Snapchat Ads dropshipping: The complete guide to success

Dropshipping, a capital-saving business model, enables entrepreneurs to sell products without stock, by shipping them directly from the supplier. This flexibility makes it a popular strategy in e-commerce, thanks in large part to the rise of social networks like Snapchat. 

With an audience of over 319 million users worldwide, including 18 million in France, Snapchat is proving to be a prime advertising channel for dropshipping brands. What's more, 76% of Snapchatters are regular online shoppers (source: Hubspot), representing huge potential for online stores.

Snapchat offers a platform where ads reach a young, responsive audience, ideal for promoting winning products and driving impulse sales with visual, targeted advertising campaigns.

The advantages of Snapchat Ads for dropshipping

Extensive advertising research reveals that 60% of Snapchat users are more likely to purchase products after seeing an engaging ad, highlighting the importance of this platform for dropshipping stores

A young, committed audience

Snapchat captivates a predominantly young audience, who interact intensely with content. This is an asset for dropshipping stores targeting this segment.

An interactive and creative platform

Advertising options on Snapchat, such as filters and stories, encourage playful interaction. They provide a creative backdrop for presenting products in innovative ways.

Precise targeting options

Snapchat Ads enables refined targeting. Advertisers can reach specific segments of the audience, based on interests, behaviors anddemographics. This increases the chances of reaching potential customers interested in the products on offer.

Steps to create a dropshipping advertising campaign on Snapchat Ads

Step 1: Create a Snapchat Business Manager account

Snapchat Business home page

To launch a campaign on Snapchat, start by create a Snapchat Business account. This is the management platform for your advertising activities.

Snapchat registration page

If you don't have an account yet, simply click on "Login". You'll be taken to a registration page, where you can enter your details.

Once you've created your account, click on "Create an ad" to start creating your advertising campaign.

Step 2: Configure the Snap Pixel for conversion tracking

IMPORTANT: You must integrate the Snapchat tracking pixel into your online store before continuing with the ad campaign creation.

The Snap Pixel is an essential tool for tracking customer actions on your online store. It helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

To do this, simply create a new event in the event manager. Then select "Pixel Code".

This is where you'll find the pixel you're going to paste into the header code of your online store. Everything is explained in detail in the event manager when you create the pixel.

The tracking code is easily integrated via plug-ins for WordPress, Shopify or Prestashop if you don't want to go through the coding work.

Step 3: Define the objectives of your advertising campaign

Choosing campaign objectives on Snapchat

Clarify your objectives. Do you want to increase brand awareness, boost sales or encourage downloads? There are specific formats. 

In our case, opt for the "Website Conversions" option, as your goal is to bring traffic to your dropshipping store in order to convert.

Don't forget to name your campaign to help you find your way around.

Step 4: Define your budget and bids

After naming your campaign, you'll need to set its start and end dates, and then enter your daily budget.

With Snapchat, you can start with a small budget and adjust according to results. It's ideal for testing products and ads without spending a lot.

Set a budget that allocates a certain percentage of your overall sales to marketing on Snapchat, ensuring that your investment is proportional to your sales objectives.

Allocating 5% of your monthly revenue can be a good starting point for new campaigns. Setting a budget for your Snapchat Ads campaign is crucial. With a minimum daily budget of €5, Snapchat Ads offers greater affordability and ROI potential than Facebook Ads.

This is due to Snapchat's ability to reach a large audience with a modest budget, although the success of the campaign also depends on the relevance of the advertising content and the targeting of the audience.

Step 5: Configure your audience targeting

Use demographics, interests and behaviors to target your audience. Good targeting can significantly increase the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising.

The success of an advertising campaign on Snapchat depends on precise audience targeting. Snapchat lets you target users according to their : 

  • geolocation
  • age
  • genre
  • points of interest
  • language
  • type of Internet connection 

For online stores, it's advisable to target an audience of at least 20 years old to ensure they have a credit card, thus increasing the chances of conversion into a sale.

Once this is done, you can set the type and content of your ad.

Step 6: Choose the right ad type and format for dropshipping

Ad formats on Snapchat

Snapchat offers a variety of ad formats, from Snap Ads to Story Ads. Select the one that best suits your product and your audience.

You can choose between several types of ads on Snapchat:

  • The Snap Ad: A short 10-second video that can be extremely effective in showcasing your winning products.
  • Sponsored filters: use Snapchat's unique filters for advertising that stands out and encourages sharing in stories.
  • Geofilters: Target a location-specific audience, such as your store or a city, for relevant local advertising.
  • Snap To Unlock: Create interactive ads with Snapcodes on physical media, increasing engagement with your brand.

Regarding the ad formats to prioritize for your dropshipping ad on Snapchat, consider :

  • The 3V (Vertical Video Views) format: Short, full-screen videos that integrate naturally into the user's content flow.
  • Discover Ads : 10-second videos with swipe-up options for immersive advertising.
  • App Installs: A format similar to Discover Ad, but designed to encourage app downloads, thus increasing interaction with your online store.

Step 7: Create attractive, hard-hitting ads

Ads need to capture attention quickly. Use high-quality images, attractive video montages, a good theme and clear messages to engage your audience.

