Dropshipping: 5 must-have chrome extensions

Dropshipping: 5 must-have chrome extensions

Extensions are essential in the dropshipping business. Indeed, they can help you improve the performance of your online shop. These extensions can also be used for other things like scheduling deliveries. In any case, you can choose between the following 5 chrome extensions to improve your dropshipping activities.

  1. AliDropship is the best aliexpress dropship chrome extension

AliDropship is one of the best dropshipping tools available on the market. This extension works well with Aliexpress and has considerable advantages throughout its use.

  • The principle of use of this Aliexpress dropshipping extension

AliDropship is first and foremost a free tool like chrome extension aliexpress dropshipping. This tool will allow you to display product information through the Analysis tab. This tool is also able to display your AliDropship seller score. However, the results may differ from those displayed directly on AliExpress.

  • The points that make it the best chrome extension for dropshipping

Note that this aliexpress dropship extension tool can give you the following privileges:

  • Add products and reviews directly to your site using AliExpress
  • Make changes to the product before importing it
  • Manage stock and product costs
  • Easily collect tracking numbers
  • Execute all commands efficiently
  1. Profitr is a must for an eBay dropshipping extension

Profit is one of the perfect tools as chrome extensions for dropshipping. This tool has undeniable advantages, starting with its ease of use.

  • The principles of using Profitr

Profitr is the perfect chrome extension dropshipping tool to launch your shop in the best conditions. Indeed, you will have no trouble getting by despite the ferocity of the competition. The installation of this tool will not take much time, contrary to what you might imagine. Moreover, you will have a fast and automated tool by choosing this extension. It will be easy for you to calculate the profit of your dropshipping activity.

  • Profitr is an easy to use extension

Simply set the values in your extension to start using this tool for eBay. You can then open eBay to search for the product. All that remains is to choose the retail shop to import the product. Note that the price of the product will be captured automatically when you open the "product page". You can then return to eBay to reload the page.

  1. AMZScout PRO is the best amazon dropshipping chrome extension

Looking for the best dropshipping chrome extensions for Amazon? You won't regret your choice by opting for AMZScout PRO. This tool will first help you to choose the right niche for you. Note that your choice will be based on real data. Moreover, this tool works well with Amazon.

  • The main benefits of AMZScout PRO

This tool offers above all the possibility of consulting information on product sales. This can be done with just a few clicks. You can then quickly find the most profitable products on the market. In any case, this extension will make your research easier and faster. Just go to Amazon and choose the target product. You can then click on PRO Extension to see the information.

  • Why use AMZScout PRO?

Generally, you will use this tool to improve your dropshipping activities on Amazon. In addition to that, you can make a complete analysis of each product. You will get accurate data throughout the use of this tool. This extension even allows you to track competitors if needed.

  1. Alitools, another extension for Aliexpress

Alitools is a powerful and reliable extension that you can enjoy at any time. You just need to integrate it with Google Chrome to use it properly.

  • Alitools offers considerable advantages

Once installed, you can use this extension to view 6 months of price history. It even allows you to quickly compare similar products to improve your business. In addition to this, you can use Alitools to search for items by image. Also, don't forget the possibility to make evaluations throughout the use of the extension.

  • Other points that will encourage you to use this tool

Normally, Alitools can send you notifications about the price of the products when they go down. You will also have the possibility to see the real photos of the products thanks to the comments left by your customers. The tool also offers the possibility to synchronise data on different computers.

  1. Colorzilla is also a great option

Colorzilla is a Chrome extension not to be overlooked if you want to start dropshipping efficiently. This tool works well on Dropizi while customizing the themes according to your needs. Just move the eyedropper to the area you want to customize to get a good result.

It should be noted that you can apply any colour you like. Normally, you will have no trouble choosing the tone that interests you. Just make sure that you determine the right graphic design for you.

Note that this Chrome extension is a free tool, but also easy to use. You should also know that this tool will not put your personal data at risk.


Finally, you now have an idea of the tools you can use for your dropshipping project. All you have to do is choose the option that suits you best. This way, you will be able to take full advantage of your extension tool. If you need to, you can always turn to Minea to make your choice of extension easier.

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