13+ of the Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

Are you about to start dropshipping and need free dropshipping suppliers? You've come to the right place. Sure, online searches give you thousands of results on suppliers and directories. But this also makes it difficult to choose the right dropshipping supplier. Indeed, it is possible that after a long search, you will find dropshipping providers that charge membership fees. For that, we will give you in this guide, an overview of the best free dropshipping providers usa.


If you are a potential or existing e-merchant, it is almost impossible for you not to know about AliExpress. It is a popular and reliable e-commerce platform used by dropshippers all over the world.

As a reminder, it is a Chinese sales site specialized in online shopping. Online shoppers from all over the world buy their favorite items on this site. But the difference of AliExpress is its low prices and the wide range of products it offers to its customers.

Moreover, it is possible to order any product and have it shipped anywhere in the world. For this reason, smart dropshippers use this platform to manage their online business.

Benefits of AliExpress

  • A large number of products to choose from.
  • Pioneer and leader in kick-start dropshipping.
  • Products available at extremely low prices.
  • Direct integration with Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Authentic customer ratings and reviews.
  • An extensive shipping network to almost every region of the world.

Disadvantages of AliExpress

  • Longer delivery times.
  • Chinese traders do not speak English well.
  • PayPal is not acceptable.

Free dropshipping providers : Alibaba

Alibaba is the parent company of AliExpress and other e-commerce sites such as Taobao and 1688. It is also known for its product diversity and extremely low prices. The main advantage of Alibaba over AliExpress is that you can customize your products.

Another major factor that differentiates Alibaba from AliExpress is the Business to Consumer (B2C) model. Finally, Alibaba is one of the most reliable free dropshipping providers to use to organize and manage your online business.


  • An e-commerce giant. 
  • Single quantity orders.
  • Possibility to customize and revise products.
  • Ability to negotiate prices with product suppliers. 
  • Excellent possibility to create your own store. 
  • Order the product of your choice.


  • A majority of products must support the MOQ policy.
  • Difficulty to communicate with a Chinese supplier.
  • No product reviews on Alibaba. 
  • Suppliers do not accept PayPal as a payment method.


If you want to work with reliable and free dropshipping providers, Dx is one of the best choices. Indeed, it is an ecommerce platform that you can use as an alternative to find products to sell. The good thing about Dx is that it supports dropshipping itself.

If you have ever done a drop shipment via AliExpress, you will find many similarities in the design of this website. It's all about product selection, ordering and using filters, etc.

Advantages of DX dropshipping

  • Clearly defined shipping methods.
  • Accepts all major payment methods, including PayPal.
  • Large catalog of products.
  • 14 main categories divided into several sub-categories.
  • Site interface and user experience almost identical to AliExpress.
  • Application for easy access to products.

Disadvantages of DX dropshipping

  • Fewer warehouses in the western part of the world. 
  • Delivery may be delayed for some countries.
  • Relatively low orders compared to AliExpress.
  • The products are difficult to select according to the orders.


DHGate is another great platform for dropshipping products. It is basically a free marketplace for Chinese dropshipping wholesalers. In addition to its simple features, this website is full of general and specific products that are in fashion. It also ensures the quality of the products offered.

Although it is a rather unexplored site, it remains a serious competitor among the free dropshipping usa suppliers. Because its subscription is absolutely free. Being a Chinese-owned marketplace, it offers promising products at competitive rates and reasonable services.

In addition, its mobile app makes it easy to manage its features and improve the user experience. As free dropshippers, you would love to add this website to your wholesale buying sources.

Benefits of DHGate

  • A wide range of products.
  • 20 categories for wholesale products.
  • Many coupons, site offers and promotions
  • A practical mobile application.
  • Support from wholesale traders.
  • A filter to refine your product search.

Disadvantages of DHGate

  • The product database is not high.
  • Not all payment methods are accepted at DHGate.

Best free dropshipping suppliers: 1688

1688 is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. It is one of the internet sales sites specially designed to cater to local Chinese buyers. That is why it is in Chinese language. However, the interface of the site should not intimidate you. You can easily access it in English by translating the site via Google translator. 

In addition, it operates on a B2B model and is considered one of the most popular and widely used marketplaces in the world. And this is based on the daily customer base and the amount of products and suppliers. Therefore, you should consider 1688 as one of the leading Asian suppliers. 


  • Extremely low prices.
  • Contact with suppliers and large Chinese wholesalers.
  • Advanced features. 
  • International shipping to various parts of the world.
  • Create and sell your own branded product.


  • Translation difficulties.
  • No mobile app to access 1688.
  • No direct integration technique. 


Lightinthebox has grown enough to be considered one of the free drop shipping companies. If you scroll through the list of categories on the site, you'll find tons of subcategories, which speaks to the versatility of its products. 

As AliExpress is mainly the first choice of most dropshippers, Lightinthebox strives to compete in terms of product diversity. Thus, it has some of its warehouses in Western countries. This could help free dropshippers in terms of faster deliveries and quick returns.

Moreover, its decent mobile application gives it a superior advantage in terms of ease of use. It is absolutely free to use, with no upfront or recurring fees. This could surely make a place in your list of free dropshipping providers usa.

Advantages of Lightinthebox

  • Major sales proposal.
  • Approximately 15 main product categories.
  • A wide variety of products related to dropshipping.
  • Decent search filters to narrow down your choices.

Disadvantages of Lightinthebox

  • No direct integration application with your virtual store.
  • No support application for Lightinthebox with Shopify and woocommerce
  • Orders are not listed on the homepage.


