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Dropshipping of interior decoration products: is it a really interesting sector?

Dropshipping of home decoration products is growing exponentially.

Are you planning to start selling home decoration and interior design products online? The fact that you don't have a place to keep stock is no longer an obstacle thanks to the dropshipping concept. But is combining this concept with decoration really ideal? The answer is yes and we'll tell you why.

Reasons to start dropshipping home decor in France

Decoration is not the niche you think of most when you want to start dropshipping. However, there are several reasons to choose it and this is evidenced by a number of figures in France.

- An important place in e-commerce

It is customary to consult the Fevad website for information on the potential of a given market. Already in 2017, it has been noted that decoration has an increasingly important share in the sale of products on the Internet. Indeed, furniture, which is part of decoration, came 5th with a 13% market share in e-commerce. The only segments ahead of it are cultural products, high-tech home, home appliances and clothing. And after considering other products and services related to the home, this market share reached 39%. It should also be remembered that in the same year, household linen represented 35% of the market.

So, if you are looking for a dropshipping product in 2022 that guarantees you profitability, interior decoration will be a perfect choice. And with the average French shopping cart exceeding 60 euros for several years, you will be able to profit at least 30% with this sector.

- Taking advantage of a permanent need

Why be certain about the profitability of dropshipping in decoration? Beyond the figures, it is about investing in a field that meets a need that will always exist. Indeed, when we have a home, we always want our interior to be welcoming and warm. This pushes us not to neglect its decoration and to take care of it regularly. If you are dropshipping in the field of decoration, you will not have to worry about the timing of your business. You will be able to reason easily on the long term with your business. To ensure your success, however, you will need to choose your wholesaler carefully and keep up to date with the latest trends in the field. You will not have trouble finding loyal buyers if the products you offer are in line with the trends.

Dropshipping of interior decoration products: is it a really interesting sector?

Which product is profitable in interior decoration dropshipping?

It is important to specify in advance that all decoration products can be easily sold via a dropshipping site, in the same way assports equipment products. You can either create a more general website selling decoration items or focus on a niche dropshipping site.

- All decoration products

When we talk about generalist shops specialising in decoration, one name often comes to mind: Ikea. This is normal since it is the model of success in the field. So if you want to start as a generalist dropshipping seller, you only need to visit their website to find out what products to offer to your customers. Don't be afraid to become one of his competitors, because you will only need a clever combination of the following factors to make your mark in the field:

- Good marketing strategy

- Good products

- Good customer experience

- Ability to differentiate yourself well from the competitionL

- The value of specialising

It is also possible to specialise in a segment of the decoration sector. This option is also worthwhile, especially if your level of knowledge of the segment in question is more advanced. In this case, we talk about investing in a niche market. And there is no shortage of segments, including dropshipping in event decoration, dropshipping in lighting, dropshipping in bedroom furniture, dropshipping in kitchen, dining room and bar. However, make sure that the products related to your niche have an appeal to a large number of people.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of this Dropshipping product niche?

Now that you know the best reasons to start dropshipping home decoration products and the 2 business models available to you, it is time to show you the strengths and weaknesses. It's not only in the online sale ofsurvival equipment that there are risks.

- The benefits

By choosing to engage in dropshipping of decoration items, you give yourself the opportunity to position yourself on a wide range of products. The term "decoration" encompasses a wide range of products, from furniture to paintings. Moreover, you will have no difficulty in finding suppliers and thus building and diversifying your catalogue. This also applies to niche positioning. You will also not have to worry about the quality of the products, unless you use less reputable suppliers. And even among the latter, many of them attach importance to product quality and even allow you to do tests. The last advantage, which has already been mentioned in the first section, is the sustainability of the business. The trend nowadays is towards regular changes in decoration for both private and professional customers.

- The disadvantages

Decorating is not a product idea for dropshipping that is totally without its faults. Among the most cited are the low margins compared to other sectors. These usually vary between 10 and 30%, whereas in other sectors such as sports equipment and organic products, they easily exceed 50%. However, this does not detract from the profitability of this sector, given that its average basket remains high.

The harshness of the competition can be a hindrance to starting a dropshipping business for home decor products. Knowing that Ikea is one of them can make you give up on the idea straight away, yet by differentiating yourself well from this giant, you will be able to take advantage of the ever-increasing demand in the field. Why not, for example, position yourself as a shop selling top-of-the-range decorative items?

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Although it has some disadvantages, dropshipping home decoration products is still an interesting idea for people looking for a promising sector. All you have to do is identify the products that are most in demand and build up your catalogue to take advantage of them. In this process, you can always be guided by an expert like Minea.

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