14+ Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Home Decor in the USA

If the purpose of your search is to find dropshipping suppliers for home decor in the US, you are welcome to this article. Indeed, home decor has been a prominent dropshipping niche for many years. Moreover, most of the products in this niche attract a large audience and are considered by merchants as must-haves. 

The e-commerce revenue from this niche is over $1 billion and is expected to grow by 2025. The most interesting fact is that the statistics are calculated only for the US market. Thus, you will find great home goods in all general dropshipping stores. In this article, we will introduce you to the best American dropshipping suppliers in this niche. So keep reading so you don't miss any details. 

List of dropshipping suppliers for interior decoration in the USA

  1. Puckator Dropship
  2. Spocket
  3. Sup Dropshipping 
  4. AW Dropshipping
  5. Aspire Home Accents
  6. Syncee 
  7. DropshippingXL 
  8. TVC Mall
  9. wholesale2b 
  10. Geko Products
  11. AEW Wholesale
  12. Sunsky 
  13. AliExpress
  14. Alibaba

Puckator Dropship

Puckator Dropship is a leading supplier of giftware and home decor. From angel candle holders to dream catchers to animal print pillows, Puckator dropship offers a wide range of decorative items. Plus, the supplier's products are unique and unusual. 

If you want to sell on eBay, Amazon or your own store, Puckator is one of the best home accessories wholesalers to choose. It offers the lowest trade prices, with no minimum order and fast delivery throughout the UK. 

Benefits of Puckator Dropship

  • The popular decoration dropshipper in the UK.
  • Thousands of products manufactured to the highest standards
  • No minimum order.
  • Guaranteed lowest commercial prices.
  • Fast and economical delivery in the UK.
  • Unmarked packaging.

Disadvantages of Puckator Dropship

  • Minimum order quantity of £100.
  • Shipping costs

Home accessories wholesalers : Spocket

Spocket is an innovative online dropshipping marketplace that connects retailers with high-quality American suppliers. From wall art and ornaments to textiles, figurines and photo frames, Spocket offers a wide range of products in the home decor category. In addition, it integrates with over 7 e-commerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Ecwid. 

When you are done creating a store, you can easily import products from the Spocket marketplace. This also allows you to take advantage of automatic inventory synchronization. Spocket is essentially one of the best home decor dropshipping companies for most e-retailers. 

Benefits of Spocket

  • Very popular dropshipping marketplace for B2B sellers.
  • Millions of home decor items.
  • Integration with more than 7 of the best platforms.
  • Free map with full access to the market and products.

Disadvantages of Spocket

  • No free package 
  • Difficulty to import products

Sup Dropshipping 

With thousands of successful products, Sub Dropshipping is becoming one of the best dropshipping suppliers for home decor in the US. It is popular for dropshipping because of these low cost products from China.

Sub Dropshipping also offers direct integration with several e-commerce platforms. In addition, this dropshipping provider has a Chrome browser extension and a range of the most interesting items shipped from local warehouses in the US.

Advantages of Sub Dropshipping 

  • Thousands of best-selling products.
  • Low prices with no minimum order.
  • No membership fees.
  • Direct integration with your platform or sales site. 
  • Warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and China.

Disadvantages of Sub Dropshipping 

  • Delay in product delivery

AW Dropshipping

For over 10 years, AW Dropshipping has been the UK's preferred dropshipper for home decor items. This product supplier offers over 5,000 high quality products including: 

  • Figurines.
  • Furniture.
  • Wall art.
  • Upholstery fabrics.
  • Kitchen utensils.

No minimum order requirements, trade-only pricing and fast local delivery. These are just a few reasons why Ancient Wisdom is trusted by thousands of dropshippers.

Advantages of AW Dropshipping 

  • 10 years of experience.
  • More than 5,000 high quality products.
  • No minimum order requirement.
  • Direct trade prices. 
  • Warehouse based in Sheffield with fast shipping.

Disadvantages of AW Dropshipping

  • Shipping cost of $11
  • Difficulty in making a profit

Aspire Home Accents

Aspire Home Accents is America's most popular wholesale supplier of home décor items. These include candle holders, vases, clocks, lamps, planters and wall art, as well as a wide range of home furnishings.

