5+Best email marketing apps for Shopify

Email marketing is an important way for Shopify online stores to communicate with current and potential customers. What's more, it helps create lasting customer relationships, increase sales and build customer loyalty. In this article, we'll take a look at the best email marketing applications for Shopify

Read on to choose theShopify application application that's right for your business.


Omnisend home page

Omnisend is an all-in-one email marketing application for Shopify online stores. It offers features such as: 

  • Email automation, 
  • Segmentation of contact lists, 
  • Email personalization,
  • Registration forms,
  • Detailed reports and analyses.

Omnisend benefits in terms of functionality

  • Advanced email automation: Omnisend lets you create automated email campaigns based on customer behavior. For example, you can send an automatic reminder email to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart.
  • Advanced personalization: the application offers advanced email personalization, enabling messages to be tailored to customers' purchase history.
  • Multi-channel integration: enables SMS and push messages to be sent in addition to email, to reach customers via different channels.
  • Synchronization with Shopify data: Omnisend automatically synchronizes with your Shopify store data. This makes it possible to personalize messages based on purchases, searches and site visits.

Omnisend drawbacks in terms of features

  • Complex user interface: Omnisend's user interface can be complex and difficult to use for beginners.
  • High cost for advanced features: the most advanced features, such as advanced segmentation and automation campaigns, are only available with the highest price plans.

Omnisend pricing

Omnisend offers pricing plans that vary according to the number of contacts in your email list. Rates range from $16 to $2,000 per month. There's also a free plan for beginners.


Mailchimp home page

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing applications for Shopify popular on the market. It offers a variety of features to help businesses create, send and manage their email campaigns.

Advantages of Mailchimp 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive e-mail creation tool with customizable templates
  • Mailing lists can be segmented for better targeting
  • Integration with third-party applications for improved data management

Mailchimp disadvantages 

  • Some advanced features are only available on paid subscription plans
  • Rates can be expensive for companies with large subscriber lists

Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp offers four subscription plans: Free, Essentials, Standard and Premium. The free plan is ideal for small businesses and startups with fewer than 2,000 subscribers and no need for advanced features. Paid plans offer additional features such as : 

  • E-mail automation, 
  • Advanced reporting and template customization.

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Best email marketing apps for Shopify: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that focuses on automation and personalization features. It is often recommended for Shopify e-commerce sites due to its tight integration with the platform.

Advantages of Klaviyo

  • Advanced automation features 
  • Advanced personalization options for more targeted and relevant emails.
  • Detailed analyses and reports to better understand the performance of your campaigns.

Klaviyo disadvantages

  • Klaviyo can be expensive for small companies with a large contact database.
  • Some features may require a certain amount of e-mail marketing experience to be used effectively.

Klaviyo pricing

Klaviyo offers pricing based on the number of contacts in your database. Their basic plan starts at $20 per month for 500 contacts, and prices increase with the number of contacts.


GetResponse home page

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing applications for Shopify. Founded in 1998, it offers a variety of digital marketing tools, such as :

  • Automated e-mail marketing,
  • Destination pages,
  • Webinars and sales funnels. 

What's more, it's suitable for businesses of all sizes, from e-commerce and online businesses to bloggers and small local businesses.

Advantages of GetResponse 

  • The interface is easy to use, even for beginners, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  • The e-mail marketing automation feature is powerful and easy to use, 
  • Segmentation tools are flexible, allowing users to target customers precisely 
  • The design templates are professional and customizable, offering numerous personalization options.

Disadvantages of GetResponse 

  • Some features are only available at higher price levels.
  • Customer support can be slow to respond to technical problems.

GetResponse pricing

GetResponse offers four pricing levels: Basic, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. Prices start from $15 per month for the Basic subscription, with limited features, and go up to $1,199 per month for the Enterprise subscription.

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Best email marketing apps for Shopify: Privy

Privy home page

Privy is an email marketing and conversion application designed specifically for Shopify online stores. What's more, it offers advanced features for capturing visitors' e-mail addresses, creating pop-ups and attractive sign-up forms.

Privy benefits 

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface for easy creation of attractive pop-ups and registration forms.
  • Customize pop-up templates and forms to match your store's visual identity.
  • Email automation features to send personalized, relevant messages to subscribers.
  • Mailing list segmentation tools to target specific customer segments.
  • Analysis features to track campaign performance and optimize results.

Disadvantages of Privy 

  • Some advanced automation and customization features may be limited in basic pricing plans
  • In-depth customization of pop-up templates may require additional technical knowledge

Privy pricing 

Privy offers several pricing options depending on the needs of the online store:

  • Free plan: Included with limited basic functionality.
  • Paid plans: Start from $20 per month and increase according to the number of contacts and additional features desired.


In conclusion, email marketing is an indispensable tool for any Shopify online store looking to grow its business. The applications presented in this article all offer excellent features to help online store owners create effective email marketing campaigns. Each of these best email marketing apps for Shopify has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of features and price. So it's important to choose the application that best meets your online store's needs in terms of email volume.

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Frequently asked questions 

Can I use Shopify to send marketing e-mails?

Yes, you can use Shopify Email to create and send email marketing campaigns directly from your Shopify account. You can also personalize your emails with your brand and include direct links to your products to share with your customers. Merchants with a paid Shopify subscription benefit from 10,000 free emails every month.

Is Mailchimp compatible with Shopify?

Yes, you can integrate Mailchimp with Shopify to automate the transfer of your customer and order data to Mailchimp. This integration lets you create targeted e-commerce campaigns, generate product recommendations and much more. 

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