The best winning products are on the Minea loyalty programme

In this article, let's discover the Minea loyalty programme . It gives access to the best winning products in Dropshipping/e-commerce. To start, here is a short video summary:

To access the loyalty programme, go to the left-hand side of the screen and select the orange boxed area.

Discovering the loyalty programme

When we open this page, we can already see our progress on the different levels of the loyalty program. In the example below, we have passed the "gold minor" level because we have consumed over 10,000 credits. We are now in the process of climbing the "master miner" level to unlock a new reward.

Just below the credits used, we have the possibility to click on "Check out your winnings".

This button allows you to access the unlocked rewards and enjoy them immediately.

We can also click on each reward from the main loyalty programme page. For example, the Top 100 winning products of the month.

Once the reward is opened, we go directly to the list of the 100 most profitable winning products of the month.

Note: All product lists are developed according to advanced algorithms and the monitoring of our Dropshipping experts.

Fidelity tier analysis

Now let's go back to the main page of the loyalty programme and look at the different loyalty levels available.
The first level "young miner" is available from 100 credits used on our Minea subscription. With this status, we receive the top 10 winning products of the day.

Thanks to this status, we receive the top 10 winning products of the day.

The second tier "money miner" unlocks a list of 100 winning products. As mentioned above, this option allows you to receive a monthly updated list of the top 100 winning products. To win this list, a minimum of 1000 credits must be used.

After 10,000 credits, we have access to the 100 best shops on all markets, published every month. A great way to get inspired!

The penultimate "minor master" level allows you to obtain the 100 best products in Influence Marketing, i.e. those that work best thanks to influencers.

Finally, after using more than 1,000,000 credits and reaching the "diamond miner" level, we will be privileged to know the list of Yomi Denzel Winners 😍

This will make the daily sales of our online shop explode! For the moment nobody has unlocked this list yet, so be the first ;)

Go to the loyalty programme program!

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