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For dropshippers and e-tailers, product search tools are a revolution, making it easier to find and select the winning products on their stores. 

Over the last few years, a number of tools have been developed, and for a beginner, making a choice remains quite difficult. We've decided to write a series of articles on the most populardropshipping product search or ads spy tools on the market. 

In this article, we'll explore SocialPeta's unique features, its intuitive interface, and the benefits it can offer anyone looking to find winning products or perfect their marketing strategy. We'll also look at the pros and cons of this tool, to give you the guidance you need to make the right choice for your business. 

How does SocialPeta work?

SocialPeta is a product search tool that spies on social networks in search of advertisements. How it works is fairly simple and basic. The tool spies on and collects information on social network advertisements and stores this information in a database .

This database is made available to tool users who use it to find winning products. In addition to spying on e-commerce ads, SocialPeta also has a branch specializing in ads for mobile applications. This is where the application's algorithm collects the most information. The aim is to give developers of mobile applications or games an insight into what is currently being consumed by users.

They can also see what their competitors are offering and, above all, the marketing strategies they use to promote their video games or applications to their audience. This doesn't exclude the fact that the tool can be used by e-tailers or dropshippers, only that its database is more dedicated to apps.
Before turning to the functionalities offered by the tool, let's take a look at some figures about SocialPeta.

  • ‍+70 Networks spied on
  • +200 million e-commerce products
  • +69 Countries Covered
  • 1 Social Network Spy (Facebook)

SocialPeta features

Here, we'll look at the various features offered by the tool. Generally speaking, ad spy tools offer two main categories of functionality. 

On the one hand, we have the product spy or winner search functionality , which enables dropshippers or e-merchants to find winning products based on the best ads of the moment. On the other hand, there's also the store spy feature, which enables users of the tool to spy on their competitors' stores. The aim here is to see what competitors are offering, identify their strengths and weaknesses and make the best marketing decisions for their store. 

What makes SocialPeta so special is that, in addition to these two features, the tool offers direct integration with major marketplaces such as AliExpressAmazon, Shopify and Etsy. So you can have direct access to the best products on these platforms without having to go there.
Let's start with the most interesting feature. The product search tool : Ad Research

Ad Research

The Ad Research tab is the main SocialPeta database. This is where you'll find all the ads collected by the tool on the various social networks. By scrolling down, you'll see all types of ads. 

You can see ads for training courses, webinars and also for e-commerce and dropshipping products. It's up to you to filter or sort these ads according to your needs. 

And to help you achieve this, there are a number of filters you can use to optimize your searches. Here are the filters available on SocialPeta.

Search filters

  • The type of platform hosting the advertiser's store (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Magento...) : If you're looking for dropshipping products, it's a good idea to filter to see only listings whose stores are on Shopify and WooCommerce. This drastically increases your chances of finding winning dropshipping or e-commerce products.
  •  Keyword filter: This filter is one of the fastest search methods, but can only be used if you have an idea of what you're looking for. Simply enter the name of the product or the advertiser's Facebook or Instagram page to see the product's statistics.
  •  Filter by Country: The filter by country is a filter used to direct searches to a particular region. For example, you can filter to see only ads that have been published in the United States. This considerably narrows your search field, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials.
  • Language filter: The language filter goes hand in hand with the country filter. If you filter by country, you should also filter by language to get the best results. This does not exclude the fact that the language filter can also be used on its own. For example, you can filter to see only ads produced in English. It's also a search optimization method. 
  • Filter by network: SocialPeta also lets you filter results according to the social networks spied on. For example, you can filter to see only ads running on Facebook or ads running on Instagram. It's also a way of optimizing your searches. 
  • CTA filter: The CTA filter is a very popular filter for e-tailers. This filter allows you to optimize the search so as to only see ads with a call to action that meets the defined criteria. For example, you can filter to see only ads with a Call To Action that is "Shop Now". 
  • Filter by engagement: This filter is one of the most frequently used by dropshippers when searching for their winning product. In fact, one of the most important criteria for product search is the engagement that the product solicits from users on the networks. If a product has many positive comments, Likes or Shares, it simply means that the product is of interest. 
  • Filter by time period: You can also filter ads by the time period of your choice. For example, you can filter according to the last 30 days, the last 90 days or a customized period. All this allows you to optimize your searches to find your winning product faster. 

