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Dropshipping, the different steps to establish a partnership with an influencer

Have you found an influencer you are interested in? Minea gives you tips on how to establish a partnership.

The potential of influencers is in high demand in digital marketing today. Finding a good influencer is one thing, but building the partnership is another. Have you found the right influencer or are you still looking for one? In both cases, this section is for you.

Influencer dropshipping: what are its advantages and how to find a good one?

Dropshipping is a very successful business today. Many people have already made a lot of money with this system. However, just like in other areas of business, the main problem is finding customers. In this case, if you are dropshipping and need leverage for your shop, using an influencer is a good option. It does help to generate more traffic. But before we talk about establishing a partnership, let's start by looking at the different benefits of dropshipping with an influencer and how to find a good one.

The many advantages of influencers for dropshipping

Finding profitable influencers actually gives you multiple benefits. With a dropshipping influencer on Instagram for example, you can take advantage of cheap impressions. Indeed, they can be more affordable than Facebook Ads or Google Adds. Influencers can also boost your visibility with a small budget. And of course, you can expect to get more leads from the influencer's followers. As you can see, this system is a real springboard if you know how to exploit it.

Some tips for finding a good dropshipping influencer

It is not always easy to find a good influencer despite the many influencers that flood the social networks. However, here are some tips that will help you.

  • You can search by Hashtags with keywords that relate to your niche on Insta. For example, to find an influencer to help you sell fashion accessories, you can go to the search bar and type "fashion". You'll find all the results and the different influencers that fit that criteria. On the other hand, you can also rely on free tools that are specifically designed for influencer research.
  • You can also check your followers if you are already on instagram or if you have a page on other social networks. It is quite possible that an influencer is following you. Then you just have to browse your fans to find the person you are looking for.
  • Also make sure that the influencer perfectly meets your expectations and that he or she is perfectly suited to your values and the product you sell. Beware, the number of audiences is not the only important criterion. In addition to the quantity, there is also the quality and the rate of engagement of his followers.
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How do you partner with an influencer for dropshipping?

If you have finally found the influencer who perfectly matches your expectations and needs, all that remains is to establish a partnership. But before you do, you should also consider the different forms of partnership that are possible. These can be simple product placements, participation in an event, production of content for the brand, ambassador-type collaboration or recurring partnerships. 

Contact the influencer directly

Once you have made your choice and the type of partnership you wish to undertake with the influencer for your dropshipping shop. You can start by contacting the dropshipping influencer directly. This can be done by email or by phone. You can tell them about your project and see if they agree with your ideas or not.

Getting noticed

You should be aware that good influencers are often oversolicited. So think about getting their attention before you contact them. There are many ways to get their attention. For example, you can leave an important comment on their posts. You can also bounce off an issue that the host is complaining about publicly. Once you have been noticed by the influencer, the exchange can be much easier than with direct contact.

Invite him for an interview

You should know that dropshipping influencers feel a certain pride in the posts and everything they have achieved. So, by offering them an interview, you give them an opportunity to talk about their entire journey. On the other hand, you will know exactly what the person is like and decide if they are a good fit for your business or not. To make sure that everything goes exactly as you want it to, remember to prepare the questions beforehand.

Seek advice from the influencer

To get off to a good start and start building a relationship with the influencer, you can ask for advice. And to make it work, make sure that the question you are going to ask is not one that they have already answered. Be original as your main objective is to get their attention in addition to the valuable advice you have asked for. As you can see, finding a dropshipping influencer and establishing a partnership is not as easy as it sounds.


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Dropshipping, how to find the right influencer for your shop?

Are you looking for a good influencer for your dropshipping shop? Let Minea guide you.

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