Example of a Snapchat creative (Source: Social Desk)

Snapchat offers an ad story creation tool that allows you to tell your product's story in a visual and engaging way, which has proven to increase audience retention.

Step 8: Launch and optimize your advertising campaign

After launch, monitor your campaign's performance. Adjust ads, budget and targeting to optimize results.

Best practices for successful Snapchat Ads dropshipping

A/B testing to find the best ad combinations

A/B testing is crucial to determining which ads work best. Vary audiences, videos, images, titles and calls to action to refine your campaign.

  • Create different adsets (at least 4) when creating your advertising campaign.
  • Let the adsets that work run and duplicate them by increasing the budget.
  • Stop the ones that don't work.

Use a Snapchat adspy

To help you filter through the different stories to identify the best advertising practices on Snapchat, opt for a social network ad spy tool. Link to LP Adspy parent page of all LP adpsy

Influspy home page

You can turn to Influspy, an adspy that analyzes over 100,000 Snapchat stories every day. The tool not only allows you to find the most profitable winning products of the moment, but above all the type of advertising used. Not to mention the contact details of the influencers or stores that have promoted these products.

Use dynamic images and videos to capture attention

Short videos and vivid images are eye-catchers on Snapchat. Make sure they're high-quality and reflect your brand identity.

Make sure your ad content is both fun and interactive to engage your audience. Snapchat's filters and Lenses are powerful tools for creating engaging ads that can be shared in stories or even beyond the platform.

Use automatic links to your online store to facilitate purchasing

Make it easy for customers to go from ad to purchase by integrating direct links to your store. What's more, with the forthcoming arrival of TikTok Shop, you'll be able to offer your products directly on your TikTok videos. 

Monitor your campaign's performance and adjust your strategies accordingly

Analyze performance data to see what's working. Adjust your budget, ads and targeting to improve results.

For self-serve ads, Snapchat offers the possibility of creating your own geo-filter, an option that stands out from Google Ads and can be achieved at a lower cost. Collaborating directly with Snapchat or its partners can also provide invaluable support in obtaining high-quality dropshipping ads.

Collaborate with influencers on Snapchat to increase your visibility

Partnerships with influencers can expand your audience and bring a human touch to your brand. We don't recommend super-influencers like Khaby Lame, but micro-influencers with smaller audiences. 

Search for influencers on Minea

To find the influencers best suited to your product and target audience, you can use Minea.

Minea's "Influencer Marketing" feature provides you with a list of today's top influencers. By refining your search using the various filters, you can find the perfect profiles to represent your store and, above all, increase your conversion rate.

Mistakes to avoid when advertising with Snapchat Ads dropshipping

Failure to clearly define objectives and budget

A campaign without clear objectives and a well-defined budget is doomed to failure. Make sure you know what you want to achieve and how much you're willing to spend.

Ignore precise audience targeting

Targeting is crucial to reaching the right customers. Not using Snapchat's targeting options can reduce the effectiveness of your dropshipping advertising.

Use poor-quality images or videos

Low-quality videos and images can damage your brand's image. Invest in high-quality content to represent your products.

Failure to track and analyze campaign performance

The absence of performance tracking makes it difficult to optimize your campaign. Use tools like Snap Pixel to obtain accurate data.


Snapchat Ads represents an invaluable advertising tool for emerging dropshipping brands. With Minea's assistance, you can successfully navigate the ad landscape and maximize the impact of your advertising campaign.

By targeting a young audience via creative ads, brands can increase their visibility and sales. Clever use of filters, stories and the Snap Pixel is essential for a successful campaign. With the right marketing strategies and performance tracking, dropshipping on Snapchat can turn views into sales and users into loyal customers.


Where to advertise dropshipping?

For dropshipping, social networks are the platforms of choice. Snapchat stands out for its young audience and interactive format, making it an ideal place to launch effective advertising campaigns.

How does Snapchat Ads work?

Snapchat Ads lets brands create ads that appear between users' stories or in the Discover section.

Why use Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat Adsoffers access to an engaged audience, advanced targeting options and a variety of ad formats to creatively showcase your products.

What are the advantages of advertising on Snapchat for dropshipping?

Advertising on Snapchat for dropshipping offers advantages such as high user engagement, the ability to target specific audiences and the use of videos and images to create visually appealing ads.

What are the steps involved in creating a Snapchat advertising campaign for dropshipping?

The 8 steps to creating an advertising campaign on Snapchat are :

  1. create a Snapchat Business account
  2. Snap Pixel configuration
  3. defining campaign objectives
  4. defining the budget
  5. audience targeting
  6. choice of ad format
  7. creation of attractive ads
  8. performance monitoring

What are the best practices for optimizing an advertising campaign on Snapchat for dropshipping?

Best practices include :

  • A/B testing of ads
  • the use of Minea for ad spying
  • the creation of high-quality visual content
  • integration of links to your online store
  •  regular monitoring of campaign performance

What criteria should I take into account when choosing a product for dropshipping on Snapchat?

When choosing a product for dropshipping (link to:,Sponsored%20Products%20or%20products%20sponsored%C3%A9s.) on Snapchat, consider the product's popularity, viral potential, visual presentation, and suitability for Snapchat's target audience.

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