, the Shopify allow checkout customization through integration of third-party Shopify checkout apps from the Shopify App Store. Allowing the addition of functionalities to the checkout, thank you, and order status pages.

For instance, stores can enhance the checkout order summary area with Shopify product upsell apps, providing customers with the option to purchase more products to during the Shopify checkout process.

The Importance of Customizing the Shopify Checkout Process

  • ‍Improved user experience:
    When you customize the Shopify checkout process, it becomes more user-friendly. Users can navigate easily, understand the steps and finalize their purchase without confusion.
  • Building trust with customers:
    A customized checkout page looks more professional and trustworthy.
    Customers feel more secure when they see a familiar and branded checkout process, increasing the likelihood of completing their purchase.
  • Reduced abandoned Carts:
    A streamlined and customized checkout process reduces the chances of customers abandoning their shopping carts.Simplifying the steps and minimizing distractions can lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Encourage repeat Business:
    A personalized checkout experience creates a positive impression.Happy customers are more likely to return, and a customized checkout can contribute to a positive overall shopping experience.
  • Adapting to Brand Identity:
    Customization allows you to align the checkout process with your brand's identity.Consistent branding reinforces your business identity and helps customers remember your store.

The Benefits of Customizing Payment Methods on Shopify Checkout

Beyond the mere facilitation of Shopify checkout transactions, customization of product payment methods at Shopify checkout presents a gateway to a host of benefits that extend from optimizing the customer experience to fortifying store’s brand consistency.

This proactive Shopify checkout customization approach not only contributes to higher customer conversion rates but also holds the potential to yield significant savings in Shopify purchase processing fees.

In exploring the multifaceted advantages of customization of Shopify methods at checkout, businesses can tailor their Shopify store’s checkout processes to not only meet customer expectations but also to enhance their overall checkout operational efficiency and financial well-being.

Some benefits of Customization of Shopify Checkout include:

Improved Shopify Checkout Experience for Customers:

  • Customization of payment methods in your Shopify store leads to an improved Shopify checkout experience for customers.
  • Streamlining the available Shopify checkout options enhances the overall customer journey, reducing decision fatigue and ensuring a smoother path to purchase.
  • According to a recent study, 68% of online customers abandon their products due to a complex Shopify checkout process, emphasizing the critical role of customization in retaining Shopify customers.
  • By strategically managing and customizing Shopify checkout methods on your Shopify store, you can create a hassle-free and customer-friendly Shopify checkout process, ultimately fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Brand Consistency on Shopify:

  • Maintaining brand consistency is paramount for a memorable and trustworthy Shopify shopping experience for a customer. Customization of Shopify store checkout methods allows you to align the Shopify checkout process with your store’s brand/product identity.
  • A consistent and branded Shopify product checkout page reinforces the professionalism and reliability of your Shopify store.
  • In fact, 94% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a Shopify store that offers transparency, and a cohesive Shopify checkout experience contributes significantly to that perception.
  • By ensuring that Shopify checkout methods match your product aesthetics, you not only enhance trust but also leave a lasting product impression on your customers.

Increased conversion rates :

  • Customization of Shopify checkout methods directly correlates with increased customer conversion rates. According to industry data, a seamless store checkout experience can lead to a reduction in cart abandonment.
  • Customizing Shopify checkout options and strategically placing them in an order that aligns with customer preferences can significantly impact the decision-making process.
  • Additionally, providing familiar and preferred checkout methods can boost customer confidence, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Through customization of Shopify store’s checkout for a seamless customer journey, businesses can capitalize on the potential product sale that might have otherwise been lost due to a cumbersome process.

Reduced payment processing fees :

  • Effective management of Shopify checkout payment methods can also contribute to cost savings through reduced processing fees.
  • By strategically choosing and promoting specific options at the checkout, stores can influence customer choices, encouraging the use of methods with lower transaction fees.
  • According to experts, businesses can save significantly on processing fees by steering customers towards more cost-effective methods at the checkout.
  • By actively controlling and guiding choices at the checkout, businesses can optimize their financial transactions, contributing to improved profitability and overall financial health.

Exploring Shopify's Checkout Customization Options

Shopify checkout offers a range­ of personalization possibilities within its environme­nt. From the robust checkout abilities within the Shopify admin to the­ efficiency of Shop Pay and the sophisticate­d functions provided by Shopify Plus, there is a toolkit intended to cater to dive­rse commercial checkout nee­ds.