Also, it does not require a minimum order value. Aspire Home Accents is ideal for wholesale home accessories shopify, eBay or Amazon.

Benefits of Aspire Home Accents

  • Established wholesaler and distributor of luxury home decor.
  • No minimum order.
  • Free dropshipping service available.
  • Fast delivery throughout the United States without a shipping receipt.
  • Perfect for selling products online. 

Disadvantages of Aspire Home Accents

  • Not enough notes from customers.

Interior design dropshipping suppliers in the USA: Syncee 

If you are looking for high quality home decor products to sell on the internet, Syncee is one of the best platforms. It is basically one of the dropshipping marketplaces that offers millions of products at wholesale prices with fast delivery.

You can sign up for free and browse the extensive catalog of items. This includes over 5,000 home decor products from approved dropshipping suppliers in the UK and US. You can also connect your ecommerce store and directly import up to 20 products for free.

Advantages of Syncee 

  • Innovative B2B marketplace for dropshippers.
  • Millions of products from certified and accredited suppliers.
  • More than 5,000 home decor items at low prices.
  • Fast shipping to USA/UK.

Disadvantages of Syncee 

  • No marketplace compatibility


Specializing in home and garden products, DropshippingXL is one of the top wholesalers of home accessories. Its site is used by thousands of online retailers in the US, EU and Australia.

In addition, the company has over 90,000 items available for direct shipment to customers. This includes more than 5,000 home décor products such as: 

  • Clocks,
  • Carpet,
  • Mirrors,
  • Candles
  • Curtains
  • Frames and wall hangings. 

You can quickly add products to your online store and keep inventory and prices up to date using data feeds.

Advantages of DropshippingXL

  • Leading supplier of home accessories.
  • More than 2000 employees.
  • Warehouses in the US, EU and Australia.
  • More than 5000 decoration products.
  • Inventory management.
  • Inventory and prices up to date.

Disadvantages of DropshippingXL

  • Instability of shipping logistics
  • Risk of damaged product 

TVC Mall

Established in 2008, TVC Mall is a one-stop wholesale sourcing platform with over 1.5 million users. It has thousands of low-cost home decor accessories, including over 500 home decor items.

In addition, it offers fast global shipping by reliable couriers and a dedicated dropshipping service for stores. As a result, TVC Mall is becoming the best alternative to AliExpress for selling on multiple e-commerce channels. Especially eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Shopify or WooCommerce.

Benefits of TVC Mall

  • One-stop wholesale platform.
  • Over 1.5 million users.
  • Over 80,000 products.
  • Fast worldwide shipping.
  • Reliable dropshipping service.
  • 4 star rating by over 1200 buyers on TrustPilot.

Disadvantages of TVC Mall

  • Transportation costs are at the customer's expense.
  • Delivery time too long.
  • Imperfect after-sales service.

Best interior design wholesalers : wholesale2b 

Wholesale2b is one of the best dropshipping suppliers for home decor in the US. On its all-in-one dropshipping platform, it offers over 1.5 million products. Among them, there are over 40,000 items to decorate your home.

It's free to register with Wholesale2b and browse the huge database of products. You can buy products directly from suppliers at the lowest wholesale prices. You can also subscribe to a premium plan. This allows you to bulk import products directly from Wholesale2b to the marketplaces.

Advantages of Wholesale2b

  • All-in-one dropshipping platform and directory.
  • 1.5 million products, including 40,000 decorative items.
  • Free registration.
  • Growing database of products.

Disadvantages of Wholesale2b

  • Paid subscription

Geko Products

With a 10,000 square foot warehouse and over 6 years of experience, Geko Products is one of the leading dropshipping suppliers for home décor in the US. It offers furniture and garden accessories, as well as artificial flowers and home fragrances.

Geko Products has quickly become the preferred dropshipping provider for eBay/Amazon sellers. Since it offers products with no minimum order value and low cost shipping throughout the UK. 

