Minea Vs Drop Point: Features, Benefits, and Pricing

Finding the right products to sell is the biggest challenge facing dropshippers and e-tailers. And meeting this challenge requires patience and a great deal of research. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this.

Adspy tools are one of the fastest and most convenient ways of finding winning products. They can help you quickly locate the ideal product according to your criteria and ship it to your online store. In this article, we'll compare two of the best"Minea Vs Drop Point" tools to help you make the best choice. 

Are you ready to choose your next best spy and product finder? Then read on.

Introducing the two tools: Minea Vs Drop Point

In this section, our aim is to introduce you to these two famous tools, explaining what they're for, who they're for, and more. So pay close attention to these valuable details.

Drop Point 

 Drop Point 

Drop Point is a tool for spying on ads on the Facebook social network. All the ads and advertising campaigns collected by the tool are then stored in its database for use by users looking for high-potential products. To simplify searching through the thousands of ads collected every day, Drop Point offers a number of predefined filters. These enable you to specifically target the ad categories that match your needs.

Who is this tool for? Drop Point is a tool designed to help dropshippers, e-tailers or affiliate marketers come up with ideas for winning products. If you're looking to get started in e-commerce, this adspy tool could be for you. Here are some key figures on this tool:




Over the last few years, Minea has established itself as the most widely used tool for dropshippers, e-tailers and most of the digital marketing world. Haven't you heard of Minea yet? In fact, it's the most comprehensive social network spying tool available. 

Its database of millions of ads enables users to find a winning product in a single click, according to their criteria. In addition to product search, Minea offers a number of other features, which we'll cover in a moment. Here are some key figures for this tool: 


Minea Vs Drop Point: key features 

Social networks spied on by Minea

Social networks spied on

Let's take a look at each of the channels spied on by Minea:


Facebook is the world's largest information-sharing social network, with millions of active subscribers every day. What's more, thousands of dropshipping and e-commerce ads are posted there every day. Minea collects these ads and stores them in its database. So, if you're thinking of finding products that work in your niche on Facebook, Minea offers you : 

  • A large library of ads,
  • + 1 million ads added every day.


TikTok, today's most popular short video-sharing social network, is also the target of many dropshippers and e-tailers. Minea also has a huge database of ads collected specifically on TikTok. Thanks to this data, you can find the ideal winning product to offer your audience on this social network.


It's the biggest social network for sharing visuals. Many people looking for inspiration go there to search for pins. If you're thinking of targeting this social network, Minea is the solution for you. It spies on the ads available on Pinterest and stores them in its database so you can find the perfect visual product to offer. 

Drop Point spies on social networks

Although Drop Point is one of the best spy tools available, it only spies on one social network, which may hinder users who wish to develop their dropshipping activities.

Comparative table of spied social networks

In the following table, we'll compare the social networks spied by these two tools and which are useful for dropshippers and e-tailers.


An analysis of this table, which highlights the social networks spied on, reveals that Minea spies on more channels essential to dropshippers and e-retailers than Drop Point. 

In the rest of our analysis, we'll focus on the different search, sort and filter functions offered by each tool.

Search functions

In simple terms, a search function refers to the tool built into an adspy tool that allows users to search for products based on specific criteria. In the table below, we analyze the most important search options for dropshippers and e-merchants included in both adspy tools.


This table, which highlights the search options of the two spy tools, shows that Minea offers far more product search options than Drop Point. So you're more likely to find your winning product with Minea, thanks to these important search options.

Filters and sorting functions

As for filtering and sorting functions, they allow you to search according to several criteria at once. The more filters and sorts a tool offers, the faster you'll find the right product. In the table below, we'll compare the two adspy tools"Minea Vs Drop Point" according to a few filters and sorts essential to dropshippers and e-merchants. 


Of the 19 important filtering and sorting options listed in this table, 14 are available on Drop Point and 16 on Minea. Considering the numbers, Minea offers more filtering and sorting than Drop Point, but this doesn't prevent product searches with the latter.

However, there's much more to product research than search, filter and sort options. Let's take a look at the different information that accompanies the ads collected by each adspy tool.

Advertising information

Ad information plays a very important role in choosing the winning product. It allows you to evaluate the ad's performance, particularly its engagement on social networks. By taking this information into account, you'll know whether it's worth testing a product in your market or not.

