What you need to know about niche dropshipping markets in 2021

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November 22, 2021
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What you need to know about niche dropshipping markets in 2021

In e-commerce, the choice of product to be marketed will play a determining role in the profitability of a business. If you choose a winning product, you will be able to make your business profitable quickly. To find your dropshipping niche market, you will need the right tools. They will help you find the trendiest niches. How to choose the products to market in 2021?

Niche dropshipping market: what do you need to know about it?

The dropshipping market is an area of interest for many entrepreneurs. To stand out in e-commerce, enter a niche market. This refers to the market representing a category of products that may be of interest to a specific audience. When we talk about a niche market, we are not referring to a mass market that caters to the masses. For example, there is the sale of ready-to-wear clothing for all audiences. Gothic style clothing, for example, is only dedicated to members of the gothic community. This is what classifies them as niche products.

Are you looking for the best dropshipping niches? In dropshipping, the best niche is products for sale to enthusiasts in a particular field. You can offer limited edition products, such as collector's editions or figurines. 

In dropshipping, niches refer to a limited audience in a particular type of market. It is necessary to do a thorough market research when you are going to position yourself in a specific market. A poor analysis can negatively affect your turnover. Your goal should be to find a profitable niche market. 

Niche dropshipping idea for 2021: what type of product should you focus on?

  • Choose Made in France products

In recent years, many companies have placed great emphasis on short economic circuits. These institutions are limited to products that are manufactured, produced, distributed and consumed in a specific geographical area. Made in France products are among the niche dropshipping markets that are working in 2021. Internet users favour eco-responsible consumption. By consuming local products, they are helping to preserve the planet. 

If you are looking for French products, look for suppliers like Cdiscount. The best niche dropshippers are those that focus their activity on a particular category (nature of the product and/or origin of the product). For example, you could offer Breton food products. This will highlight the regional culture. It is also possible to focus on French leather fashion accessories made with a unique know-how.

  • Favour organic products

The consumption of organic products is not simply a fashion phenomenon. It is a question of French people becoming ecologically and healthily aware. People prefer these products for : 

  • Personal reasons (health, product quality, taste);
  • Collective environmental reasons (preservation of agricultural soils and water, limiting the use of pesticides). 

If you choose to sell organic products, you do not have to limit yourself to food products. Dropshippers can offer organic products. If you are looking for the best dropshipping niches, look for organic cosmetics, handmade products, etc. 

  • Offer recycled and/or recyclable products

Consumers are increasingly interested in the environmental impact of the products they buy. Many brands are now focusing on products made from recycled and/or recyclable materials. Do not hesitate to dedicate your dropshipping activity to this type of product. 

The field of technology is not spared from this phenomenon. There are recycled, repairable or biodegradable products. Think about how you can stand out from other dropshippers and explore untapped markets that can become profitable.

What are the niches to avoid in dropshipping?

In dropshipping, there are niches that work and those that should be avoided. Here are the products you should ban from your online shop.

  • Avoid heavy and bulky products 

These items involve high shipping costs. In the market, you will not be able to offer too high a price, as some sellers will charge lower prices to attract customer interest. You will not be able to make a large profit or increase prices per product. 

You may have found large pieces of furniture at attractive prices because you got a great price from one of the local manufacturers. You will be able to resell your products, but the problem of shipping costs still remains. In this case, you will also have to deal with the logistics issue. You will need to have a shipping service and a warehouse. This will not be at all obvious if you are just starting out in dropshipping. 

  • Eliminate electronic products from the list

At first sight, selling electronic products can be interesting. Unfortunately, if you haven't tested it beforehand, you may be in for a big surprise. You and your customers may not know what to expect. In addition, you may face a problem with the quality of the product. You may face high refund risks because of the manufacturing error.

  • Be careful with health products

If you do not know the effects of your products, you may encounter difficulties when selling them. If you offer miracle products such as "life elixirs" to elderly people, this will always backfire. Customers will demand a refund. Psychological marketing has been out of fashion for many years. You may find that your shop is marked "fraudulent seller".

  • Evacuating fragile products 

Examples include home decoration products and toys. There is no guarantee that the products will arrive in one piece to the recipient. Unfortunately, if they break, you will have to pay for the damage. Moreover, shipping companies apply strict measures to these situations.

  • Eliminating counterfeit products 

Customers will see through the deception. You are exposed to tons of lawsuits.


Over the years, dropshipping has become the most profitable and lucrative e-commerce business. In the year 2021, this business has shown no signs of slowing down. To succeed in this business, you will need to find a product winner that is suitable for the niche you are going to enter. To get a better view of the winning products, turn to Minea.

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E-commerce is changing. Find winning products from all traffic sources and launch them in unsaturated markets and channels.
Use Minea's free adspy on facebook ads

Discover Minea the platform to find winning products

E-commerce is changing. Find winning products from all traffic sources and launch them in unsaturated markets and channels.
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