What is the importance of advertising in dropshipping?

In order to increase the awareness of an online shop and to promote sales, online advertising is an excellent tool. It is an effective marketing lever. It is a way of promoting the offers on one's site. On the web, there are many tools to promote your online shop. How do you go about gaining traffic and increasing your turnover? 

In dropshipping, is advertising really useful?

It is not always easy to find products to sell in your online shop. To find the winning products, you can use a tool like Minea. The success of your shop will not only be based on your products. It is important to stand out from your competitors and establish an effective marketing strategy. Dropshipping is very practical. It allows you to promote a product, a service or a brand on the Internet. In principle, it is always paid for. Its cost is determined by the type of ad. You can choose between :

  • Search advertising: This alternative offers the possibility of adding hyperlinks. These links will lead people to your website. The links are displayed when someone enters a specific keyword in the search engines.
  • Display advertising: this is a way of inserting advertising banners, buttons or messages on social networks or websites. 
  • To reach targets 

With online advertising, you have an effective means of communication. You will have access to a tool that allows you to reach targets that are both diverse and qualified. Thanks to links and ads, Internet users will be led to make purchases on your dropshipping shop. By broadcasting targeted advertisements, you will be able to respond directly to the expectations of your prospects and customers.

  • To generate more traffic and sales 

Dropshipping advertising is an excellent tool for generating visits and increasing sales. If you are targeting passive internet users, Facebook Ads might be of interest to you. If you are targeting active visitors, Google Adwords is a better choice. To optimise your marketing strategy, you can use both platforms simultaneously. This way, you will be able to publish your messages in different contexts. 

  • To optimise your marketing strategy 

When you launched your dropshipping shop, you probably expected to be successful from day one. In reality, to be successful in this business, you need to be patient and have solid advertising strategies in place. 

Even if you have found some winning products, you will have to wait a while before the shop is fully operational. With SEO and social media, you will be able to attract traffic to your online shop. To generate traffic quickly, your best option is to advertise online.

Promoting a dropshipping shop through Facebook ads

In dropshipping, advertising on Facebook attracts about 93% of marketers. This social network is very advantageous as it allows you to quickly reach a large audience. You will have an effective tool to make your dropshipping shop known. In order for your ads to be profitable, you need to take into account different notions. Indeed, every detail of the advertisement will be decisive.

  • Using customer reviews 

Facebook advertising in dropshipping can manifest itself in different ways. Indeed, some customers tend to be suspicious of certain advertisements. On the other hand, they are interested in the opinions of their peers. For Facebook Ads, recommendation is one of the best techniques.

  • Putting the human side forward 

In your Facebook Ads, add a human touch. Do not hesitate to integrate images and visuals with people in your promotions. If you place testimonials on your site, put the photo of the buyers and their first names. This is a way to build trust. Put up smiling portraits. This will easily attract attention. 

  • Communicating a clear message

With Facebook Ads, it is important to convey a clear message. If a qualified user sees your ad, they can easily be converted into a potential buyer. Put a clear and understandable message that directly answers the prospects' queries. Use clear sentences and simple words. You can use numbers. To get prospects to take action quickly, use urgency. Your customers will be asked to act quickly. For example, you can say that there are only 25 items left in stock. The Internet user will be ready to act quickly to avoid missing out on a good deal. 

  • Choose the video format

To avoid boring Internet users, vary your ads. If you want to grab users' attention quickly, opt for dropshipping video ads.

  • Vary the location of advertisements 

With Facebook, it is possible to organise advertising campaigns in different ways. If you do not make any changes, the posts will be placed automatically. If you think that your ad campaigns are not going to be displayed in the right place, make the necessary changes.

  • Working with a Facebook advertising agency specialising in dropshipping

If you are not yet familiar with Facebook Ads, work with an agency. This agency will help you achieve the objectives of your advertising campaign. Before calling on this professional, define the budget for your Facebook dropshipping ad.

You don't need to convince customers who have already tried your products, unless you are doing some retargeting to build loyalty. Always remember to set your audience to not show ads to people who have already bought a product. 

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Advertising your dropshipping shop on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tiktok

  • Instagram 

An Instagram ad in dropshipping offers many advantages. Indeed, with this social network, there are different ways to promote an online shop. It allows you to establish a partnership with influencers. It is a good way to promote your brand and your new products to your targets. With an influencer, you can increase your visibility and increase your sales. 

Many brands use Instagram Ads. With this tool, you will be able to control costs and target your audience. You will be able to have full reports to evaluate your campaigns and make the best decisions.

  • Snapchat 

A dropshipped Snapchat ad will allow you to target teenagers and young adults. Using Snapchat Ads, you can also create different ads. 

A dropshipped Snapchat ad will allow you to target teenagers and young adults. Using Snapchat Ads, you can also create different ads. 

Using Google Adwords 

To complement your natural referencing, you can run Google Adwords campaigns. This tool will help you gain visibility as your ads will appear on the first page of search results. By using Google Adwords, you can target your visitors according to the geographical area you choose. You will need to set a budget for your online advertising. 


Through online advertising you can generate more traffic and you will increase sales on your dropshipping shop. To promote your shop, you can choose between Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads or Google Adwords. You have the possibility to combine your actions simultaneously. If you want to find winning products to promote on your website, refer to Minea.

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