How can you build customer loyalty with email marketing in the dropshipping business?

Email marketing is an effective way for many dropshippers to maintain contact with customers. Indeed, it would be easier to retain customers than to acquire new ones. Many processes can be used to build trust between you and your prospects. 

Why should you build customer loyalty in dropshipping with an email marketing campaign?

The dropshipping world has many competitors despite its ease of launch and the wide range of products. You need to stand out from the crowd by using different dropshipping strategies. An email marketing campaign could be the solution to retain customers who have already placed their order with you. It is also a way to show your customers that you care about them and their lives even after the first purchases have been made.

Above all, it is important to bear in mind that repeat customers can increase your sales considerably more than new customers, which merits an exceptional loyalty email marketing campaign depending on the prospect and their desires. In addition, this method could encourage customers to recommend your products to other potential prospects. 

How to build customer loyalty through email marketing?

Before starting a loyalty programme, you must first get to know your target prospects, otherwise how can you build loyalty with customers on the Internet? Indeed, depending on your database, you may have a list of recurring customers who deserve to receive loyalty emails. You will then have to follow the actions of the customers on your dropshipping site to obtain a more concrete list. Indeed, it is from these actions that loyalty begins. The action can be a first purchase, a registration to your offers or a subscription to your dropshipping website. 

The choice of loyalty campaign would then depend on the actions taken by the customers. As the aim is to market by promoting more products, it is necessary to know the target customer well in order to be able to propose specific products adapted to their needs. 

The different loyalty marketing email campaigns

There are several methods of retention depending on the type of customers in your contact list. 

  • The welcome email marketing campaign

In principle, this type of email would be sent after a subscription to your services or site. You can guide new customers through the email so that they can place a first order.

  • The thank you email marketing campaign

After a first purchase, a thank-you email would be more effective in building customer loyalty and asking for feedback on the use of the dropshipping service you offer. You can also choose to send a confirmation email to those who have just made a purchase from your products.  

  • Customised offers 

As an email marketing strategy, personalised offers will allow your customers to take advantage of certain products that may be of interest to them based on preferences and buying and searching trends. You will have the opportunity to show your customers that you know them better than other dropshipping platforms. For example, you can offer personalised deals on your prospect's birthday to surprise and entice them with discounted rates.  

  • Newsletters

The famous newsletter is all too familiar. It is a way of continuing to communicate with the customer by sending them news about you and your current products. Sales trends and possible promotions can also be shared in the newsletter.

  • The email marketing campaign with feedback

Sometimes, to build customer loyalty, companies do not limit themselves to sending advertising content, but choose to get feedback from customers. Such extensive interaction not only builds trust with customers, but also builds loyalty as you listen to your customers' suggestions. 

Practical advice for a loyalty marketing campaign by e-mail 

Once you have chosen your target customers and selected a loyalty campaign, you will need to pay attention to a number of elements in order to make your loyalty programme successful and get better results. For example, once you have targeted your customer contacts, you can use powerful software to segment your recurring and non-recurring contacts. This would allow you to send a targeted and personalised message directly to a prospect. 

The choice of sending automation could also be interesting, after a few interactions, you can determine a relevant message adapted to your subject. Opt for emails with feedback to create interaction and show them how important it is for you to keep in touch. Finally, the sending of loyalty mails is often time-dependent in addition to the actions taken by the user. For example, discount offers will normally reach sale periods in addition to key events of the year. You can also use key dates for the customer to provide offers tailored to the occasion, such as birthdays, holidays and events.


Retaining customers through email marketing not only helps to maintain revenue, but also to know your customers through their choices and responses to emails. If you are looking for products that are suitable for certain demanding customers, Minea and its software can help you find them to feed your site.

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