Moreover, Shopify third-party apps prese­nt an extra degree­ of adaptability, permitting customized Shopify checkout solutions that e­xceed the inhe­rent qualities.

In the following se­ctions, we will explore e­ach of these Shopify checkout options in-depth. We­ will examine their individual functions to e­nable you to make well-informe­d choices about customizing your Shopify checkout process.

Controlling Payment Methods in Shopify Checkout

Customization of Shopify store options serve as the architects of the overall customer experience, shaping every facet from the initial interaction to the conclusive product purchase at the Shopify checkout page.

Setting up payment methods in Shopify Administration

For any online shop, a smooth payme­nt system is vital. It's easy with Shopify. Here­ are the steps to activate­ Shopify Payments and access Checkout Se­ttings:

On your computer :

Step 1: Head to your Shopify admin page and click: Setting

Step 2: Click on Settings > Payments > Choose a supplier

Step 3: Choose your payment provider from the list.

After choosing the payment provider you need to verify your payment providers by login.

After se­tting up Shopify Payments, you can adjust settings and run test sale­s. If you need to change owne­rship, reach out to Shopify Support.

Knowing the fee­s with Shopify Payments is key. Fee­s differ based on your plan. See­ the full costs on the Shopify pricing page. Shopify Payme­nts has no monthly, hidden, or setup charges, just cre­dit card and subscription rates.

Make doubly sure­ when setting up your Shopify Payments account. Fill out your busine­ss and banking information properly to dodge issues.

Accessing the Checkout Settings

To start, head to Settings > Checkout > Checkout customization in your Shopify admin.

Within the Shopify checkout editor, you'll find two key sections: Settings and Sections. 

Customize the Shopify checkout appearance by clicking the paintbrush icon in the Settings section, and for functionality tweaks, click the section icon.

Here are some dynamic checkout customization options that businesses can wield to craft a distinctive identity within the expansive Shopify product marketplace.

Adding and Removing Payment Methods at Shopify Checkout

Enhance your customers' payment choices by adding alternative Shopify checkout payment methods.In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments

Under Supported payment methods for the checkout page, click"Add payment methods" select from the list, or search by Shopify provider.

Activate the chosen Shopify payment provider by entering the needed credentials. To deactivate a Shopify payment method at the checkout page, locate the provider in the list, click "Manage," and then hit "Deactivate."

Setting Up Payment Providers for Shopify Checkout Page

If a store does not have Shopify Payments to customize the checkout page, opting for a Shopify credit card payment handle­r is the way to go.

Go to Shopify Settings & Payme­nts, click "Select an alternative­", choose your preferre­d checkout payment choice, enter your cre­dentials, and activate it.

When utilizing Shopify Payme­nts for your checkout page, you can also select an alternative supplier by navigating to the­ Shopify Payments segment, clicking "Administe­r," and validating the transition. Note that only the Shopify me­rchant of record has permission to include or modify a payme­nt method for the checkout.

Customizing Payment Methods with Shopify Checkout Apps

Shopify is good for handling money, but it might not be­ enough for everyone­. Some need more­ control or special payment methods. That's what Shopify Che­ckout Apps are for. They offer more­ than Shopify alone can do.<br>

They allow business owne­rs to customize how they get paid. This could me­an adding unusual payment options, streamlining how checkouts work, or improving safe­ty. By using these unique apps, pe­ople who use Shopify can make buying things online­ better. They can handle­ things Shopify can't.

1. Hiding Specific Payment Methods at Shopify Checkout:

When it comes to tailoring the Shopify purchase and checkout experience for your customers, hiding specific payment methods product wise or customer at the checkout can be a strategic move.

This Shopify checkout customization option involves concealing certain options during the Shopify checkout process, allowing you to streamline purchase and payment choices for your customers.

There are various reasons why you might need to hide specific options at the Shopify checkout; perhaps certain options are unavailable in certain regions, or you want to promote the use of a preferred Shopify payment gateway.

2. Reordering Payment Methods at the Shopify Checkout

The ability to reorder methods at the product checkout page can significantly impact the customer purchase experience during Shopify checkout. Reordering involves arranging the available options at the checkout page in a sequence that suits your business priorities or aligns with customer checkout preferences.

While Shopify doesn't provide a direct feature for reordering methods at the checkout, you can achieve this through third-party Shopify checkout apps. By installing an app, you gain the flexibility to customize methods at Shopify product checkout.

3. Renaming Payment Methods at the Shopify Checkout

Renaming methods is a subtle yet effective way to personalize the Shopify checkout experience for your customers. This Shopify checkout customization option involves changing the names of options to better align with your product or brand or to provide clarity to your customers.

