Flowspy Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons


Today, TikTok is the social network most used by dropshippers to acquire traffic for their e-commerce stores. What's more, many products are published on this social network, which continues to grow in terms of the number of subscribers. However, it's essential to offer winning products if you want to succeed on the platform.

In this article, we're going to talk about FlowSpy. It's a product search tool that spies on ads posted on TikTok. This tool enables dropshippers to find winning products. With this tool, dropshippers can spy on a TikTok ad and identify hot products, successful campaigns and winning strategies.

Finally, we'll look at the pros and cons of the tool, so you can make a choice that suits your needs. Ready to boost your business on TikTok? Read on carefully.

What is FlowSpy?

As mentioned above, FlowSpy is an adspy tool that lets you perform a competitive analysis of ads. In addition, it lets you search for popular products and ads in your target categories. It also offers a wide range of advanced filters to find winning products and the best advertising ideas in just a few minutes on the TikTok social network.

FlowSpy provides you with essential information such as estimated ad spend, orders, active days, impressions, and much more. You'll also get competitor and market data by spying on them. In short, FlowSpy can help you find winning products and ad creatives more easily than you ever imagined.

However, if you want to expand your dropshipping business by targeting other social networks like: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, FlowSpy isn't the best option to consider. It would be better to opt for an all-in-one tool like Minea, which brings all these social networks together in a single way. That way, you can save money and devote your time to more tedious tasks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the FlowSpy adspy tool

Flowspy logo

Thinking of using the FlowSpy adspy tool for your e-commerce or dropshipping business? Find out below what you can expect in terms of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Up-to-date database
  • Advanced filtering and search functions
  • Complete advertising data and details
  • Browse millions of TikTok ads in different categories
  • Discover the latest high-performance campaigns in just a few minutes


  • Limited functionality in the free plan
  • Limited options in price plans

Why should you consider FlowSpy?

Here are some important reasons why you should consider FlowSpy: 

  • Advertising inspiration 

You can find advertising videos with FlowSpy and get a direct link to the creative video and editor.

  • Ad details 

FlowSpy has all the advertising data for you, including likes, impressions, order and cost estimates, and much more.

  • Current data 

The tool also lets you know if any changes have been made to campaign activity, ad spend, ad content, etc.

  • Product and landing

With adspy, you can view the complete landing page and the links to the products transmitted by the ad to obtain the full scenario.

Finally, there are many reasons why you should use FlowSpy. However, Minea enables you to accomplish many more tasks than those mentioned above. For example, after finding your winning product on TikTok, Minea helps you find a qualified supplier on AliExpress in just one click. All thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence functionality. 


How can FlowSpy help you?

FlowSpy helps marketers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce owners and dropshippers with a number of tasks. Let's take a closer look: 

  • The contractors

It can help you view listings for profitable niches and countries. What's more, you can track and monitor your competitors. Run advertising campaigns more efficiently and develop your marketing strategy faster.

  • E-commerce owners 

FlowSpy offers the cheapest ad analytics, and that's one of the main reasons why it's a logical choice for e-commerce owners. In fact, it allows you to find the best creative and trendy ads and products in a matter of minutes, regardless of location. So you can beat the competition. 

  • Marketers and advertisers

FlowSpy enables marketers and advertisers to use a host of cutting-edge features and filters. This makes product research and other parallel tasks easier for marketers and advertisers. They can discover the best performing ads to create more lucrative advertising campaigns for their business.

FlowSpy's key features

FlowSpy's key features

FlowSpy has some interesting features that help to better analyze the ads served on TikTok. Here are just a few of them:

  • Search for winning products and advertising

You can use FlowSpy to analyze current market trends. In fact, it lets you see which ads are performing best on TikTok. You can then serve ads for your store that are combined with all relevant data. Its innovative filtering option enables dropshippers to find the winning dropshipping products.

  • Filtering options

FlowSpy's multiple filtering options help audience targeting to be even better and more precise. Their innovative filtering options, such as ad impressions, like filters, etc., enable you to create better advertising campaigns for your target audience. Trying out ads with particular filters can help you with your dropshipping research, your TikTok advertising, your marketing strategy, etc.

  • Searchable database

FlowSpy manages one of the largest and most up-to-date databases of advertising on TikTok. This means it keeps you up to date with the latest advertising trends, which is also crucial for dropshippers and marketers. What's more, FlowSpy offers an extensive, searchable database of ads running on the TikTok social network.

Note: the functionalities offered by Minea are far superior to those of FlowSpy. Beyond spying on ads on several social networks, including TikTok, it offers two important tools: a product search tool and a store analysis tool that FlowSpy doesn't have. As far as filters are concerned, Minea offers powerful filters that let you search for products according to your own criteria.

FlowSpy rates

FlowSpy offers its users four price plans, as shown below:

Free $0 plan for 7 days

STARTER at $49/month

  • Ideal for single users and new teams
  • Unlimited ad search.
  • 250 ad details per day.
  • Get all the premium features.
  • Find your favorite ads with a single click.
  • Invoicing and reporting.
  • A 3-day trial is available.

PRO at $99/month

  • Ideal for fast-growing business owners 
  • Unlimited ad searches.
  • 1000 ad details per day.
  • Get all the premium features.
  • The support's main concern.
  • Find your favorite ads with a single click.
  • Invoicing and reporting.
  • A 3-day trial is available.

