All about dropshipping watches and jewelry

Dropshipping is a fast-growing online sales method, particularly in the watch and jewelry sector. This approach enables entrepreneurs to launch an online store without having to manage stock. Here's everything you need to know to succeed in dropshipping watches and jewelry.

The advantages of dropshipping in the watch and jewelry industry

Dropshipping watches and jewelry offers great flexibility in product management. E-tailers can easily test and change their product range without the financial risk of inventory. What's more, this method drastically reduces inventory management and shipping costs, enabling higher profit margins.

Demand for jewelry and watches online is always high, offering sellers a lucrative market opportunity. With a careful selection of products and a good supplier, online stores can attract a wide customer base, looking for both quality and originality.

In general, the price of products such as jewelry and watches is quite high. The cost is continually rising. Many people buy large quantities of jewelry all the time. It should be noted that the price of these accessories fluctuates according to the period. E-tailers can make more profit when demand is higher.

How can dropshipping help you diversify your product range?

Looking for trendy products? Turn to jewelry and watches. The advantage of these accessories is that they offer a wide choice. Sellers can offer their customers a selection of jewelry and watches.

As buyers have a wide choice, demand for jewelry and watches is growing. If an Internet user decides to buy a piece of jewelry, for example, the next time he or she will be tempted to buy a watch, such as a dropshipping customizable watch. 

How can I find the best suppliers for dropshipping watches and jewelry?

The success of your dropshipping business depends largely on the quality and reliability of your suppliers. Here's how to identify the best partners for your online store.

Criteria to consider when choosing a supplier

  • Product quality

Make sure the watches and jewelry you buy are of the highest quality. Look for suppliers who offer guarantees or certifications attesting to the quality of their items.

  • Reliable shipping

Shipping and delivery times must be short and on time, as they have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Choose suppliers who offer online order tracking.

  • Customer service

A good supplier must have a responsive customer service department, able to deal quickly with any questions or problems.

  • Costs and fees

Compare prices and shipping costs. Some suppliers offer preferential rates for dropshippers, increasing your profit margin.

  • Ease of integration

Check whether the supplier can easily integrate its catalog into your online store, which will simplify the management of your business.

Platforms and tools for finding reliable suppliers


AliExpress home page

With thousands of suppliers of watches and jewelry, AliExpress is a goldmine for dropshippers. Use the filters to sort suppliers by ratings and number of orders to guarantee reliability and quality.


BrandsGateway home page

Specializing in the dropshipping of luxury goods, this platform offers access to brand-name watches and jewelry, with a high profit margin.


Worldwide Brands home page

Directory of wholesalers and dropshippers offering a wide range of products, including quality jewelry and watches.


SaleHoo home page

Another reliable directory, SaleHoo offers access to over 8,000 pre-checked suppliers, with filters to easily find jewelry and watch suppliers.


Available on the Shopify App Store, Sprocket lets you choose from thousands of products located in the United States and Europe, offering reduced delivery times.

Forums and social networks

Example of a Facebook group

Facebook groups, Reddit and specialized dropshipping forums can be excellent resources for finding recommendations of reliable suppliers and sharing experiences.
Each platform offers specific advantages, from delivery conditions to product quality. Take the time to explore them to find the one that best suits your needs.

Product search on Minea

In addition to the aforementioned platforms, Minea stands out for its ability to unearth winning products in the watches and jewelry sector. Simply use the right keywords in the product search section or explore trending products and related ads to discover unique opportunities. Minea simplifies the search for these hidden treasures, making your product selection both easy and efficient.

Strategies for maximizing the profitability of dropshipping watches and jewelry

Dropshipping watches and jewelry can be very profitable if you apply the right strategies. Here's how to maximize your profits in this sector.

Effective margin and cost management in dropshipping

Regularly evaluate your costs, includingsupplier fees, shipping and advertising. This will enable you to adjust your selling prices to maintain a healthy profit margin.
Use market analysis tools to compare your prices with those of the competition. Set competitive prices while maximizing your margin.

How to increase sales and maximize profitability

Invest in online advertising campaigns thatspecifically target watch and jewelry enthusiasts. Use demographic and behavioral data to refine your targeting.
Search engine optimization:
Improve the SEO of your online store to attract more visitors. Use relevant keywords in product descriptions and titles to increase your visibility.
Run regular promotions
and offer discounts to encourage purchases. Time-limited offers create a sense of urgency that can boost sales.

Current trends in the watch and jewelry dropshipping industry

New technologies and their impact on the watch and jewelry market

The adoption of new technologies, such as augmented reality, allows customers to virtually visualize watches or jewelry on them before purchasing. This improves the customer experience and can increase conversion rates.