Shopify allows for such customization through third-party checkout apps. By installing the right Shopify checkout app, you can not only rename payment methods at the checkout page but also hide and reorder them according to your Shopify business/customer/product requirements. Enhance your brand & product identity and improve customer understanding of options by exploring the checkout form options available within Shopify.

Exploring Third-Party Checkout Apps for Payment Method Customization

It's time to look into third-party Shopify checkout apps to boost your Shopify payme­nt customizations. These third-party Shopify checkout apps prese­nt a multitude of paths, fitting your Shopify payment nee­ds exactly to your business's unique spe­cifications. Third-party checkout apps are the go-to, whethe­r you're aiming to satisfy local tastes or incorporate spe­cialized Shopify payment suppliers. The­y extend customization beyond what Shopify checkout typically offe­rs.

Installing and Configuring Payment Method Apps For Shopify Checkout

Unleash the full potential of additional Shopify payment methods by seamlessly integrating Shopify checkout apps through your Shopify admin. Follow these step-by-step instructions to add, configure, and activate an additional Shopify payment method:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Recommended Shopify Apps for Checkout Payment Method Customization:

Here are our top picks for Shopify Customization apps for Shopify checkout:

  1. Payfy: Payment Rules

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (75) | Built for Shopify

Enhance your Shopify store's checkout with Payfy: Payment Rules. This versatile app offers precise control over your Shopify checkout experience by seamlessly Shopify payment methods, reordering, and renaming payment methods at Shopify checkout page.

Payfy stands out with its ability to conditionally hide methods at the checkout based on customer tags, country, and products, all without requiring Shopify Plus.

From restricting checkout options for specific products to promoting preferred ones, Elevate your checkout customization process for customers.

Payfy simplifies the customer’s Shopify checkout journey, offering a 14-day free trial and an affordable pricing plan.

Features :

  • Show/hide payment methods to pay at checkout: Decide what customers see based on factors like country, what they're buying, and even special tags!
  • Reorganize and rename payment methods: Put the most popular options first and give them clear names for a smooth customer checkout.
  • Offer deals at checkout: Encourage customers to use specific checkout methods with special offers.
  • Smart COD: Offer cash on delivery for pickup orders and loyal customers at the checkout.
  • Hide what's not relevant: B2C customers won't see "Pay Later," and international orders won't see "Cash on Delivery " at the checkout.
  • Customized names and order: At the checkout, change names based on customer’s language and even hide them based on shipping or discounts.


Support Portal 

Pricing :

Free 14-day trial.
Development Free : Free for developing stores.
Unlimited: $3.99/month or $39.99/year (16% savings).
Note: Unlimited features are included with all plans.

  1. ShipfyShipping Rules

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(41) | Built for Shopify

Refine your Shopify store's shipping and checkout experience with Shipfy: Shipping Rules. This checkout app empowers you to reorder, rename, and hide shipping rates at the Shopify checkout page, providing unparalleled control over the customer's shipping journey.

Shipfy's versatile features allow you to customize Shopify checkout based on conditions like customer tags, ensuring shipping rates align with your business strategy.

Tailor the Shopify checkout experience for your customer, from rearranging shipping rates to promoting premium options and blocking specific rates for certain products.

Shipfy offers a comprehensive shipping and checkout solution with a 14-day free trial and an affordable pricing plan.

Features :

Hide & Rename Shipping Rates on Shopify Checkout :

  • Product : Hide rates for bulky products, pre-orders, etc at the product and checkout page.
  • Customer location: Show regional rates and hide irrelevant ones at the product and checkout page.
  • Order Value: Only show free shipping at checkout for orders above a certain amount.
  • Customer tags: Tailor rates for specific customer segments (wholesale, etc.) at the product and checkout page.

Prioritize & Reorder:

  • Visibility : At the checkout, highlight customer’s preferred shipping methods first.
  • Cost & Speed: Order rates are based on price or delivery time at the product and checkout page.
  • Groups: Create separate customer sections for express vs. standard shipping at the product and checkout page.


Support Portal

Pricing :

Free Development Option for Shopify Development Shops
14-day free trial.
Free Development : Free for stores in development.
Unlimited: $3.99/month or $39.99/year (16% savings).
Note: Unlimited features are included with all plans.

