Pinterest Advertising for Dropshipping in 2024: A Beginner's Guide

When it comes to dropshipping, most e-tailers turn to platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise their stores. But have you ever considered using Pinterest advertising for dropshipping? If not, you'll need to do so now. Thanks to this social network, you can boost your pins and display them as advertisements. These sponsored pins will then appear in the Pinterest feed and search results of your potential customers!

In this article, you'll get all the information you need to start advertising dropshipping on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Ads: a way to increase the profitability of your business

Advertising is one of the most important ways to succeed in dropshipping. Promoting your business will have a positive impact on the number of visitors you receive and the number of sales you make. To take advantage of advertising, however, you need to adopt the right marketing strategy.

What you need to know about Pinterest 

Pinterest is first and foremost a discovery platform. Indeed, when users search for a product, they don't specify a brand. This means you have a good chance of appearing in the results. So you need a good advertising strategy.

Why choose Pinterest advertising for dropshipping?

To promote dropshipping products, e-tailers or dropshippers have a choice of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to these platforms. Pinterest also deserves your attention. In fact, this platform now boasts over 300 million users. According to statistics :

  • 83% of weekly users decided to buy a product after seeing it on Pinterest, 
  • 85% of the people registered on this platform are going to organise important events (wedding, moving house, etc.);
  • Some members of this platform spend 29% more than others,
  • Pinterest offers 33% more traffic than Facebook,
  • 90% of active users use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions.  

In addition to being a source of inspiration, this platform has become a kind of search engine. If you are targeting users looking for a specific product, you will need to implement an effective advertising strategy.

Which niches are best for Pinterest?

Niche for Pinterest

Before we discuss which niches work best with Pinterest, let's check out what kind of people use Pinterest. 

It turns out that 71% of Pinterest users worldwide are women. In the US, Pinterest reaches 83% of women aged 25-54. Yet this is the same group that makes 80% of American household purchasing decisions. They use Pinterest to gather ideas from others, view products and, eventually, make a purchase!

Given these statistics, it's tempting to only use Pinterest if you have a female audience. However, you're more likely to succeed if you're in a highly sought-after niche on Pinterest. Here are the most popular interests on Pinterest:

  • Fashion beauty
  • Food
  • Auto
  • Home decoration
  • Travel
  • Antiques and collectibles, a major industry dominated by Pinterest

Where do sponsored pins appear on Pinterest?

Before you launch your Pinterest advertising for dropshipping, be aware that sponsored pins appear in two different places on Pinterest:

Pinterest feeds

Pinterest feeds

The Pinterest feed is like Instagram's Explore page. Pinterest will show you images based on your past behavior on the platform and the pins you've saved. Here's an example of a sponsored pin on the Pinterest feed:

Search results

The other place your sponsored pin can appear is in Pinterest search results. Here, the ad will appear when you search for a certain topic on Pinterest. In this case, we searched for"Electronic gadgets", and this sponsored pin appeared :

What advertising formats does Pinterest offer?

To advertise on Pinterest for dropshipping, you have many formats at your disposal. It's up to you to choose the formats that will help you achieve your goals. Discover some of them below:

Sponsored pins

These advertisements take the form of an image or video to be boosted to an audience. It is a format that offers you the possibility to focus attention on a specific product.

Sponsored carousels

This format is suitable for promoting a collection or storytelling. Thanks to the carousels you will be able to show several images. Users will only have to scroll through them manually. With this option, you are allowed to use 5 images to highlight a product, a range or a story. 

Shop the Look Pins

This option is mainly intended for fashion brands. It's a way to add value to a complete outfit. Dots appear on the items to be purchased. These can be pants, t-shirts, shirts, etc. To access a precise description, simply click on a garment. One click takes you to the detailed description and a link to the product sheet. Let's take a look at how you can create a professional account on Pinterest to start using Pinterest advertising for dropshipping.

How to create a business account on Pinterest?