Promising niches to explore in watch and jewelry dropshipping

  • Smartwatches: The growing popularity of connected watches is opening up new opportunities for dropshippers.
  • Eco-responsible jewelry: With growing environmental awareness, sustainably manufactured jewelry is attracting an ecologically conscious clientele.

TOP 10 watches and jewelry for dropshipping

In the world of dropshipping, certain products stand out for their popularity and sales potential. Here's a selection of watches and jewelry that are currently on trend.

Multifunction connected watch

Combines style and technology, offering features such as activity tracking, smartphone notifications and heart rate measurement.

  • Benefits: Appealing to a wide audience, from technology enthusiasts to sportsmen and women.
  • New: Integrating health and well-being into everyday life.
  • Price: Varies according to features and brand.

Customizable silver jewelry

Silver necklaces, bracelets and rings, personalized with initials or significant dates.

  • Benefits: Provides a personal touch, ideal for gifts.
  • New: Customization on demand.

Price: Affordable (approx. €100), offering a good profit margin.

Minimalist watches

Watches with a clean, modern design, emphasizing simplicity and elegance.

  • Advantages: Suitable for all outfits and occasions.
  • New: Back to basics in design.
  • Price: Affordable (€50 to €100), targeting young, trendy customers.

Paracord survival bracelets

Braided bracelets with parachute cord, incorporating survival tools such as whistles and mini-boussoles.

  • Benefits: Convenient for outdoor adventurers.
  • New: Utility combined with fashion.
  • Price: Very affordable, appealing to hiking and camping enthusiasts.

Moissanite engagement rings

Durable, less expensive alternatives to diamonds, offering comparable brilliance and clarity.

  • Advantages: Eco-friendly and affordable for couples.
  • New: Growing demand for ethical alternatives to diamonds.
  • Price: Medium to high (over €200 on average), depending on design and setting.

Necklaces with geometric pendants

Necklaces with pendants in simple, uncluttered geometric shapes, perfect for customers looking for modern accessories. Their minimalist design makes them ideal for everyday use or as gifts.

  • Advantages: Modern, minimalist styling, easy to combine with a variety of outfits.
  • New: Minimalist aesthetics attract a young, trendy clientele.
  • Price: Affordable, ideal for attracting budget-conscious buyers.

Ecological wooden watches

Watches made from sustainable and renewable materials, offering an ecological alternative to traditional watches. Each piece is unique, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood used.

  • Advantages: Ecological and unique, they stand out from the crowd.
  • New: Responding to growing demand for environmentally-friendly products.
  • Price: Medium (over €150), offering good margins while attracting eco-conscious consumers.

Crystal earrings

Sparkling earrings adorned with crystals, available in a variety of colors to suit every style. These jewels add a touch of sparkle to any outfit, ideal for special occasions or everyday wear.

  • Benefits: Add a touch of elegance and glamour to any outfit.
  • New: Variety of colors for customization to customer preferences.
  • Price: Affordable (around €50), this jewelry attracts a wide range of customers looking to embellish their outfits.

Connected fitness wristbands

Wristbands measuring physical activity, sleep and calories burned, designed for those who want to track their health intuitively. They connect to mobile applications for detailed monitoring and personalized advice.

  • Benefits: Encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • New: Integration with healthcare applications for real-time monitoring.
  • Price: Varies according to features, but generally affordable for the general public.

Minimalist stacking rings

A set of thin rings that can be worn together or separately, offering versatility and personalized style. Their sleek design makes them a popular choice for lovers of minimalist jewelry.

  • Benefits: Flexibility and simplicity, perfect for everyday style.
  • New: The trend towards modular jewelry meets the desire for personalization.
  • Price: Affordable, these outfits appeal to fashion lovers looking for versatility.


When you start dropshipping jewelry, you have the opportunity to generate attractive profits. If you diversify your business by offering both watches and jewelry, you'll easily make a profit. If you're looking for other popular products on the market, turn to Minea. This platform will help you stay better informed about your customers' expectations.


Jewellery and watch dropshipping: what are the advantages of this business?

Dropshipping jewelry and watches offers several key advantages, including:

  • Flexibility in product selection, with no need for stock.
  • Low initial costs, facilitating market entry.
  • Access to a wide range of markets and customers.
  • Simplified management of operations and deliveries.

What are the risks of dropshipping?

Key risks include dependence on suppliers for quality and delivery, strong competition that can squeeze profit margins, and the need for effective marketing to stand out from the crowd.

How do I find a dropshipping supplier?

To find a reliable dropshipping supplier, start by exploring reputable online platforms such as AliExpress or BrandsGateway. Recommendations in specialized dropshipping forums and social networks can also be invaluable. Be sure to check the supplier's reviews and reputation before committing yourself.

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