Presentation of Minea's Influencer Search Tool

This is the overview of Minea's influencer search tool. This tool allows you to discover all the influencers present on the different markets in the world (in other words, the different countries currently available).

At the moment, we have over 12,000 influencers in our database. A figure that will be increased significantly in the coming weeks.

Country / Market

The first filter available is the country/market we are looking for an influencer in. At the moment, you have 27 countries to find your influencers by nationality.


The second indicator we use is the number of followers the influencer has, by range. We can look for an influencer with less than 100k followers as well as an influencer with more than 10M followers.

We advise you to look for influencers with a smaller community in order to optimise your potential placements with them. Indeed, an influencer with a large community and too many placements will surely drown your product among the others.

Instead, choose a micro-influencer with a well-engaged community and few placements to maximise your chances of success with them.


 The Categories tab will allow you to determine the industry/sector you want products to appear in. You can do your own research and look at each product category to see what is working well in the market with what type of influencers. You can also choose the category of your current or future product and look at what is happening and whether your product is likely to work with influencers at any given time. The Categories tab is therefore an excellent indicator of product success based on whether or not products are being replicated.


The Languages tab allows you to sort influencers by language spoken. We have a wide range of languages on Minea. If you only want to see influencers who speak English, just click on the English line. You can of course select more than one, which is valid for the other tabs as well.

Gender of the audience

 The fifth tab allows you to simply select the gender of your audience. Do you prefer to monitor influencers who target a female-only or male-only audience? Or perhaps both? Simply tick what you are interested in. If you know your audience is female only, for example, there's no point in checking the Male box.

Age of the audience

 The Audience Age tab shows a range of ages of the influencers' audience. If you know the audience you want to reach or the influencers you are interested in reaching then feel free to select the rows according to your own needs. Let's say you know exactly the audience you want to target. You won't select all the filters, but only those that match your target to optimise the search results as close as possible to your product.

Gender of the influencer

The Influencer Gender tab simply helps you determine whether you want to focus on female-only or male-only influencer profiles. Or both. If you already know that your product is only sold by male influencers for example then you should select this box directly.

Sorting influencers

You can then also sort the influencers as desired. For example, would you like to see the placements of influencers over the last 7, 15 or 30 days? Simply optimise your searches according to the age of the campaigns you want to see.

A second option for you is to sort influencers by number of followers. For this filter, you want to have an eye on the most influential influencers in the world in descending order. In other words, from the most important influencer globally to the least important by number of followers on their Instagram account. As explained earlier, it is better to select lesser known profiles if you want to have a greater impact on the audience of the influencers in question. It all depends on your product, of course, and the quality and reputation of your product. However, it is always better to start with a smaller profile in order to hope for an evolution in time.

The engagement rate, as we know, is a very relevant and significant indicator for influencers. Thanks to this filter, select the influencers by order of engagement by their followers. In this screenshot, we see first the influencers with a very high engagement rate, and this, up to the influencers with a very low engagement rate. This filter is very important and shows in real time the value of an influencer and what they can concretely bring to brands/vendors. The more engaged the influencer's community is, the more likely their audience is to buy the products placed because their followers are very active and tuned in to the influencer they follow. So avoid relying on influencers with a very low engagement rate that will waste your time. Above all, you want to optimise and get results. Go for micro influencers who have a good community. The result should be more than positive and promising!

The Handle filter allows you to sort influencers alphabetically. You can therefore find all the influencers in our database by name in ascending or descending order.

Note: You can also sort all your searches in ascending (Asc) or descending (Dec) order.

In this tutorial, we have gone through the search filters of Minea's influencer search tool. In this next articlewe'll look at how to search and analyse influencer data from this section.

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