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Why use Aliexpress dropshipping agent?

The Aliexpress dropshipping agent acts as an intermediary between you and your suppliers. We will let you know how it is really useful for you.

Why use Aliexpress dropshipping agent?

After reaching a certain order threshold, it is difficult to continue your dropshipping business without using an intermediary. However, you should not choose just any intermediary. Despite some criticism, the Aliexpress dropshipping agent is still an interesting option. Here are the main reasons why. 

What is a dropshipping agent and why are there doubts about Aliexpress dropshipping agents?

The dropshipping agent acts as a mediator between the customer and the wholesaler. The dropshipping agent takes care of transmitting orders to the wholesaler so that the latter can initiate the product delivery process. Contrary to what you might think, however, the products will not be passed through him. They are passed directly from the wholesaler to the customer. 

Thanks to an efficient communication strategy, you can already have a large number of orders from the moment you start dropshipping. To make sure that they are well managed, you need to use a dropshipping agent. The same applies if, after a few months or years of activity, you are overwhelmed by new orders from people who responded favourably to your last communication campaign. The intervention of this intermediary will allow you to ensure that you do not lose the potential profits linked to these orders and also to better preserve a good image for your company. 

A large proportion of dropshipping agents currently operating are Aliexpress agents. They are therefore based in China, which can be a hindrance to contact them. However, there are a few reasons that justify mistrusting them. This is particularly the case for the difficulty of exchanging with them in French. And even if most of them speak English, it is difficult to understand them better. If we focus only on this aspect, it is better to avoid using an Aliexpress dropshipping agent. 

However, there are many more reasons to use this intermediary, starting with their ability to negotiate product prices downwards and to guarantee much shorter delivery times than you might think. 

Best prices and delivery times with an Aliexpress dropshipping agent

Like many people in the same situation as you, you are probably hesitating between France and Asia when choosing your dropshipping agent. Although you may think otherwise, an Aliexpress agent, and therefore a Chinese one, can guarantee you interesting advantages, especially in terms of price. 

  • Price privileges with a dropship agent

The dropshipping agent's first task is to negotiate the prices of his clients' best products to enable them to benefit from preferential prices. He will use the importance of the quantity of your order as an argument to obtain from the wholesalers a discount ranging from 5 to 10% per product. This will allow you to better control your expenses and make monthly savings of up to hundreds of euros. Please note, however, that this advantage is only available to you for monthly orders of between 15 and 20,000 euros. 

  • Better delivery times if you know how to find an Aliexpress dropshippig agent

If there is one reason why e-tailers do not use Aliexpress, it is delivery. Indeed, delivery usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks, or even longer if you are dealing with bad suppliers. This can cause you to lose a lot of customers unless you have a responsive customer service department. There is also another way to avoid a haemorrhage of customers due to late delivery: find an Aliexpress dropshipping agent. This agent will make sure that your packages reach your customers faster, with a delivery time that can be reduced to one week. How can we explain this difference? This is due to the reduction in preparation time. 

Because we are already talking about delivery, you should know that with an Aliexpress agent, you will be able to benefit from a better follow-up and will be better protected from the usual errors with ePacket and Aliexpress Standard Shipping, among others. 

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Repackaging and quality control: strong points of an Aliexpress dropshipping agent 

In many other aspects, using an Aliexpress dropshipping agent is also a better idea. These include repackaging of packages and the assurance of good quality deliveries. 

  • Repackaging of packages

This is an aspect on which many of their opponents cannot compete with a dropshipping agent based in Asia. The latter does not hesitate to offer a packaging service including : 

  • Change and improvement of packaging
  • Elements of your company's visual identity
  • A promotion code 
  • A word to thank your customers for their loyalty
  • Advice on the use of the products 

If you don't use agents, you will have the difficulty to get your Aliexpress suppliers to repackage your packages. On Alibaba, on the other hand, you will only have this possibility with large orders. 

  • Find a reliable dropshipping agent to guarantee quality deliveries

The agent's tasks also include monitoring the factory quality of the products you deliver to your customers. In fact, it is the agent who is responsible for representing you to your Chinese suppliers. Before choosing one, you should know how to find a dropshipping agent. 

A proper agent will systematically check that imported products meet your company's requirements and the quality standards you want for your customers. A further check may also take place before a package is delivered to a customer. If the packaging needs to be replaced, the check will take place afterwards. And if after delivery, your customers report quality concerns, the agent will contact the factory again to find a solution. 

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As you can see, you should not always trust the negative remarks about Aliexpress dropshipping agents. They can indeed allow you to benefit from many more advantages than you think. However, in order not to make a mistake in your choice, it is always recommended that you seek advice from Minea.

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