Dropshipping, why spy on social networks and what are the best tools?

With the development of the digital world, trading such as selling and buying is done almost entirely online. In the dropshipping business, competition is tough. So you have to work smart to be successful. Here is an article about social network spying tools used in e-commerce.

Who are these people who want to spy on someone on social networks?

Many, if not all, people today have a second life on social networks. Whether they use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc., it is still a digital life. But who is looking to spy on these platforms?

There are indeed different categories of people who seek to spy on social networks. More precisely, to know the details of a person's account, whether physical or moral. Thus, some people resort to spying in the context of a couple's infidelity. There are also parents who want to monitor their children and their activities on social networking platforms. But what interests us most are dropshippers who want to know their competitors better.

So let's see what the point is of spying on social networks in dropshipping?

As we have just mentioned, what we are really interested in is spying in the dropshipping business. You should already know, especially if you are an entrepreneur, that competition is a good thing in business. It actually allows you to improve yourself to outdo yourself and your competitors. Of course, there are some things to focus on during the foray.

You can make sure of the traffic to its site. Indeed, if these different activities are easy enough to see from the outside, the traffic is not. Even within the traffic, you need to check the volume, monthly unique visitors, traffic sources, demographics as well as the time people spent there. If they have a lot of traffic, find out why so you can learn from them.

If you want to spy on social networks, you can also learn about SEO. Indeed, a good SEO is an excellent way to get good rankings on search results. For this, you can ask about keywords, backlinks, etc. Always with the aim of improving your e-commerce site and your reputation.

Advertising is another area to keep an eye on. You need to know their advertising strategy to make improvements to yours. The aim is to find out which platforms they use for advertising. Find out which of your competitors' ads convert the most clicks. And which landing pages convert best. With this information, you can be sure of getting ideas on how to stay ahead of your competitors.

How to spy on people on social networks?

Just like spying on a person's mobile devices or computer, it is now possible to have your eyes on their social network account. To do this, you simply need to rely on spyware. This type of software actually has several features. To begin with, you can spy on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc. You will also be able to retrieve the conversations you have had on these platforms.

In other words, with a spy application for social networks, you will be able to find out about the various activities of your competitors. The different points we have already mentioned above. In the field of dropshipping, this is the best solution that will allow you to be one step ahead of your e-commerce rivals.

Some examples of spy applications for social networks

When it comes to tools for spying on social networks, you have many choices at your disposal. Here are just a few examples:

  • SpyBubble is an application that has many features. Indeed, it allows to spy on SMS, MMS, calls, but especially to spy on social networks.
  • Mpy is also an excellent spy application if you want to know the strategies of your competitors in social networks.
  • Mobile Spy is also a software that allows you to achieve your goals.

There are many others such as BuzzSumo, Adbeat, Cromonitor, Mailchart, etc., the choice is yours according to your needs and expectations.

Use the services of a specialist

It is fair to say that in the world of online business, there is a real obstacle course. If you are not well armed, you lose. However, the term 'all means are good' is not very appropriate, as it is about fair competition. As an entrepreneur, you have to stay that way. In any case, spying on social networks is a great way to get ideas to improve your dropshipping shop. It's not a good idea to use the information you gather to destroy your competition. To make sure that you really get all the information you are looking for, it is best to hire a professional. However, we are not talking about a spy here, but a digital marketing agency.


To conclude, there are really several possibilities to improve your dropshipping business. Spying on social networks is one of them. But, for this to be perfectly effective, rely on experts. Minea can help you find all the information you need from your competitors.

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