Dropshipping 2021: unsaturated markets

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November 22, 2021
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Dropshipping 2021: unsaturated markets

Which online markets will be unsaturated in 2021? What to sell? How to find a product that does not exist in France? What are the trendy products of 2021? All these questions plague entrepreneurs who want to succeed in dropshipping. Questions that dropshippers have asked themselves in order not to drown in a niche that has already been seen and reviewed.  

Beauty: the waterproof eyebrow pen

In 2021, the thick, well-defined eyebrow trend is all the rage. Brow bars are opening in every corner and almost all beauty salons offer semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. Professionals in the field have created techniques that allow thin eyebrows to be modified into a beautiful mass that defines the eyes. But all this is relatively expensive and not everyone can afford to go to a beauty salon. That's where you can step in with your waterproof eyebrow pen. It's a felt-tip pen with a fork-shaped lead that reproduces eyebrow hairs. The result is impressive. The pen is sweatproof and long-lasting. The intense, even colour of the eyebrow is perfectly maintained. These advantages can be used as arguments to build your ad on social networks and break into a dropshipping market that is not yet saturated. 

Fashion: comfortable sandals

Comfort sandals have been deemed the winning products in dropshipping in summer 2021. These types of platform sandals were an interesting niche when the dropshipping market started to take off. On top in a few countries, these sandals have been selling like hotcakes on the net. Pleasant to wear, the particularity of these sandals is that they are easy to put on and take off. Available in three colours, fashionistas couldn't resist their charms. Platform sandals allow you to style your images with trendy looks. To make them stand out from the crowd, don't hesitate to show off all these interests in pictures or animations. Beware that sizes may not match with Asian items. Be sure to check the equivalents and be precise in your descriptions so that your customers can buy them in their sizes. 

Sport: ballerina trainers for women

A winning dropshipping product in 2021, women's ballerina trainers have not yet saturated the dropshipping market. This new concept has conquered the hearts of European customers. With straps between babies and ballerinas and a sneaker-like sole, these ballerina trainers provide both comfort and femininity. Available in several colours, these types of shoes are perfectly adapted to sports, especially to walks, as they allow the feet to breathe well with perfect support. Very easy to put on, to wear and to care for, ballerina trainers have everything to please light sports enthusiasts. Dropshippers have been able to source this item at a really good price and have been able to make a significant profit on it. These types of shoes are also sold by large retailers at over a hundred euros a pair. You can therefore position yourself with this winning product, the sale of which has not yet saturated the dropshipping market. 

Well-being: lifting leggings 

Lifting leggings have been on the market for more than a year now and sales have been booming. It is one of the best-selling products in recent times, both in physical shops and online. Its success is due to its ability to lift. Thanks to its honeycomb texture, these lifting leggings conceal cellulite, firm up sagging thighs and shape the buttocks rather dramatically. The leggings have already been the subject of several Tik Tok shows with stunned husbands or boyfriends. According to an analysis of the dropshipping market, the varied colour of these leggings and the matching top have played an important role in the popularity of this product. Offer the leggin lift in cross sell and up sell. To generate positive customer feedback, it is advisable to offer different sizes. 

Accessory: the shock-proof bicycle saddle

A winning product, this top-of-the-range accessory represents an important potential in dropshipping. By offering it for sale online, you can break into an unsaturated market and make an interesting profit margin even if this product is not easy to sell as it is almost impossible to mount its effects online. The best way to market it is to get a model of it and film it so that the target audience can really notice the difference with ordinary saddles. Nevertheless, you can highlight the few advantages of this type of saddle:

  • The softness is the effect of the silicon gel used in its manufacture to ensure the comfort of the cyclist. 
  • The shock absorbing saddle reduces shocks and provides real comfort even over several kilometres. 

Your sales success will be fundamentally based on social selling and customer feedback. 


In order to succeed in dropshipping, it is important to know how to choose your market niche and offer your target customers products that perfectly meet their specific needs. Minea guides entrepreneurs to choose products that do not belong to an already saturated market.

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Discover Minea the platform to find winning products

E-commerce is changing. Find winning products from all traffic sources and launch them in unsaturated markets and channels.
Use Minea's free adspy on facebook ads

Discover Minea the platform to find winning products

E-commerce is changing. Find winning products from all traffic sources and launch them in unsaturated markets and channels.
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