By using these filters, you can optimize your searches according to your needs. However, we have noticed that the category filter is not available on SocialPeta. This is a filter that allows you to filter ads by niche. For example, you can filter to see only ads in the beauty niche, or ads in the electronics niche. This filter makes product searches particularly quick, as it allows you to focus your search solely on the type of product you wish to sell. 

Other product search tools such as Minea feature this filter. 

What's more, for every ad found on SocialPeta, you're entitled to additional information that tells you about the ad's performance on social networks. This information is used by marketers to determine whether or not a product will perform over time.

Product information

For each ad collected, SocialPeta's robots provide you with information on : 

  • Period covered by the ad
  • The social networks on which the ad is posted
  • Countries targeted by the advertiser
  • The language
  • The size of the media used in the ad video
  • Page ID 
  • The link to the publication on the social network where it was collected
  • Number of prints
  • Number of views
  • The number of Likes and shares
  • Estimated conversion rate
  • The trend of the ad over time (upward or downward)
  • The popularity index
  • The link to the store 
  • Detailed store analysis
  • Product price
  • Estimated net profit

If you opt for the Premium version of the tool, you'll be able to download the ad video's media for reuse as needed.
Let's turn now to SocialPeta's second feature. 

Store spying: Store Research

SocialPeta's Store Research is a tool that lets you spy on your competitors' Shopify stores. The idea is to enable users to see in detail the strategies and methods used by their competitors' best Shopify or Drophsipping stores.

You can use it as inspiration for your product descriptions, store design and, in short, to improve your marketing for more conversions. Store Research also features a number of filters that allow you to filter or optimize your search results according to your needs.
Apart from these two features, let's now take a look at SocialPeta's marketplaces information-gathering capabilities.

Marketplace product collection tool

When it comes to product research, it's not uncommon for dropshippers or e-tailers to scour the marketplaces. Generally speaking, they rummage through the best sellers and, above all, the new products, to quickly unearth the new products that are trending on the market. 

Thanks to SocialPeta's various tools for gathering information on marketplaces, you'll no longer have to scour these marketplaces manually in search of best sellers or new products .

SocialPeta makes all this information available to you at the click of a button. This mainly concerns marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify and Etsy. It's a tool that can be very interesting for those wishing to do e-commerce or dropshipping on these social networks. 

How much does SocialPeta cost?

After much searching, we couldn't find any information about SocialPeta's price list. Even on their website, there is no pricing information. We therefore deduce that this is confidential information that the tool's promoters only disclose to those who are willing to subscribe to their service. 

This may suggest that the tool can be quite expensive, especially for a beginner. What's more, the free plan they offer doesn't even give access to the tool's full functionality just for testing purposes. It would therefore be difficult to decide whether or not to use this tool, given the unavailability of important information. 

SocialPeta Reviews: What do we think of the tool?

After our various experiments and tests with the SocialPeta tool, we've come to the conclusion that it's not for beginners in dropshipping or e-commerce. The first reason is the lack of information available on pricing grids. 

This information is only available after calls with the tool's marketing teams. This suggests that the tool can be expensive, and that the price can vary according to the uses you wish to make of it. 

The second reason why we don't recommend SocialPeta for dropshippers or e-merchants is that the tool isn't very e-commerce-oriented. As a result, the quantity of ads collected is quite low compared to what its competitors offer. But when it comes to ads related to mobile applications, the tool collects far more.
This suggests that the tool is much better suited to the marketing teams of app development companies. 

As far as the search filters and information available for each ad are concerned, other adspy tools such as Minea or Dropispy offer far more filters and information. This facilitates both product search and the selection of winning products. 

Overall tool rating: 3/5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 


In this article, we take a look at SocialPeta. We've discussed the tool and the features it offers.
Basically, the tool offers 3 categories of functionality: 

  • Product search via social networks
  • Product search via marketplaces
  • Store spying

After our user tests, we can't recommend SocialPeta for e-merchants or dropshippers due to the low volume of e-merchant ads collected and, above all, the unavailability of certain features that are very important for product search. 

For a faster, more convenient product search, we recommend you try out Minea , the best ads spy tool on the market, free of charge.

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