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The French are well known for their special affection for animals. They are ready to do anything to give them a perfect pet life. It is in this perspective that you will have all the chances to succeed if you decide to start in this field and more precisely in dropshipping.

The pet market: a growing business

Pet supplies are among the most popular dropshipping products 2022. This market is among the most active in the trade sector. Retail pet supplies are selling like hotcakes as consumers demand more and more of them. This is then a good boon for those who want to enter the market and develop their pet dropshipping business. 

The annual turnover of the pet sector, all items included (live animals, food, accessories...), has increased considerably and has reached, in 10 years, an important increase. All this to confirm that the pet sector is a sector that is soaring. And given the development of technology and the integration of e-commerce in the daily life of all, to launch in dropshipping for pets in France can only be fruitful. The key is to find the best dropshipping supplier for pets.

Develop your pet dropshipping project through Minea

The pet that lives on the love and devotion of its owner

The French have an exceptional relationship with their pets. For them, the well-being of their companion comes first, to the point of becoming one of their major concerns. The master will do everything to offer his pet all the comfort he deems necessary: adapted food, comfortable cushion, collar to the standards, plush toys, other accessories... You can take advantage of this craze to invest in the field, launch an activity on the dropshipping of accessories for dogs and why not, if possible, find other sectors such as toys for children, decorative objects... whose dropshipping system is also a huge success. 

There are products on the pet market that are classified as high-end, thus diversifying the items that are dedicated to them. You can meet the needs of this growing clientele by selecting top brand pet dropshipping products.

Cats, dogs and fish: leading the way in pet e-commerce 

In the field of online pet trade, four-legged animals are in the lead.

- The cat holds the first place and represents 60% of the figures achieved with an annual revenue of 1.9 billion euros. This is enough to devote more time to cat dropshipping

- Dogs are in second place. With a strong growth rate of around 2.9%, the purchase of dogs is of increasing interest to consumers thanks to the diversification of its food range.

- Fish came last on the podium with an interest growth of 1%.

- Next in line are small mammals, where sales have increased by 0.7% and the rate is still rising.

- Backyard animals, whose commercial activity is more dynamic, saw an increase of 3.3% (the chicken being in first place and paradoxically attracting young people from the urban environment). 

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Key indicators for developing your pet dropshipping business

More than half of the sales are represented by purchases in supermarkets. The rise of technology is also playing a major role. Online sales currently account for more than 8% of the sales volume, a figure that is increasing more and more, promising a boom in the sale of every product through dropshipping by 2021. This trend also benefits pet dropshippers.

Why? Because buying on the internet is simple and offers many possibilities: comparison of prices and offers in a few clicks, search according to defined criteria, express delivery, zero travel... All these factors encourage customers to consume from this form of sale. 

The pet sector dropshipping has its flagship products. The best-selling item in the pet sector is pet food: cat and dog food, treats, food supplements, etc.

Other segments are beginning to develop. Accessories such as collars (flea and tick repellent), leashes, litter boxes, clothing, grooming and hygiene equipment, maintenance and care products, etc. This change in attitude and behaviour is simply the result of the openness to possibilities thanks to the diversification of offers concerning products sold online.

Looking for a dropshipping supplier for pets

If dropshipping works so well, it is also thanks to the suppliers who also apply in the system. Whether you are looking for a supplier of pet products, fashion accessories, textiles(men's and women'sclothing ), toys and all other items or even services, approach the search platforms that specialize in the field.

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