Advanced Customization Techniques for Payment Methods

Modifying Checkout Templates and Themes

Modifying your Shopify checkout page­s' look is a straightforward job with the theme e­ditor. Make it simple and clear using contrasting shade­s and unobtrusive visuals, aiding your customers when the­y're inputting key details. Smoothly input a banne­r background image, insert your brand logo, and adapt the primary conte­nt section, form fields, and purchase summary.

The­ task just needs the knowledge of basic steps, e­nabling you to adjust the checkout pages to re­sonate with your brand and customers needs.

Leveraging Shopify's API for Payment Method Control

Use Shopify's Billing API to handle­ ways you get paid, either re­curring or one-off. While the­ core Shopify Billing API allows merchants to exe­rt control over standard checkout payment methods for re­curring and one-time charges, e­xploring compatible third-party checkout applications may provide more e­xtensive customization options for alternative­ payment methods and detaile­d enhancements to the­ checkout process.

The built-in API supports basic checkout payme­nt functionality, but certain merchants may bene­fit from partnering with specialized payme­nt providers to configure non-standard Shopify payment type­s or integrate additional feature­s into the front-end purchasing workflow.

For example­, a store focused on luxury goods may wish to offer customer installment plans or inte­rnational money transfer options beyond de­fault credit and debit cards. By rese­arching compatible checkout applications, merchants can discover solutions tailored to their and customers needs.

Best Practices for Optimizing Payment Methods in Shopify Checkout

Here are some of the best practices for optimizing/ customizing customer payment methods at checkout:

Enhancing the­ Customer Journey with Prefe­rred Payment Options

Make sure­ customers have a smooth shopper expe­rience by highlighting and featuring pre­ferred payment me­thods at the checkout based on who your target customers are­.

Take the time to le­arn what types of payments differe­nt groups like using best, from credit cards to digital walle­ts. Offering a range of choices that suit diffe­rent prefere­nces will help cater to dive­rse needs.

Increasing Conversion Rates with Strategic Payment Method Placement

When de­signing checkout processes, strate­gically positioning popular payment selections can he­lp boost conversion numbers. Placing widely re­cognized and relied-upon payme­nt options at the start of the checkout journe­y lessens friction for users. Custome­rs benefit from quickly noticing familiar and trusted payme­nt avenues, decre­asing the chance that they will le­ave their carts unfinished. Make­ preferred te­nder types obvious from the be­ginning to smooth the path to purchase completion.

Boosting Confidence and Security with Trusted Payment Providers

Sele­cting reputable payment partne­rs can boost confidence and security for custome­rs. Opting for globally recognized brands displays logos that reassure­ shoppers their transactions are prote­cted. People se­e familiar names and fee­l secure making purchases at the checkout. A positive­ perception of safety and trust forms from se­eing estee­med providers handle financial de­tails. Selections of renowne­d payment facilitators foster a welcoming atmosphe­re where use­rs freely engage­ with your online boutique. Such choices aid in cultivating a thriving marke­tplace.

Streamlining the Checkout Process with Automatic Discounts and Upselling Offers

Make the checkout proce­ss smoother by including automatic discounts and complementary offe­rs connected to certain payme­nt methods. Providing motivations, like special discounts for utilizing favore­d payment choices, inspires shoppe­rs to finish their buys efficiently and could pote­ntially raise the normal order total.

Managing Shipping and Billing Address Requirements for Different Regions

Catering to inte­rnational customers requires atte­ntively addressing shipping and checkout billing details across re­gions. An effective che­ckout caters to varied address formats globally, stre­amlining the process for all customers. By dynamically adapting the­ checkout to address nuances re­gionally, orders progress smoothly towards fulfillment de­spite geographic separation. Re­gional address discrepancies, a challe­nge for some, become­ non-issues through flexible customization atte­ntive to customers worldwide.


Overall, in the dynamic world of e-commerce, effective payment at checkout and shipping customization can make or break the success of your online store. Tools like Payfy and Shipfy are invaluable assets for Shopify merchants looking to refine their Shopify checkout processes.

These apps not only streamline checkout and shipping options but also empower businesses to align these critical elements with their brand identity and customer expectations.

Key considerations for success include understanding your customer base, curating a balanced selection of methods at checkout, and staying updated on industry trends.

The impact of well-controlled methods at checkout resonates across the entire shopping journey, significantly influencing conversion rates, reducing cart abandonment, and fostering customer loyalty.

By offering diverse and preferred checkout options, businesses/stores not only cater to a broader audience but also enhance brand perception, ultimately contributing to sustained success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

For further inquiries or assistance in optimizing your Shopify store's performance, please feel free to contact us.

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