VIP at $159/month

  • Ideal for large teams and professional contractors
  • Unlimited ad search.
  • 2000 ad details per day.
  • Get all the premium features.
  • Find your favorite ads with a single click.
  • Invoicing and reporting.
  • The support's main concern.
  • A 3-day trial is available.


The best alternatives to FlowSpy

Let's take a look at the best ad spy tools to consider as an alternative to FlowSpy:


As we've already mentioned, Minea is widely recognized as the leading solution for discovering winning dropshipping products and ads.

What's more, this ad spying platform has the largest compilation of e-commerce ads. This makes it the ultimate ad spying tool. In addition to the spy tool and store analysis tool we mentioned at the start, Minea also offers a dedicated influencer marketing feature.

Thanks to this feature, you can identify influencers and the best marketing approach to boost your sales in any niche in just one click. And thanks to the various filters, sorting options and data analysis it offers, you'll have no trouble finding your winning product!

Key features

  • Free plan available
  • Large database
  • Advanced product search parameters
  • Advanced filter settings
  • Relevant ad data
  • Store analysis tool
  • Influencer marketing analysis tool
  • Chrome Extension


The platform offers a free package forever, and price plans start at $49/month. 

Minea price plans


PipiADS has become an advertising sensation as an outstanding TikTok ad analysis tool. Its features and benefits have made it immensely popular with advertisers and e-marketers alike.

This dropshipping tool enables users to discover profitable products and evaluate competitor advertising. This gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace. What's more, PipiADS provides access to a vast pool of advertising creatives, giving you valuable information on successful advertising strategies.

Pipiads' main features

  • Product search
  • Search for advertisers
  • Etsy product


PiPiAds offers four pricing plans, starting at $77 per month. In addition, PipiAds offers a free forever plan, but there are many restrictions on each feature.

PipiAds pricing


DropiSpy is an outstanding TikTok ad spy tool for product searches that caters to both novice and experienced users. It boasts a user-friendly interface and remarkable efficiency.

What sets this tool apart is its constantly growing collection of numerous dropshipping ads. This allows users to effortlessly discover profitable products. What's more, it provides incredibly helpful customer support, which sets it apart from other product search tools in the dropshipping industry.

DropiSpy also stands out as one of the few dropshipping product search tools to provide real-time data.

Key features 

  • Extensive product database
  • Abundance of real-time data
  • Dropshipping stores best ranked
  • Extensive ad database
  • Precise search and filtering
  • In-depth analysis of Dropshipping stores
  • Outstanding advertising data


DropiSpy offers three pricing options, starting at $29.90 per month. They also offer a free package.

DropiSpy pricing



Bigspy is an incredibly powerful ad spy tool. This TikTok ad spy tool actively monitors ads, collects the most successful ones and makes them available on its platform.

Therefore, by using BigSpy software, you can gain valuable information about your competitors. You can also understand which strategies are working for them. What's more, the tool lets you track daily trends and analyze the performance of different ads in depth.

Key features 

  • Huge ad database
  • Displays ads from more than six social media platforms
  • Includes a powerful search function
  • Provides comprehensive information from multiple perspectives
  • Offers a wide range of creative options
  • Approved by over a thousand people


This tool price plan starts at just $9 per month. However, rates for their more advanced packages range from $99 to $249 per month.

BigSpy pricing


If you have a larger budget for dropshipping, AdSpy is one of the best TikTok ad spy tools available for product research.

AdSpy offers an impressive range of features, advanced filters and an extensive database. Although more expensive, it delivers outstanding results. It has an incredibly vast database that provides valuable insights into social network advertising data from a multitude of ads.

What's more, AdSpy is a reliable platform that provides crucial data, enabling users to expand their store or discover profitable products to offer in the future. Despite the wealth of information available, AdSpy remains a user-friendly tool that can be easily mastered by anyone.

Key features

  • Comprehensive data for product search
  • Precise product search results
  • Enhanced basic search feature
  • Search in comments
  • Precise demographic information
  • Affiliate search functionality
  • Fast, intuitive interface


AdSpy is a more expensive option than the other tools on this list, with a monthly cost of $149.

Landing page Adspy


FlowSpy brings you the best-performing ads and best-selling products every day. It's constantly discovering new products and advertising inspiration. This excellent spyware helps you increase your ROAS while saving time and money. But in terms of features and social networks to spy on, Minea far surpasses it. So don't hesitate to choose your tool taking into account everything that has been said in this guide.


Frequently asked questions 

What's the best TikTok ad spy tool?

If we consider the features and prices of the tools mentioned in this guide, we can say that Minea is the best tool. Indeed, it offers a more flexible pricing plan to suit everyone, and more interesting features.

How does FlowSpy help spy on TikTok ads?

FlowSpy helps you spy on a TikTok ad thanks to its innovative filtering options. For example, ad impressions, likes filters, etc. What's more, it lets you see which ads are performing best on TikTok.

Does FlowSpy offer a free trial?

FlowSpy offers a $0 free plan for 7 days. After this period, you must upgrade to the premium plan to benefit from the advanced features.

What are the other TikTok ad spy tools?

The following tools can help you spy on a TikTok ad: 

  • Minea
  • DropiSpy
  • AdSpy
  • PiPiADS
  • BigSpy
  • Admego
  • AdFlex

What is PiPiADS?

Pipi ads is an advertising spy tool on TikTok that helps advertisers and e-tailers discover their competitors' ads and the best viral and winning products on the TikTok social network.

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