Search for a winning product with the Minea Shops spy tool

The Shops section of Minea allows you to identify the best shops in the world and to spy on their entire marketing strategy and detect their winning products.

That's precisely what we're going to do in this tutorial, manipulate Minea's Shops spy tool to identify winning shops and their products. First we go to the "Shops" section:

Search for winning dropshipping product minea

The popularity of a shop

To begin the search, you need to start by finding a good Dropshipping shop. That is to say, a shop that generates a lot of traffic and a lot of sales, in short a popular shop!

To find a popular shop, we can use its Alexa Rank.

Minea dropshipping facebook ads

But what is the Alexa Rank?

The Alexa rank ranks millions of sites in order of popularity. It is calculated by looking at the number of unique visitors (traffic) and page views a site has had over the last 3 months. The lower this ranking, the better the popularity of the site. For example is 12th. This ranking lists over 11,000,000 sites. 

For example, we can search for shops with an Alexa rank below 100k. That is, only filter out shops that are in the top 100k of the most popular sites! In this way, we filter out only the best shops in the world. 

To give us an idea, for a Dropshipping shop if the Alexa rank is : 

  • Under 15k, it is a top 5 shop in the world.
  • Ranging from 15k to 100k, this is a top 60 shop in the world.
  • At between 100k and 200k, it is a top 200 shop in the world.
  • Ranging from 200k to 1m, this is a top 4000 shop in the world.
  • Above 1m, these are the other shops.

Want to test your Alexa rank? Click here.

The technology of the shop

Now it's time to filter the shops dedicated to Dropshipping. Most of these shops have been designed and developed with the Shopify CMS (content management system), so we can choose this technology.

Facebook ads dropshipping

The category of the shop

On Minea, all shops are categorized according to their niche. For example we can try the category "Hair care".

minea dropshipping shop

Shop selection

Then we can browse through the search results and select a shop, for example the shop "Kenzzi":

Shop dropshipping minea

General information about the shop

From the detail page of a shop, several pieces of information appear. Firstly, the niches of the shop:

Categorisation shop dropshipping

Next, Minea tells us how many placements the shop has made on Instagram (here 6) and Snapchat (here 0), as well as the number of ads on Facebook (here 70).

Analysis of the shop minea e commerce drop

For this shop, the Alexa Rank is around 31,000. This means that out of more than 11,000,000 websites listed, "Kenzzi" is the 31,000ᵉ most popular site in the world. This site is therefore a Dropshipping giant and is one of the Top 60 biggest shops.

Alexa rank dropshipping

Evolution of Alexa Rank

Looking at the evolution of the Alexa rank of "Kenzzi", we notice that since March their ranking tends to improve. Indeed, the curve decreases slightly, their ranking went from 70 000 to 31 000. We know that the lower the ranking, the more popular the shop is. So this shop is slightly improving.

Visitors to the shop

This shop is very active in the United States, with the majority of its visitors coming from the United States (47.1%). Their communications and advertising must be aimed at Americans.

To sum up, we have identified one winning shop: Kenzzi. Because of its popularity, we can safely say that the shop generates a significant turnover. This shop should be a source of information for us, so we will investigate their marketing strategy and try to find their winning products

The shop's influence marketing strategy 

From the detail page of this shop, we can click on the "Investments" tab

We then see all of the shop's product placements over time. Here the shop has worked with several influencers. By clicking on one of the placements below we get more information about it: 

On 15 March, the influencer @meg_legs did a product placement for the "Kenzzi" shop. The placement featured this epilator (see image above). By clicking on the story, we can view them and see how the influencer promoted the product.

We have just found our first Winner. Indeed, this epilator is a very good product from Dropshipping, we can put it on our list of products to test.

Then we can continue to wander through the Instagram placements to find more Winners.

Facebook Ads marketing strategy

From the Facebook tab, all "Kenzzi" ads that are running on Facebook are listed. We will also be able to spy on old ads that are no longer active.

By browsing the ads in this shop, we will find all the ads promoting products. By sorting the ones by the number of likes, we will be able to see the ones that have been successful, and in this way, we can quickly fill our list of products to test.

In this example, we find ads that highlight the epilator that the influencer featured in his stories. We also find another product against 'blackheads'.

Finally, from Minea, we can visit the shop and study all the products in its catalogue.

In this tutorial, we have just seen the methodology to spy everything, to know everything about a winning Dropshipping shop. These top shops should be a source of inspiration for us. We should not hesitate to spy, study and reproduce their strategies. Indeed, given their success, their strategies are undeniably winning!

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