The Best Facebook Advertising Spy Tools in 2023

In today's digital landscape, Facebook ads play a crucial role in promoting products and acquiring new customers. For marketers and entrepreneurs alike, it's essential to stay on top of the most effective advertising strategies. And that's where the free adspy facebook tool comes in.

By monitoring and analyzing competitors' ads, it's possible to gain valuable insights and conversion techniques. In this guide, we'll explore the best free tools for spying on Facebook Ads that will help you optimize your advertising campaigns.

How important are Facebook ad spying tools?

Spying on Facebook ads has become an essential practice for e-merchants wishing to maximize their success on the platform. These ads can provide a wealth of valuable information on marketing strategies, market trends and conversion techniques. However, access to this data can be costly, hence the importance of free Facebook ad spy tools. 

With a free facebook adspy tool, you can explore and analyze your competitors' ads without having to invest large sums of money. What's more, it provides valuable information on best advertising practices, creative styles, effective calls to action and target audiences. 

What's more, by using a free tool, marketers and entrepreneurs can make informed decisions to improve their own advertising campaigns. Below is a list of 5 of the best spy tools you can adopt for your online business.


Minea home page

Minea is a powerful and versatile tool designed to spy on ads on social networks, including Facebook. It offers a wide range of features for analyzing and tracking competitors' advertising strategies. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, Minea has become a preferred choice for those wishing to optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Minea's key features are designed to help users find high-performing ads. The tool features a database with thousands of active Facebook ads, covering different niches and markets. Using precise filters, it is possible to search for ads according to specific criteria such as : 

  • Keyword,
  • Domain name,
  • Date uploaded, date viewed,
  • Countries,
  • Language,
  • Number of Likes, shares, comments,
  • Type of e-commerce platform,
  • Number of downloads
  • Number of views.

This allows you to analyze the ads that generate the most engagement and adopt the best advertising strategies. We've put together this detailed guide on how to analyze a Facebook ad with Minea. Don't hesitate to discover it.


  • Availability of a free plan
  • Large database
  • Advanced search parameters
  • Advanced filter settings
  • Relevant ad data
  • Store analysis tool
  • Influencer marketing analysis tool
  • Chrome Extension


  • TikTok Ads Spy tool not available on Basic plan
  • Limited number of searches on the Basic plan

Free facebook adspy : Dropispy 

Dropispy home page

Dropispy is a comprehensive Facebook ad spy tool. It offers marketers and entrepreneurs powerful features for analyzing and monitoring their competitors' advertising strategies. With its advantages and user-friendliness, Dropispy has become a popular choice for online merchants.

The features offered by Dropispy are extremely useful for identifying the competition's winning advertising strategies. The tool gives users access to a vast database of active Facebook ads, organized by niche and country. Thanks to advanced filters, it is possible to select specific criteria such as :

  • Keyword
  • Social engagement of the ad (Likes, Shares, Comments...)
  • Ad creation date
  • Type of media used in ad
  • The call to action (CTA)
  • Platform used by advertiser
  • Geographical location, 
  • The language, 
  • Type of device, etc. 

This feature lets you analyze the best-performing ads in your sector. It allows you to understand the tactics used by your competitors to attract the attention of their target audience.


  • Extended databases
  • Advanced filters and search parameters
  • Free trial to test the tool
  • Store analysis tool
  • Relevant ad data


  • Limited to spying on Facebook ads


PowerAdSpy home page

PowerAdSpy is a popular free facebook adspy tool for spying on Facebook ads. Thanks to its advanced features, it offers an effective way to discover your competitors' advertising strategies and improve your own advertising performance. One of PowerAdSpy's key features is its ability to search by keyword.

Indeed, users can enter relevant keywords related to their niche or market, and the tool will display ads that match those keywords. This allows users to explore the most relevant ads in their field and come up with new creative ideas for their own campaigns.


  • Search by keywords
  • Advanced filtering for precise analysis 
  • Concrete examples of successful use
  • Improved advertising performance


  • Advanced features require a paid version.
  • User interface can be complex for beginners

Free facebook adspy : AdEspresso

AdEspresso home page

AdEspresso is a comprehensive tool for managing and optimizing Facebook ads. In addition to its management features, it also offers ad spying functionality, enabling marketers to analyze the advertising tactics of their competitors.

AdEspresso's AdSpy feature allows users to monitor their competitors' ads and gain valuable insights. What's more, users can see their competitors' active ads, analyze the messages, creatives and targeting used, and learn from them.

Beyond ad spying, AdEspresso offers other key features for effective ad campaign management. It lets you run A/B tests to optimize performance, and track results in real time.


  • Analysis of competitors' tactics.
  • Full management of Facebook ads.
  • A/B testing to optimize advertising performance.
  • Real-time monitoring of results.


  • Advanced features require a paid subscription.
  • Complex user interface for beginners.


BigSpy home page

BigSpy offers a free version with limited functionality for exploring and analyzing Facebook ads. You can search by keywords, enabling you to find specific ads quickly. What's more, it also lets you search for ads in other countries, which is particularly useful for merchants with an international audience.

One of the strengths of this free facebook adspy lies in its vast advertising database. Users can access millions of active ads on Facebook and Instagram. They have access to a wide variety of examples and inspiration. What's more, they can filter ads by various criteria such as date, reach and engagements, to find those most relevant to their niche.


  • Search by keywords
  • Search for ads in other countries
  • Extensive ad database for inspiration and analysis
  • Advanced filtering to find ads


  • Subscription required for advanced features
  • Complex user interface for beginners

We've also put together a comprehensive guide to the 10+ Best Tools for Dropshipping Competitors. These tools can help you explode your business in no time, so don't hesitate to read the guide.


Spying on Facebook ads is an essential strategy for optimizing advertising campaigns and gaining a competitive edge. The tools mentioned in this guide offer powerful features for spying on Facebook ads. It's important to put this knowledge into practice and keep up to date with new trends and evolutions in Facebook's algorithm. We encourage you to use these tools to improve your advertising strategy and achieve more effective results.

Frequently asked questions 

What is an ad spy tool?

An ad spy tool is a software program or application for analyzing ads served on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads. These tools offer advanced research capabilities and a large database to discover competitors' advertising strategies, find inspiration and optimize your own campaigns.

Is there a free version of AdSpy?

AdSpy does not offer a free plan, it is available for a one-off fee.

Can I run Facebook ads for free?

With a projected 64.8 million Facebook buyers by 2025, social commerce is booming. Fortunately, it's possible to advertise on Facebook for free - all it takes is creativity and patience.

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