Dropshipping automotive accessories: How to get started and succeed in this booming sector

Finding its web origins in the USA and then buzzing in France in 2017, dropshipping is an online sales method that enables companies to sell products without having to manage an inventory. This approach is particularly advantageous for automotive accessories, a market that is constantly evolving thanks to the growth of the automotive industry and consumers' growing interest in personalizing their vehicles.

What is dropshipping and why is it good for car accessories?

More and more e-tailers (dropshippers) are enjoying dropshipping. With this sales system, it's possible to choose between different dropshipping products in 2022. Dropshippers can offer items such as jewelry and watches, beauty products and more.

If you're looking to break into a niche, you can focus on selling car parts (transmission, brake disc, clutch, etc.) and accessories such as a wireless car charger by dropshipping.
As an e-tailer, dropshipping car accessories offers you many advantages. Add trendy products to your catalog to generate customer interest.

An alternative that requires no logistics

One of the biggest advantages of dropshipping is the absence of logistical constraints. You won't have to worry about details like :

  • Inventory management ;
  • Bulk buying ;
  • Package preparation ;
  • Carton packing;
  • Shipping;
  • Delivery.

As your tasks will be considerably reduced, you'll be able to focus on the distribution of car accessories on your online store.
You can resort to paid search with Google Adwords, online advertising with Facebook Ads and so on. By relieving your company of the logistical burden, you can focus your efforts on the visibility of your e-commerce site.

By reducing your fixed costs, you can set up your online store at competitive prices, while maintaining good profit margins.

A means that requires little financial investment

With car accessory dropshipping, you only need to invest in an online sales site, reducing costs and eliminating the financial risk associated with inventory management, packaging and shipping, since you only select the products you want to display.
As a dropshipper, this method allows you to concentrate on webmarketing strategies for a good return on investment, without getting bogged down with unnecessary products.

What's more, the dropshipping format enables you not only to sell retail from your online store. You can also sell wholesale, in B2B, by using your store as an intermediary between resellers and your suppliers.
For suppliers (wholesale and retail), dropshipping offers the advantage of concentrating on logistics while entrusting the promotion of their products to distributors, making it easier to sell off stock without direct promotional efforts.

Current trends in the automotive parts and accessories market and how to take advantage of them

The automotive industry continues to grow, 15% as of 2012, with an increasingly strong online presence. Car accessories represent a product category in strong demand, driven by technological innovations and consumers' new expectations in terms of functionality and personalization.

Supplier companies now offer innovative products such as wireless battery chargers and special seat covers for pets, paving the way for lucrative dropshipping opportunities.
You can even tackle sub-niches such as parts primarily related to the transmission or tuning accessories.

Steps to launching a dropshipping store for automotive parts and accessories

Find the best auto parts dropshipping suppliers

Successful dropshipping of automotive parts and accessories starts with selecting the best suppliers. These partners must offer a wide range of high quality products, with an efficient and reliable delivery process.
Opt for the best local suppliers if you want to reduce delivery times and costs, opt for American suppliers for the USA for example.

It's essential to work with suppliers who understand the requirements of the automotive market and can provide the parts and accessories that customers demand most.
Platforms and companies such as AliExpress, Alibaba, AutoDS & Private Suppliers, Temu and Amazon offer access to a multitude of potential suppliers, each with their own specific advantages (price, delivery times, ease of payment, etc.), such as speed of delivery and product diversity.

Select the most popular and profitable car accessories for dropshipping

More than suppliers, choosing the best products to sell on your online store is crucial. You need to focus on car accessories that enjoy high demand and can generate significant profit margins. Products such as car battery chargers, compressors and dog seat covers are just a few examples of popular and profitable items.

Product search on Minea

Using a tool like Minea can make this step much easier. Thanks to its ability to analyze market trends and identify the most viral products, Minea makes it easy to spot the best car accessories on the market, those with the greatest potential.

By entering keywords such as "accessoire voiture" or "déco voiture", you can :

  • discover trendy products
  • check the virality of associated ads
  • review order volumes on supplier sites
  • see competitors' prices

This ensures a selection of items with real sales potential.

Taking the time to choose your supplier

When looking for dropshipping suppliers of car accessories, you'll be spoilt for choice. To find interesting partners, take the time to select them carefully.
Once you've found interesting suppliers, check their reputation. This way, you can easily identify the people you should trust. If a supplier receives positive ratings and many comments, it's a reliable and reputable one.

Give preference to suppliers who have been on the market for more than a year. If you work with Chinese suppliers, you'll need to be prepared for slightly longer shipping and delivery times. In this case, you'll need to find out whether they work with the best carriers for delivery.

Strategies for optimizing dropshipping of automotive accessories

Create an attractive, well-organized catalog of automotive accessories

Sample catalog
  • To attract and retain customers, it's crucial to present a car accessories catalog that's both attractive and easy to navigate.
  • Products should be clearly categorized, with detailed descriptions and high-quality images.
  • Highlighting best sellers and new products can also stimulate interest and encourage impulse buying.
  • The use of tags and filters based on vehicle types, brands and specific needs can enhance the shopping experience and help customers find what they're looking for quickly.

