Using blogging to optimise your SEO marketing

Websites are currently a key element in the marketing world. Therefore, it is necessary to promote them so that your company can gain visibility. The use of blogs is one of the most important tools in this business. For activities such as dropshipping, it is to your advantage to look into this technology.

The advantages of linking a blog to your site

A blog will essentially consist of written content, and will be dedicated to one topic, or several topics. The purpose of a blog is to talk about a given topic in order to make it better understood. It can also be responsible for providing useful information about the topic. For example, for a blog on the theme of cooking, everything will revolve around that. You will find various articles that talk about ingredients, kitchen equipment and the like.

A blog centred around cooking can be beneficial for a dropshipping strategy for selling kitchen equipment. So it's a case of being creative, and finding a way to talk about your products when writing content. Then, if your blog does well in the search results, it will bring you back visits. That's more visibility for your site and its products. So you have everything to gain by putting in a minimum of effort when it comes to setting up a blog.

Optimising your blog for SEO

Simply having a local SEO blog is not enough. It must also be able to meet various quality criteria. Without this, it will be difficult for your blog to attract visitors. It is therefore your duty to understand the different principles behind this, and then apply them properly.

  • The site as a whole

Your site's code is one of the things that search engine bots will look at. Doing so allows them to learn many essential things about your blog:

  • Loading time
  • The layout and therefore the readability
  • Adaptation to different existing monitors

These criteria are all of great importance to the user experience, especially those on mobile. A well optimised blog is said to be SEO friendly. A Google algorithm update a few years ago actually emphasised the importance of mobile users. So you need to make sure that your site's code is mobile friendly.

  • Content optimisation

Once the issue of the site itself is resolved, the next thing to consider is the quality of each SEO blog post. This is the reason why the internet user comes to your blog. You must start by following the various rules imposed in SEO content writing. This means keeping your sentences simple, and not too long. You should also make sure that your text is well spaced out by jumping to the next line and that you avoid language mistakes.

As for the content, it must be well relevant, and the information given must be correct and in line with the user's searches. If visitors like your SEO blog posts, they will even give their email address to receive notifications when you publish new ones. The help of a blog SEO agency can help you optimise your blog.

Understanding netlinking for your SEO blog marketing  

Netlinking or "private blog network SEO" is the term used to refer to generating links to your site. This can be done organically, and is the method most recommended by Google. All you need to do is follow the standards for SEO content creation. The other method is to buy links, but this has not been very effective for a long time.

Links that are considered quality in netlinking should come from quality blogs. If a poorly done blog has links back to you, it is likely to be negative for you. However, all paid links come from low quality blogs. Because of this, buying links to your site en masse is a practice that should be banned. Instead of doing this, it is better to ensure good quality content.

Guest posting on blogs

Posting on your blog to talk about another blog is a common practice. It's called guest blogging for SEO sites. The principle is to dedicate one of your articles to the content of another blog. In return, the latter will also talk about you in an article. It's like sharing your audience.

This is a practice that can be beneficial to both if the topics are related. It is also important that the audiences are similar so that the whole is equivalent. It should also not be used too frequently. Otherwise, it could become spam on your blog. So you need to choose carefully the conditions under which to use it.


Using blogs is an excellent way to promote good quality SEO. Existing techniques can greatly benefit the development of your audience, if you do it right. With the help of the Minea platform, you will have a better chance of generating satisfactory results on your site through your blog.

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