Benefits of Geko Products

  • Dropshipping supplier of household goods and furniture.
  • 10,000 square foot warehouse.
  • 4.7 star rating on TrustPilot from over 160 customers.
  • Created in 2014 with more than 7 years of experience

Disadvantages of Geko Products

  • Minimum order of £100

Dropshipping suppliers for interior decoration in the USA: AEW Wholesale

AEWholesale is one of the top interior design wholesalers. It has offices based in Florida and a state-of-the-art distribution center in Southern California. With over 1300 high quality products, including an extensive product catalog, AEWholesale is the ideal supplier. 

It offers direct shipping to eBay, Amazon or your e-commerce site. You can also enjoy fast shipping across the United States and no minimum order requirements. 

Benefits of AEWholesale

  • Family owned wholesaler with over 15 years of experience.
  • Over $5.6 million in revenue since 2004.
  • More than 1500 products.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Wide range of home accessories.

Disadvantages of AEWholesale

  • Not enough notes from customers.


Sunsky is one of the top online distributors of home decor products. With several distribution warehouses around the world, it has established itself as the leading American supplier. Whether you're looking to sell home decor, kitchen appliances or kitchenware, Sunsky offers over 10,000 products in this category. It also offers same-day delivery, a growing range of branded products and direct integration with Shopify.

Benefits of Sunsky

  • Online wholesaler of over 80,000 premium products.
  • Distribution warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom and China.
  • Thousands of best-selling products.
  • Fast shipping options.

Disadvantages of Sunsky

  • Risk related to the transport of products 

Interior design dropshipping suppliers in the USA: AliExpress

AliExpress is probably the first choice for every dropshipper. It is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms, especially if you want to source products from China.

Simply log in to their website or mobile app. Then, click on "Home, and Appliances" in the main categories. From there, you'll find the subcategory dedicated to home decor products.

You will need to click on "Home Improvement & Tools" to check out the home decor products. This could also include products for the home decor niche.

Benefits of AliExpress

  • Popular platform.
  • Thousands of best-selling products.
  • Easy to connect.

Disadvantages of AliExpress

  • Longer delivery times.
  • Communication difficulties.
  • PayPal is not acceptable.


Alibaba is a renowned name in the field of e-commerce. Although it is a B2B platform, people also use it to source products for dropshipping purposes. Alibaba largely caters to the home decor niche. It is full of many home decor wholesalers that offer a variety of trendy, innovative and attractive products.

You don't have to worry about MOQs(Minimum Order Quantity) with each supplier. In fact, some suppliers also accept 1 piece as a minimum order. You order this product on Alibaba, enter your customer's address and details, and you're ready to opt for dropshipping.

Try to locate the main category named "Home, Lights and Construction". Once you click on this category, you will be able to find the subcategories that include "Home and Garden". You will find the section dedicated to interior design under this option. You can also explore the related subcategories as well for a variety of interior design ideas. 

Benefits of Alibaba

  • Large catalog of products.
  • No minimum order.
  • 4.2 star rating on TrustPilot.

Disadvantages of Alibaba

  • MOQ.
  • Difficulty in communicating with suppliers
  • No product reviews on Alibaba. 


We have briefly discussed the best dropshipping suppliers for home decor in the US in this article. We hope you have found the one that best suits your home decor needs. However, if you want to break through and increase your sales in this niche, it is essential that you offer the products that your customers are looking for.

For this, we recommend Minea, the best product search tool on the market. With this tool, you can find the winning products in your niche with just one click. It is an all-in-one tool that will only boost your sales and subsequently your income. So, don't hesitate to connect to this tool to discover all its potentialities.

Frequently asked questions 

Can a foreigner do dropshipping in the United States?

It is legally possible to practice Dropshipping in the United States while based in other countries. However, you will need the help of legal and tax professionals to stay in compliance with the rules of the United States and your country. Then, use services that can help you acquire the necessary elements to operate legitimately.

Does The Home Depot do dropshipping?

The answer is yes. You can dropship from Home Depot. However, you need to check the policy of the e-commerce marketplace where you resell their products to see if they allow it.

Why do most dropshippers fail?

About 90% of dropshipping businesses fail because they don't focus on adding as much value as possible to the customer.

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