Opinions Drop Point 2024: The cheapest Adspy tool

If, as a dropshipper or e-merchant, you're still finding your winning products by manually spying on social networks yourself, I can assure you that you're not on trend and that you're wasting money and time. 

There are plenty of spy tools out there that do all the work for you. In fact, we've written a comprehensive article on the best advertising spy tools for dropshipping. 

In fact, each tool is aimed at a specific category of marketer. Whether you're a dropshipper, e-merchant or affiliate marketer, there are tools that can help you find your winning product fast. The hardest part, however, is choosing the best tool for your needs. 

In this article, we'll be focusing on Drop Point, which is a spy tool considered to be the cheapest adspy tool on the market, costing just $5 a month. We'll be taking a look at it and analyzing its features, so that you'll have an overall understanding of the tool before considering its use. 

How does Drop Point work?

Before we look at how the tool works, here are a few figures about Drop Point. 


Like all other product search tools, Drop Point collects Facebook advertisements. These ads or ad campaigns are stored in its database, which is made available to users of the tool who come to search for their winning products. 

To make searching easier, given that the tool collects several thousand ads a day, Drop Point features a number of filters that allow you to optimize your search so that you only see ad categories that meet your needs. 

If you have a dropshipping store where you only sell beauty products, there's no point wasting time spying on or analyzing products in the tech niche. This is something you can avoid by using the filters available on Drop Point. 

Let's take a look at Drop Point's features

Drop Point features

Drop Point has 2 main categories of tools. On the one hand, there are product search tools, and on the other, a tool for spying on online stores. 

Product search tools

In the category of product search tools, Drop Point offers 3 features that enable its users to find winning products. The first is a tab called "Advertise". 

Advertise tab

In this tab, you'll find all the ads collected by the tool on Facebook. This is the tool's largest database. Just inside the right-hand panel, you'll find the filters that enable you to optimize your search and be more precise. 

  • Category filter

This filter lets you search for ads in a specific category. For example, you can filter Drop Point ads to see only those in the baby products or pet products categories. 

It's a good way of narrowing down your search field and focusing only on products that match your objectives. 

  • Filter by page

Drop Point lets you directly search for Facebook page names by entering their names. The tool will pull up all the advertisements that are running on that page. 

  • Filter by ad view date

Filter by date viewed allows you to filter the ad according to the date it was viewed by the tool or published by the advertiser. Ideally, you should filter to see only the most recent ads. 

  • Filter by Call To Action 

The button filter or Call To Action is a very important filter, especially if you're into dropshipping. In fact, it's a filter that allows you to filter ads by a certain type of call to action. 

And for e-commerce or dropshipping in general, there are certain types of call-to-action that are frequently used, such as "Buy Now, Order Now". By filtering by these calls to action, you're sure to find only dropshipping ads. This can speed up your search considerably. 

  • Filter by commitment

The engagement filter or social proof filter lets you filter ads according to a number of engagement criteria. For example, you can filter ads to show only those with a certain number of likes, shares or comments. 

  • Filter by language

On Drop Point, you also have the option of filtering ads by language. This can be handy if you want to explore several markets and see how ads work from one language to another. 

Let's take a look at Drop Point's second product search tool, located in the "Winners" tab

Winners tab

As its name suggests, the "Winners" tab is the tab for winning products. It is only accessible on the Pro version of the tool.
In fact, depending on a number of criteria defined by Drop point, certain products collected during the spying process are automatically added to this tab. 

Most of these products are already successful on social networks. So when you go to this tab, you'll only find products that already have significant social proof.
The advantage is that this can considerably reduce your search time, as you'll only have to search for products that are already working. On the other hand, your chances of finding a winning product are fairly slim, given that Drop Point collects very few products from social networks. 

In this tab, you also have the option of applying all the filters we've seen above to optimize your searches according to your needs.
The final tool you can use on Drop Point to find winning products is the "Rising" tab.Rising"

Rising tab

Like the "Winniners" tab , the "Rising " tab brings together products collected by Drop Point, but which meet certain criteria. 

In this tab, you'll find new products that are trending on Facebook. In fact, as soon as a new product starts attracting engagement from users on Facebook, Drop Point places it directly in this tab. The aim is to let users know early on what's trending, so they can make the most of it. 

So if you like to sell trendy products on your store, you can find them in the "Rising" tab.Rising"tab on Drop Point. This feature is only available on the Pro version of the tool. 

The online store spy tool

The second category of features offered by Drop Point is online store spying. Successful sales on the Internet require more than just finding a winning product that sells. 

In reality, it's one thing to find the product and another to be able to promote it using the right marketing arguments. Indeed, your competitors' stores are the best source of inspiration. 

You'll be able to draw inspiration from what works, and take note of what doesn't, so that you don't make the same mistakes again in your store. Hence the importance of store spying. 

Like Minea and many other product search tools, Drop Point also lets you spy on competitors' stores. To do so, simply go to the application's "Stores " tab to start searching or spying on competitors' stores. 

Drop Point promises a vast database of over 15 million stores to spy on. You can use the filters available, as with the tools seen above, to refine your search to suit your needs. Filter options include : 

  • The category
  • Store name
  • The platform hosting the store (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce...)
  • Store classification
  • The number of products available in the store
  • The language

Drop Point price plan

There's no doubt that Drop Point is the most affordable Adspy tool on the market. You can see access to the tool for just $5 a month. For $50, you get the annual version and can use the tool for a whole year without interruption. 

Compared to other tools on the market, we can clearly see that the difference is considerable.
But, you're probably wondering what we think after testing the tool. Here's our Drop Point review. 

Our opinion on Drop Point

The first thing to note is that Drop Point really is less expensive. It costs just $5 a month, compared with an average of $40 for other tools. However, its functionalities are very limited, and it won't be of much use to you if you're a dropshipper or an experienced e-merchant. 

Compared with other ad spy tools, Drop Point only spies on Facebook. This can be a constraint if you're a dropshipper and want to explore trends on other social networks. You'll have to opt for other tools that spy on the social networks you want. 

For example, Minea, which is also a product search tool but much more comprehensive and powerful than Drop Point, spies on all the most important social networks for e-tailers or dropshippers (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest...). 

The consequence with Drop Point is that its database is reduced, which can therefore influence the product search. The more products you have to analyze, the more likely you are to find the winning product. While Minea collects several million ads a day, Drop Point only collects 10,000 Shopify products. Which is relatively low compared to the average. 

In addition, the filters available are also limited and can't allow a complete exploration of the database that Drop Point offers. Moreover, in our experience, Drop Point's customer service is not at all responsive, which can be quite difficult if you encounter difficulties or bugs while using the tool. You won't get help right away. 

In view of all this, we only recommend Drop Point for beginners starting out in dropshipping who don't have the necessary capital at all. You can start with Drop Point and then move on to a much more powerful tool like Minea or Dropispy for better results. 


In this article, we deciphered Drop Point. We've talked about its two main features: the product search tool and the online store spy tool. 

Drop Point features a number of filters that enable you to optimize your searches according to your objectives. Drop Point spies on very few ads compared with other ad spy tools on the market. 

But for $5 a month, you couldn't ask for more from Drop Point. If you're an e-tailer or dropshipper and want to find your winning product fast, we recommend you opt for Minea, a comprehensive tool that will help you achieve your product search goals.

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