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How do I find the winning dropshipping products in 2022?

To stand out in dropshipping, you need to find the winning product. Minea tells you all about it.

"Product winner" is one of the most popular terms in dropshipping. Some e-tailers are still reluctant about these famous products. They think that it does not exist. On the other hand, others think that there are hundreds of this product. What should you do to find the winning dropshipping product? 

Winning products in dropshipping: what do you need to know about them?

  • How to recognize a winning dropshipping product?

Thanks to Minea, you can see all the most popular products on the market and on social networks. However, how do you know if the product in question is a winner? You have to refer to the reaction generated by the product on the buyer and on the seller. When faced with the item, the buyer should be faced with something truly incredible and should acquire it as soon as possible. The seller, on the other hand, should get significant results. This means that the sales results are above expectations or above average. 

  • What are the mandatory criteria for a winner in dropshipping ?

There are a few parameters that identify whether a product is a winner or not. It is necessary that the product : 

  • Be rare or hard to find: the item should not be easy to find offline. It should not be available in supermarkets. There are very successful products that are only available on the Internet. 
  • Has a "wow" effect: as soon as a potential buyer is confronted with the product, he or she must have the impression that the item in question is indispensable. They must be ready to buy it, regardless of its price. 
  • Meets a real need: the item should make the buyer's life easier. It may save time, remove a burden or anxiety. The item should help to relieve the buyer of a burdensome task. 
  • Offers very good margins: in the dropshipping world, the resale price is often 2 to 5 times higher than the purchase price. Therefore, you need to start this business with the right mindset. On the web, there are watches whose resale price is 10 to 30 times the purchase price.

In dropshipping, the winning product must have a good stock. Deliverability should not be a problem. It is imperative that you do not run out of stock while the products are selling well. Check with the supplier that the items for sale are not out of stock. If you are concerned about the risk of stock-outs, you may wish to use other suppliers in addition to your main supplier. If you do not like this alternative, you can check with your current supplier about their production capacity. This will help you to anticipate and react proactively.

How do I find the winning dropshipping products in 2022?

What products should be avoided?

Some products look attractive and easy to sell. However, they can be tricky. There are different items that you should avoid. 

  • Branded or licensed products

This alternative is only worthwhile if you manage to set up some form of partnership. You also need access to rights or a reseller's licence. To avoid getting bogged down in a complex business, do not offer licensed or trademarked products. By avoiding these products, you don't risk losing everything overnight.

  • Clothing 

Selling clothes should be left to experienced sellers. If the clothes come from different countries, the sizing system is often different. This can lead to ambiguities.  

  • Fragile products 

A winner is first and foremost a functional product. Therefore, if you choose a fragile item, you may be faced with breakage problems. The product will be damaged on delivery. With a damaged item, you will lose customers who might be interested in placing multiple orders.

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What are the winning products in dropshipping in 2022?

The winning product varies every year depending on the trend. In dropshipping, the winning product of 2019 was items made from natural ingredients. The sale of essential oils was very successful. The global market for aromatherapy was estimated to be worth more than 3 billion euros in 2019. Dietary supplements gained great popularity. 

In 2020, electronic and recyclable products were very successful. These include the massage gun, FPV glasses, shoe dryer, steel straws, shoulder-back massager and portable inhaler.

In 2022, the winning products are those that fall under the electronic universe and the health field. Interesting items are induction chargers or wireless chargers, acupuncture pens, massage guns, etc.

How to find a winning dropshipping product?

Even if you have good logic and do some self-reflection, you will find it difficult to identify a winning product. To determine this, you should not rely on chance. It is essential to use specific tools. To find the winning product in dropshipping, you have different tools at your disposal. 

  • Minea 

Minea is one of the most powerful and practical tools for identifying winner products on social networks. When searching, this tool refers to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc. It has many powerful features. It analyzes ads on Facebook, the display of ads on Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. It also analyses the products sold by your competitors. The winning products offered by Minea can be sold on different sales platforms. 

  • Aliexpress

This platform is mainly specialised in the sale of products at low prices. If you are still a beginner, you just have to open an account and go to the Dropshipping center. Choose the category that suits you best. Once this is done, sort the results by the number of orders. Simply paste the product of your choice in the "Product Analysis" tab of the Dropshipping Center.

You will see a graph showing the fluctuation of sales in relation to this article. You will be able to deduce whether sales are falling, rising or stagnating.

  • Dropizi

If you want to check the reliability of a product, you can use Dropizi. This platform has an extension that allows you to see the rating of a product on the AliExpress website. When the extension is activated and you browse the site, you can easily find a list of bestsellers. The disadvantage of this process is that the products offered may not be interesting in a few months. 

If you choose a particular item, go deeper into your analysis. With Dropizi, you will be able to see essential information such as the number of sales, delivery time, reviews, etc. This platform allows you to automatically add the winning product to your shop's catalogue.

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