In the following table, we will compare Drop Point to Minea based on the information most sought after by dropshippers or e-tailers:


After analyzing the information provided on each ad by the two tools, we can see that Minea far surpasses Drop Point. As you can see in this table, out of 20 pieces of information selected, Minea obtains 16, while Drop Point obtains only 8. We can see that Drop Point provides very little information on the ads collected. This can make product research more complex and time-consuming, as you won't have the right information at hand to properly analyze a product's performance. 

By choosing a tool like Minea, you'll have the information you need to make the right choice of product to test.

Advertising volume

Ad volume means the quantity of ads collected by the tool when spying on its various platforms or social networks. When your tool has a large ad base, you're more likely to find the ideal product according to your various search criteria, and to spy on the market effectively. 

If we look at the two sites Minea and Drop Point, we can see that they respectively display the number of ads they collect on social networks. However, we're not going to use these figures to say which of the two sites offers a greater volume of ads. 

Minea spies on more than 4 social networks, whereas Drop Point only spies on Facebook. For this reason, we're going to concentrate solely on the Facebook social network and carry out an effective test.

This test will involve applying search filters to the tools to measure the capacity of their ad library. The tool that obtains the highest number of results for this targeted search can be considered as the tool with the largest ad volume or ad database. 

Here are the important filters that we will take into account during this test:

  • Ad date: last 30 days
  • Social engagement: +15000 likes
  • E-commerce platform: Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Language: English
  • Ad format: video
  • CTA : e-commerce

When we apply these different filters simultaneously on Minea, we get 61 results. This shows that over the last 30 days, Minea has been able to collect 61 ads that meet the criteria we've listed above. 

However, when we use the same filters on Social Peta, we find that the tool only provides us with 4 ads. We can clearly see that Drop Point has a very small database, which can be a hindrance to the search for a winning product, as users will have very few ads to exploit.

Based on this test, we can clearly see how the Minea product search tool has a much larger database than Drop Point.

Other useful functions

In addition to all the features we've listed above, there are also a few features specific to each tool we're going to talk about here. If we take the case of Minea, it features artificial intelligence that allows you to find quality suppliers on AliExpress for the ideal product you've found.

You can sort suppliers by review, product price and much more. You can also edit your product, its description, select the best reviews before importing it directly into your Shopify store. This saves you time and lets you manage all your activities from a single platform.

As for Drop Point, it offers a " Winners" tab dedicated to winning products, but you can only access it if you have the Pro version of the tool. Depending on the criteria defined by Drop Point, certain products collected during spying are automatically listed in this tab. These products are generally those that are already popular on Facebook. 

Drop Point also offers a second"Winner" tab that lets you find products based on specific criteria. As soon as a recently launched product starts to attract user engagement on Facebook, Drop Point immediately ranks it in this tab.
In addition to ad spy tools, ad spy tools can also enable you to spy on your competitors' stores.

Another interesting feature on Drop Point is the ability to spy on TikTok accounts that are getting engagement. Whether it's organic engagement or paid engagement, you can spy and see which accounts are promoting e-commerce products. You can also find your winning product. 

Minea Vs Drop Point: store spying

Minea offers a powerful store spy tool that opens the door to endless exploration into the world of sales strategies. Thanks to its advanced features, it lets you probe your competitors and discover the tactics that are making a splash on the market. Equipped with powerful filters, this new solution meets your needs and lets you customize your searches according to criteria you define yourself.

Store analysis 

Imagine being able to dissect your rivals' moves, understand their tricks and spot the flaws in their game. That's exactly what Minea offers. Not only can you detect your competitors' product placements, you can also analyze over 1 million stores.

Drop Point also offers a dedicated tool for spying on online stores. However, we find that its store analysis tool offers fewer filters than Minea. This may prevent you from obtaining the information you need on your competitors' strategies.

Minea's additional features

In addition to the functions listed above, Minea has other very important features that you won't find on other adspy tools. Let's take a look at a few of them: 

Influence marketing 

You won't find this feature anywhere else in Minea. Indeed, influencer marketing is proving to be a powerful tactic in the marketing world, where companies leverage the expertise and notoriety of influencers. They do this to promote their products or services. 

By partnering with experts and celebrities in their respective fields, you can reach a wider audience and increase your sales very quickly. Minea allows you to find over a million influencers with whom you can collaborate in your niche.

