Adspy: an efficient tool for finding the winning products in Dropshipping of 2022


Finding winning products isn't easy in e-commerce. Usually, we get a winning product after product testing, using advertisements. Based on the measurements collected, we decide on the winning products. Now there are a few tricks and tools that make it easy to find winning products: adSpy for dropshipping.

How do I use Adspy to find a winning product?

We learn everything by watching what others do. Nowhere is this more profound than in digital marketing. Affiliates and other digital marketers have decided to use spy tools to learn about their competitors.

The genius behind spy tools is that you can copy what your competitor is doing. You can modify it to suit your business and achieve success. Although this sounds a bit false, it is quite correct. After all, imitation is a sincere form of flattery.

As the demand for spy tools increases, so does the supply. Currently, hundreds of spy tools are available. A beginner can easily be overwhelmed by the number of choices.

AdSpy: what it is and how it works

AdSpy is a powerful PPC and social media spying tool. It works by revealing the details of your competitors' ad campaigns and giving you the ability to copy them. You will be able to see the ad text, graphics, videos, links and their destination sites. In addition, you can see the interactions the ads have had with customers, including comments, shares and likes. With this information, you can deduce what the competition is doing differently. You can then adjust your own advertising campaigns based on their success.

Despite the various benefits and features to be enjoyed on Adspy, it is a paid tool. You should expect to pay a bill of $149, monthly, when using your adspy account.

  • AdSpy attributes

You'll be amazed by the advanced features offered by AdSpy. Among them, the most important include:

  • Massive advertising database: AdSpy is without doubt the biggest spy tool in terms of advertising database. It contains nearly 76 million ads, spread across 198 countries. These ads are published by over 12 million advertisers in 88 different languages. With these figures, all the ads worth seeing will be displayed on AdSpy. They are displayed on the two biggest social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.
  • Advanced search and filtering: with a massive database, you need a powerful search and filtering tool to make searching through ads easier. AdSpy's search and filtering tool is the most advanced. It allows you to filter your searches by text, age, gender, landing page, affiliate offer, among others
  • AdSpy: a very intuitive tool

Like Droppoint and Bigspy, it is also very easy to use and manipulate. First of all, you only have to select the search criteria and enter the keywords. Then you are free to browse all the ads related to your query. With good precision and clarity, Adspy's interface helps you benefit from excellent ergonomics. On all products and ads, it discloses a lot of information in a clear and transparent way. This then allows you to enter new markets.

Facebook Adspy tools

A great way to find a winning dropshipping product is to use a Facebook Adspy tool or adspy alternative. In reality, this really isn't a product finder. These tools are a great help for people who want to spy on other people's actions on their Facebook ads. What's more, they don't have any specific tools for finding a winning product. You can even use these tools to improve your own Facebook ads. For example, the first tool includes an "Audience Finder" that helps you discover other interests to target on Facebook.

Spy on competitors' ads to find a winning winning dropshipping product of 2022

This method allows you to find ads with a high interaction rate. In this case, you should look for positive reviews and people who have tagged their friends and family. You can make a mental note of the things that attract your interest the most. One of the best strategies to spy on your rivals' ads is to access their marketing funnel. You start visiting your rivals' websites regularly. Add items to your shopping cart and then abandon it. You should soon start seeing ads from your competitors on your social media pages. Make a note of them and save them or print them out for later review.

Now you can spy on your competitor's ads directly from their Facebook page. This allows you to see all the ads they are running by clicking on the "Info and Ads" tab.


Adspy has an excellent reputation for finding winning products in Dropshipping. For most users, it is a perfect way to spy on the best dropshipping shops for a winning product. You can use Minea to make the most of its features.


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