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Selling shoes on dropshipping: which products should you focus on?

Find out which products you can bet on to be successful by creating an online shoe dropshipping shop!

A good number of people who start dropshipping opt for fashion products. They are right to do so because of the profitability that these products promise. However, it should be noted that in this field, it is possible to specialise even more by offering only shoes. We will let you know which types of shoes to turn to in order to find success after having explained the advantages of choosing dropshipping for this niche.

The advantages of opting for dropshipping shoes

Ready-to-wear is not the only sector with which you can do dropshipping. However, it is clear that it is the best represented. This is normal knowing that the need for this type of dropshipping product in 2022 is directly related to a primary need, that of clothing. But why not just sell them via a classic e-commerce store? Because in the sector, there is a renewal, at least, 4 times a year of trendy products. If you opt for the traditional e-commerce, you will need to have a sufficient place for the reception of new products and the storage of the old ones that you did not manage to sell.

This is not necessary with shoe dropshipping. You won't have to calculate your stocks more precisely, with the need to foresee, for each reference, the number of pairs and the number of models. All you have to do is find a dropshipping shoe wholesaler who will take care of the stock for you. This will allow you to concentrate on the most important aspect of your business, i.e. sales and customer acquisition. The partnership with the wholesaler will also help you to develop your "catalogue" according to trends.

Selling shoes on dropshipping: which products should you focus on?

The importance of being well informed about the evolution of shoe dropshipping trends

Although the wholesaler will be able to inform you about trends, you will have a better chance of succeeding in selling shoes by dropshipping by looking for information yourself. You will need to keep an eye on the market, which will consist of, among other things

- Follow-up of online fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitain, Elle and Glamour

- Subscribing to Instagram accounts and other social networks of the most notable fashion influencers

- Information on what the competition is doing and offering. And it is important to focus on the big names like Spartoo and Zalando.

As with baby clothes and other products, however, the objective of this monitoring is not to copy what the competition is doing. You should also not always take influencers and especially magazines at face value. Indeed, they can sometimes suggest shoes that are only dedicated to fashion shows and which may not be adapted to real life. This will not be the case for bloggers and sites specialising in e-commerce product research, who know perfectly well what your customers really want.

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Selling shoes by dropshipping: what women and men prefer

Even if trends change over time, there are still types of shoes that are not likely to lose their appeal. So, depending on the gender of your customers, you can ask your wholesaler to reserve boxes of shoes for dropshipping consisting of the following models.

- The shoes that appeal most to women

When it comes to timeless women's shoes to offer on your dropshipping shop, it's hard not to mention ankle boots. This is due to their suitability for both long dresses and jean shorts. Among their most popular variations are the Doc Martins type of ranger boots, recognisable by their laces and large sole. There are also heeled boots and santiag boots.

White trainers have also become more popular with women in recent years. They prefer to wear them for a night out on the town as well as for sports activities. Your customers can also think about pairing them with a dress and a blazer for a more elegant look.

You will also need boots and waders to find success in dropshipping with your female target. They will always need them during the autumn and winter months. If leather and suede models are the most coveted, you will seduce vegan customers or those who like to buy at low prices with those in imitation leather.

- The must-have shoes for men

Despite the advent of many new shoe styles, men are still very attached to their 3 classics: loafers, trainers and ankle boots. This justifies the psychological theory that "men like routine": they go to the same restaurant, buy the same brands of electronics and wear the same types of shoes. However, this should not prevent you from including in your "catalogue" some more fanciful models, such as moccasins with fringes or tassels, or more vintage models such as dad shoes, or more daring models such as coloured boots. It's still best to communicate on their more classic options like moccasins and ankle boots in black, beige, brown and khaki leather or suede. As far as trainers are concerned, Adidas Original, AirMax and Reebook Club will have a long reign ahead of them.

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Now you have some ideas about the shoes you should sell on your dropshipping shop. However, trends can change quickly, so get regular advice from an expert in this field to avoid venturing onto slippery ground. Think of Minea!

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