Products" tab 

In dropshipping or e-commerce, the sooner you detect a product before your competitors do, the more sales you'll make. The ads collected by Minea in the Starter and Premium plans are ads that are already working and to which many dropshippers or e-tailers like you have access. 

You'll certainly make sales with these products, but the special thing about this function is that you get access to the product before anyone else. This function tracks products and adds them to its database when it believes the product has a better chance of success. This is a great advantage for your business, as you won't have to test a product, but will launch sales automatically. 

Success radar

This feature is very useful for dropshippers and e-tailers who want to dispense with the product search process and get straight to the point. With this Minea feature, you'll have direct access to a list of the 100 lesser-known winning products that are gaining momentum on social networks. What's more, for each product you'll have access to detailed information, the stores already selling it and the target markets.

Magic Search

Among adspy tools, Minea stands out for its many surprising features. Its brand-new " Magic search " is impressive. It lets you take the temperature of the market in relation to a specific product. 

Following a product search, you can find out who your direct competitors are who are already selling the same product on the market. Thanks to Minea's Magic Search tool, this task is now just a click away.
Simply search for the name of the product you wish to spy on, and the tool automatically provides you with all the ads currently running on the various social networks for this product.

Pricing: Minea Vs Drop Point

In this section, we'll compare the price of Drop Point with that of Minea, to help you make the best choice for your budget. 

Drop Point pricing

Drop Point pricing 

Drop Point is affordable, at just $5 a month. What's more, if you opt for the $50 annual payment, you can save $10. Their pay-as-you-go plan is simple: as long as you're a subscriber and keep paying, you have continued access to their services. However, if you cancel your subscription, you'll lose access to Drop Point. Let's move on to Minea, and take a look at its rates.

Minea pricing

Minea pricing 

As far as price is concerned, Minea offers 4 packages which we will evaluate in detail:

The free package: With this package, you can test Minea's functionality. But if you want more features, you'll need to upgrade.‍

Starter: this package costs €49/month and gives you access to features such as : 

  • 10,000 credits
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer placements
  • Details of ads and placements
  • Advanced Filters
  • Chrome‍ extension

‍Premium: this is the most popular package, costing €99/month and giving you access to features such as:

  • 100,000 credits
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer placements
  • Details of ads and placements
  • Advanced Filters
  • Chrome Extension
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Shop analysis

Business: this package is very popular with businesses. It costs €399/month and includes all the functions available in the other packages. It also offers two new additional functions:

  • Winning product finder tool
  • AI Success Tracker

Price comparison: Minea Vs Drop Point

If we compare the prices of the two tools presented in this guide, we can see that Drop Point is the less expensive and offers only one plan. The features available in this plan are also very limited. 

Minea, meanwhile, offers up to 4 different plans with a range of features to help you succeed in your business. As a dropshipper or e-tailer, you're well aware that functionality is a key factor for success in this ever-competitive field.


Our opinion on Drop Point 


Why choose Minea?

Based on our analysis of both tools, Minea is without doubt the more powerful tool, offering the functionality you'll need to grow your business. Features such as influencer marketing, product import and product search are all unavailable on Drop Point. What's more, Minea provides a wealth of information on each listing, which Drop Point does not.

Summary table Minea Vs Drop Point



Minea clearly stands out in the adspy tools field compared to Drop Point. Offering a plethora of superior features and benefits, Minea provides users with an unrivalled ad analysis experience. What's more, its extensive range of features makes it the ideal choice for marketing professionals looking for a comprehensive and effective solution.

Frequently asked questions 

Is Minea free to use?

Yes, Minea offers a free Lite package. In addition, it offers a Starter package at €49/month and a Premium package at €99/month to suit different needs and budgets.

How can I spy ads on TikTok?

To spy on TikTok ads effectively, opt for Minea, a powerful ad spying tool. You can also track your competitors' latest advertising campaigns with Minea. It helps you develop a strategy to outperform the competition, ensuring that your ads achieve maximum reach and engagement.

What's Minea's role?

Minea is proving to be an essential tool for e-commerce business owners. It makes it easy to find the best products for your business by analyzing various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. Minea identifies the most sought-after products and presents them to you, enabling you to make informed choices for your online business.

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