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The Internet revolution has made us more and more used to shopping online. Like many, you want to profit from this via your own business? Dropshipping is one of the best ways to get started. However, you need to choose your supplier carefully. One of the most popular suppliers in the cosmetics industry is Nova Engel, the wholesaler we are going to introduce you to. 

Who is Nova Engel? 

Nova Engel was founded in 1945, long before the digital age. At first, it was only a small business selling perfumery products and other accessories. However, the family shop founded by Gerardo Cañellas and Margarita Engel soon became successful. This prompted its owners to increase their initial goal of growth and diversification, leading to the creation of 12 more outlets in the Balearic Islands. Since then, the company has continued to achieve excellent growth figures, thanks in part to its ability to anticipate the needs of the market in order to adapt its offerings. It is therefore not surprising that its dropshipping products are among the most popular on the market. 

Nova Engel sl, which was founded in 1982, is one of the main examples of this adaptability. The company's management family realised that in order to continue its development policy, it was necessary to enter the retail and foreign trade sectors. The arrival of this new entity within the group gave it the possibility to better position itself in the high end of the perfume market. It has also enabled it to become a European distribution company of reference in cosmetics. It is therefore natural to recommend it to people who want to find a winning dropshipping product in 2021

What is dropshipping with Nova Engel? 

Dropshipping with Nova Engel gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a catalogue of more than 300 well-known selective brands and more than 10,000 products from the best brands. The Spanish company allows you to position yourself in the world of cosmetics, focusing on all or part of the following winning dropshipping productcategories: 

  • Fragrances
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair products 
  • Bath lines 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sun care 

Through Nova Engel's winning dropshipping products, you can build a successful online business without having to worry about purchasing products, storing them and even managing the logistics. But how is this possible? By synchronising the Nova Engel catalogue with your e-shop, customers can order one or more of the winning dropshipped products from you. You will then forward their order to the Spanish wholesaler, who will then prepare the products and pack them. The same company will take care of the delivery on your behalf. Your profit will be the difference between the amount paid by your customer and the amount paid to Nova Engel. 

What can you gain with Nova Engel Dropshipping? 

Before answering this question, it is important to define what dropshipping is. It is a system that allows you to sell the products of one or more suppliers in your e-shop without having to keep stock. Your supplier(s) will also become your logistics manager. Nova Engel will allow you to take care of the delivery of the products. By using Nova Engel, you can enjoy a number of advantages, including the following. 

The advantages generally associated with dropshipping 

As with Wedrop Market, by finding a winning dropshipping product with Nova Engel, you will be able to sell in an e-shop as well as in a traditional business. You won't need to make a large initial investment. You don't have to build up a stock or plan a logistic system. You will also not have to worry about the deterioration of your relations with your customers. Many reviews of Nova Engel show that delivery is made within 48 hours nationally and within 6 days internationally. Every product delivered is in accordance with the corresponding order. 

During the product delivery process, there is no risk of paying additional charges. In addition to this, there is the constant updating of the catalogue, the existence of different payment solutions and the logistical adaptability of the Spanish company. 

Helping your projects to succeed 

Going through Nova Engel dropshipping to find a winning product is to give you the opportunity to benefit from a precious help for the success of your business project. With its tens of thousands of references, the Spanish group can give you an idea of the market or the segment you are targeting. It will also allow you to take advantage of its address book of professionals that you will need to start your business. These include web designers, graphic designers and programmers. 


Nova Engel is one of the oldest cosmetics wholesalers. Its long history has enabled it to build up a catalogue of the biggest names in the field. It is therefore one of the best answers to the question "how to find a winning dropshipping product ". If you are not sure which product category to choose for your e-commerce, you can always ask Minea for advice.

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