Use effective marketing techniques to promote your online store

Marketing plays an essential role in the success of a dropshipping store. Strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing and targeted advertising campaigns on social networks can increase the visibility of your online store. You can target different countries such as the USA, Spain and more by changing the audience for your online ads in just a few clicks.

Encouraging customer reviews and using automotive influencers (ideally big influencers for big audiences) to promote your products can also help build your brand's credibility.
Don't forget to leverageemail marketing to keep in touch with your customers, offer them promotions and inform them of new products.

Challenges and solutions for successful dropshipping of automotive accessories

Manage delivery, customer service and returns issues

Effective management of delivery, customer service and returns is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction: 

  • Offering clear information on shipping, delivery times and return policies can help manage customer expectations. Opt for local suppliers to minimize lead times
  • Using an order tracking system to keep customers informed about the status of their delivery improves transparency and trust.

In the event of problems, responsive and efficient customer service is essential to resolving situations quickly and preserving your company's reputation.

Overcoming competition and standing out in the automotive dropshipping sector

With the increasing number of players in the car accessories dropshipping market, standing out from the crowd is becoming a major challenge. To stand out, you need to :

  • offer unique or specialized products
  • offer an exceptional user experience
  • offer excellent sales conditions (short shipping times, fast delivery, etc.).
  • building a strong brand

Personalizing products and creating original automotive content can also help to create a competitive edge.

TOP 10 automotive accessory products

The following products have been identified through the use of Minea as some of the best to launch in your dropshipping store:

Car battery charger

The car battery charger, usually sold for between €39.90 and €69.90, is a must-have for every vehicle owner. Offering a practical solution for keeping the battery charged, this product is in constant demand, especially during cold weather.


A compressor is essential for roadside emergencies and regular maintenance. Versatile, it not only inflates tires, but can also be used for a variety of pneumatic tools, making this product a must-have for car owners. They start at €40 and go up to over €200, depending on the specifics of the product and the audience you're targeting.


In the U.S., dashcams have become extremely popular for their ability to continuously record the environment around the vehicle, offering increased security and proof in the event of an incident. Their technological aspect and the peace of mind they provide make dashcams a perfect viral product for dropshipping.
Many successful stores offer them at prices ranging from €29.90 to €79.90.

Car phone holder

With the growing use of smartphones for navigation and media management while driving, car phone holders have become an indispensable accessory. Their innovative design, which allows safe and practical use of the phone, makes them particularly attractive for advertising campaigns. They are generally available for around €20.

Car air purifier

Car air purifiers meet the growing demand for a healthy indoor environment, free from pollutants, allergens and unwanted odors. With features such as HEPA filtration, deodorization and sterilization, these products offer clear added value and are likely to appeal to a wide audience.

Paint care kit

Paint care kits meet the needs of car owners who want to keep their vehicles looking their best. They represent an excellent sales opportunity as regular maintenance products. Depending on the product range, a bottle with microfiber (which you can offer as an upsell) is available from €29.90 in some stores.

Body protection wax

This product offers a simple and effective solution for protecting your bodywork against scratches and scuffs, a popular choice among car owners looking to maintain the value of their vehicle.

Stripe eraser pen

Starting ataround 15 euros, perfect for minor repairs, the scratch eraser pen is a practical and easy dropshipper product, much sought-after for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Dog seat cover

With more and more dog owners traveling with their pets, demand for these covers has exploded, making them indispensable for protecting car seats.

Portable car vacuum cleaner

Portable car vacuums are essential for keeping vehicle interiors clean, especially for families or pet owners. Compact, powerful and easy to use, they represent a practical solution for quickly removing dust, crumbs and hair, making these products highly shareable and desirable on social networks.

Patterned steering wheel cover

Steering wheel covers not only protect the steering wheel from wear and tear, but also offer a personalized touch to the car's interior, responding to the demand for customized accessories.


Is dropshipping auto parts profitable?

Yes, whether you sell in the U.S., France, Canada, Spain or anywhere else, dropshipping auto parts is profitable because of the constant demand and the opportunity to sell high-margin products. The key is to choose the right products and suppliers.

Why are car accessories profitable dropshipping products?

Car accessories are profitable because they meet the varied and urgent needs of car owners, from maintenance to personalization, generating repeat sales opportunities.

What is illegal in dropshipping?

Dropshipping becomes illegal if you sell counterfeit products, violate intellectual property rights, or fail to comply with local regulations. Transparency with customers regarding delivery times and return policies is also crucial.

Does dropshipping still work in 2024?

Yes, dropshipping remains a viable and lucrative method in 2024, as long as you adopt strategies adapted to current market trends and focus on excellent customer service.

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