Search for the best influencers to implement an influencer marketing strategy

Published on:
October 4, 2021
- Author:
Alexandra Bermont
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Search for the best influencers to implement an influencer marketing strategy

When we finally get our hands on a winning product, we can look for an influencer to promote it via product placement. To do this, in this tutorial, we will see how to find the right influencer for your product.

Minea influence marketing

In the previous article, we saw in detail all the filters for searching the "Influencers" section. Now we will study all the information that Minea has in its database on influencers.

Firstly, from the main page of this section you have some information such as :

  • Name of the influencer
  • Country
  • Number of followers
  • Number of placements in the last few days

First, you have the option of adding this influencer to your favourites list so that you can save them and review their profile again later (1). Then you can click on the eye icon to go to an influencer's detail page (2). 

Influence marketing minea

Details of an influencer's profile

Let's take the example of the famous "Maddyburciaga", a French influencer. Once the eye icon is clicked, this is the type of very detailed page we get. 

Let's start with the Analytics tab (1). The first indications we find are the last placements and the most frequent partnerships of the influencer. We can click on the last placements of the influencer (2).

Latest influencer placements

When we click on one of the influencer's latest placements, we can see the product placement stories. We can also go directly to the influencer's Instagram page, find out their country of origin, their engagement rate and their number of followers as on the influencer's page. 

It is also possible to see the other placements made by all the influencers with this same brand. Therefore, the more placements there are, the more it shows that the brand is relevant and willing to place its product with many influencers in order to gain maximum exposure. 

If you want to know more about investments, here is an article that will explain in detail the "Investments" section of Minea

Most frequent partnerships.

We are back on the "Analysis" tab of an influencer's detail page (1).

Thanks to this tab, you can also find the most frequent partnerships, i.e. the brands (shops) that work most often with this influencer (2). If a brand repeats its placements with the same influencer, it means that the influencer sells well and allows a good margin for the brand. The brand therefore decides to multiply the placements with them. This is a simple and smart way to know which products work well with each influencer and which types of products are worth placing.

We can then click on one of the shops (brands) in the image above (2).

We then arrive on the analysis of the shop in question (brand) which we find from the "Shops" section of Minea. For more details on this section, go to this article.

Detailed data

 Here we are again on the "Analysis" tab of an influencer's detail page. When we scroll down a bit, 8 numbers will appear:

  • The number of followers of the influencer and its evolution (1).
  • The influencer's engagement rate (proportion of active followers out of all followers) (2).
  • Retention rate: this is the percentage of repeat placement by a brand with an influencer. The higher the rate, the better the return and therefore the brands will repeat placing the same product with an influencer. As we do not have access to this confidential information, we can nevertheless make an estimate (3).
  • Average number of Ecom placements per day: This number indicates whether or not the influencer places a lot of products per day. Above two placements per day, it can be considered that the influencer places a lot and that the product risks being drowned among the others. It is therefore better to favour an influencer with one to two placements per day maximum (4).
  • The influencer's average likes on their Instagram account (5).
  • The average number of comments per post (6).
  • The number of active followers: this is the percentage of followers who are actually active on the influencer's account and therefore engage (like, comment, share, etc.). The higher the percentage, the better (7). 
  • Placements over the last 30 days: this is the number of placements that have been made by the influencer over the last month. If it is too high, there is a risk of not noticing and paying attention to all the products that have been promoted (8).

Then, still from the same page, three other data:

  • Age of the audience: A very clear percentage on the age of the audience by range will appear. It is therefore easy to understand who the influencer is mainly addressing during his placements (1).
  • Country audience: Another interesting percentage that allows you to know the location of the followers. Maybe the whole audience of the influencer is in the same country, or maybe several countries are involved. This is a metric to watch as carefully as the others. All these points give key information about how successful your product can be with a particular public figure. If our audience is mainly in Spain and our influencer doesn't reach anyone in Spain but mainly subscribers in France and Belgium, then we should skip it and focus on a profile with a Spanish-based audience (2).
  • Finally the Gender of the Audience: Find concretely by a percentage the predominant gender in the audience of the observed influencer (3).

Finally, here are the last two pieces of data on this page:

  • Audience growth: this is a curve that will determine the evolution of the number of followers per month. Interesting to know the positive or negative evolution of the influencer and to know if it is worthwhile to pretend to have a partnership with this influencer over time. If the curve is negative, we will avoid contacting this influencer who is losing followers recently (1).
  • The main categories: these are the product/industry categories for which the influencer is used to working. It is important to know that an influencer will always agree to work for what they are comfortable with, what they like, what they care about. If the influencer is not at all interested in your niche and you decide to try to offer your product when he has never placed products in your field, it is of no value. You will be wasting your time (2).

Influencer placements

On the Placements tab, track your influencer's growth/activity per day. You can see the number of product placements per day. If your influencer has a rather stable and not too high curve, this is a good point for you. On the other hand, if you observe very high peaks of placements, you should check the consistency and stability of the placements of this influencer. Also remember that you don't want to get involved in a partnership where you don't really belong and have no value.

Below this curve, you can find all the influencer's placements in order of age, from the most recent to the oldest. You will then have access to each product sheet. In this sheet you have :

  • The name of the brand, of the shop with which the partnership took place
  • The name of the influencer
  • The date and time of placement
  • The country
  • The platform on which the placement was made
  • The number of followers the influencer has
  • Influencer engagement rate
  • Access to stories 
  • Access to the details page through the eye icon 
  • The possibility of adding the placement sheet to favourites

Shops placed

This last tab allows you to find all the Shops (brands) for which an influencer has already done influencer marketing campaigns. It allows you to see how many brands have trusted this influencer. The more brands, the more known the influencer is. If a brand has placed a certain number of times with the same influencer, it is a sign of a successful and profitable partnership.

You can click on a shop card to access its precise information. If you click on the shop card, you will be directed to the "Shops" section and you will find the same data.

In conclusion, finding a relevant influencer for your product is not that difficult, but requires attention to a number of metrics. The more you are aware of the importance of these, the more likely you are to find the right influencer(s) to promote your winning product. Analyse, diagnose and take the time to correlate your needs with those of the influencers that have caught your attention. By gathering all the known data there is no reason to miss out on great influencer marketing opportunities!

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Use Minea's free adspy on facebook ads

Discover Minea the platform to find winning products

E-commerce is changing. Find winning products from all traffic sources and launch them in unsaturated markets and channels.
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