Ad creation

In dropshipping, Pinterest allows you to create profitable ads. To use Pinterest Ads, you'll need a business account and a certified domain. To manage this aspect, you'll need to go to " Settings ". You'll find " Account Settings ", go to the bottom of the page and click on " Convert Account ". All you have to do is follow the instructions. 

When you see the " Claim your site " section, insert your domain name and click on " Claim ". You'll then receive a code that you can copy and paste onto your website. The aim is to link your Pinterest account to your website. This procedure will enable you to create your advertisement.

How to set up your Pinterest Ads for dropshipping?

With Pinterest, dropshipping becomes more practical. Indeed, dropshippers benefit from a platform on which to display and promote their products. To create your first campaign, you'll need to go to Pinterest Ads. Once in the menu, click on " Ads " and then " Create an ad ". You'll then land in a configuration tunnel for your campaign. Follow the steps below to complete the configuration of your campaign:

Choosing an objective 

Lens selection 

Choosing an objective for your advertising campaign depends on the strategy you've established. If you want to increase awareness of your company or brand, you can aim to increase the number of impressions and views on your video. To generate more traffic to your website, you can opt for clicks to the site. Finally, if you're targeting conversions, such as registrations or sales, you can choose the"conversions" objective to optimize your ads for these specific actions.

As for the daily budget, this will depend on several factors such as your market niche, competition, desired reach, etc. To start with, a minimum daily budget of €/$10 to €/$20 may be a reasonable estimate to begin testing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. However, it's advisable to adjust your budget according to the campaign's performance and the achievement of your set objectives.

Determine your audience 

Defining your audience 

To determine your target audience for your sponsored pin, it's essential to understand your market and your marketing objectives. Identify demographic characteristics such as age, gender, geographic location and interests of your potential audience. What's more, the platform offers a range of options for refining your audience as much as possible. For example, you can target based on interests, purchasing behavior and past interactions with your website or content.

Then use these tools to create a detailed profile of your target audience, which will optimize the chances of reaching the right people with your sponsored pin. Don't forget to monitor the performance of your ad and adjust your targeting based on the results to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Determine locations 

If you use sponsored pins, you can place them either on the home page or in the search results. You have the option of displaying your content in both locations. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, position your publications in the " search results ". 

Define your budget 


To start with, you can invest 1 euro or 1 dollar a day. Then adjust your budget according to your results. To optimize the visibility of your publications, place your ads at the best times.

Indicate a bid 

A bid is the cost you're willing to pay to obtain a specific action. This could be a click or a conversion, for example. To maintain control over your bid, choose " Custom ". Enter a lower amount than that proposed by the tool. The results can be adjusted over time. 

Control audience size and choose the right advertising pin 

Don't choose too small an audience, unless you're aiming for a niche. You'll still need a well-targeted audience. You can either use an existing publication, or create a new sponsored pin. Finally, as you know, successful advertising starts with choosing the right product to offer. For this reason, we recommend this detailed guide"How to find a winning Dropshipping product on Pinterest?"


When it comes to dropshipping, creating an ad on Pinterest Ads offers many advantages. For the promotion to be successful, you'll need to choose your ad format carefully and follow every step of the campaign creation process meticulously. In addition to having a good marketing strategy, you'll also need to have a winning product on your online store. With Minea, you'll have a better overview of the winning products on the market.

Frequently asked questions 

Are Pinterest ads good for dropshipping?

Pinterest ads can be very beneficial for dropshipping, despite the fact that it's often overlooked in the face of more popular platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Pinterest, based on inspiration and scrapbooking, offers an excellent advertising opportunity for online businesses.

Why use Pinterest advertising?

Pinterest advertising aims to increase brand awareness, audience engagement, drive traffic and boost sales. Thanks to interest-based targeting powered by the Pinterest Taste Graph, it offers increased visibility to new customers.

How much do Pinterest ads cost?

When it comes to costs, Pinterest offers relatively affordable advertising rates for all campaign objectives. To drive online engagement, costs can range from $0.10 to $1.50 per click, making Pinterest an attractive platform for visual brands.

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