Miniinthebox is a subsidiary of Lightinthebox. The overview, interface and functionality of its website are almost the same. But Miniinthebox is actually more compact and less confusing with the products. Like the two Facebook applications (Facebook and Facebook Lite), we can say that Miniinthebox is a lighter version of LightintheBox. Hence the name "Mini".

Nevertheless, it has everything a website needs to be considered a better provider of the product. Conversely, Miniinthebox has relatively more features than its parent company Lightinthebox. It also has a mobile app of the same name that is very convenient to use. You can securely access this website to view the supplier's products for sale in your dropshipping business.

The advantages of Miniinthebox

  • A wide range of products.
  • It started its activities in 2007.
  • Interested in a long-term activity.
  • Several languages are supported.
  • Shipment of products to most parts of the world.
  • Simple, user-friendly and easy to use.
  • A decent amount of filters to refine your searches.
  • Accepts all payment methods, including PayPal.

The disadvantages of Miniinthebox

  • The limited range of products.
  • Lighter and sharper in almost every feature.

Free dropshipping suppliers: Taobao

Taobao is one of the largest free drop shipping wholesalers to organize your products for wholesale. This trading platform operates on a B2C or C2C model. However, it is mainly for Chinese consumers. That's why it is operated in Chinese language.

Don't worry about the language of this site, because you can use the Google translator to translate the language into English. So, what makes Taobao special for international business in English? Actually, there are some factors that make Taobao preferable, find out these factors in the following pros and cons.

The advantages

  • More user-friendly design.
  • Multiple functions compared to other platforms
  • Several Chinese suppliers work at Taobao.
  • More customer reviews on Taobao product pages.
  • Possibility to take advantage of their offers and promotions.

The disadvantages

  • Difficulty of expedition in different parts of the world.
  • The language remains a barrier to communicate with suppliers in China.
  • Taobao is not free of scams.


If you are a regular dropshipper, you must have heard of Banggood. It is a website that sells products in an extremely organized manner. It works on a B2C model which is suitable for all free dropshippers. The main advantages of dropshipping through Banggood are that apart from being free, it offers a wide range of products.

It also incorporates regular discounts on products (up to 20%, and even more on some products). Moreover, its website clearly mentions that it makes a strict selection of dropshipping suppliers. That's why you will find friendly, cooperative and professional suppliers on this site. On top of that, there are other specific benefits you can enjoy by dropshipping with Banggood. 

Benefits of Banggood

  • 7-day delivery guarantee, known as DOA.
  • 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • 6 months warranty on high quality products.
  • It has an outstanding mobile application.
  • It has a wide range of warehouses abroad.
  • A very exclusive feature of free repair of items.
  • He has experience in delivering products to over 200 countries.
  • Almost all payment methods are accepted, including PayPal.

Disadvantages of Banggood

  • Not all suppliers are reliable. 
  • Be careful when searching for a supplier.
  • Shipping and return policies can sometimes be confusing.


Oberlo is one of the best free dropshipping providers for Shopify. Moreover, it has a platform specifically designed for selling products on the internet. But the medium it uses to organize products is AliExpress. You may be wondering why it is important to work with Oberlo?

In fact, it makes the entire dropshipping process easier for Shopify store owners. While AliExpress is not specifically for dropshipping, Oberlo steps in to narrow down the product range of AliExpress. This is to make it easier for dropshippers to choose from on Shopify.

Moreover, it has its own marketplace where you can do your research easily. It also helps you to import products from AliExpress and upload them to your Shopify web store in a few clicks. Its exclusive feature of offering a suggested price for products helps buyers to get an idea about the dropshipping market.


  • Works as an orientation assistant.
  • Presents the winning products of the dropshipping trend.
  • The basic map of Oberlo is absolutely free.
  • Reduce the process of importing products from AliExpress.
  • Automatic processing function.
  • Accepts PayPal as a payment method. 


  • Works only with Shopify.
  • Limited to having AliExpress suppliers only.
  • Oberlo's advanced features are not free.

Free dropshipping suppliers usa: Spocket

Spocket is one of the best suppliers in the world offering the most interesting dropshipping items. If you have been frustrated enough with Chinese products and suppliers, embrace this site. While Oberlo only works with AliExpress, Spocket competes with Oberlo in terms of product quality, variety and service.

Moreover, it also works with several ecommerce sites including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce and AliScraper. While Oberlo only works with Shopify. Spocket has multiple features and benefits that are not easy to summarize. Below you can see some of them: 

The advantages of Spocket 

  • A wide range of different and more intense products.
  • A complete product analysis to help dropshippers.
  • Features for special tips for dropshippers.
  • Manage and increase sales to balance your margins with Spocket.
  • Beautiful and clear pictures of their products.
  • Easy indirect communication with suppliers via Spocket.
  • Tested and guaranteed quality of products from western suppliers.
  • Custom billing available.

The disadvantages of Spocket

  • Does not accept PayPal.
  • Delivery outside of Western countries may cost more.
  • Branded dropshipping features are not available.


Dropshipping via Wholesale2b is a completely different experience. In fact, it is one of the marketplaces meant for online shopping in general. It can be said that it is specifically designed to take your dropshipping needs to the next level. Unlike platforms that only work with Chinese or Western suppliers; Wholesale2b creates the difference by bringing all the right suppliers together on one platform.

It brings together American, European and Chinese suppliers to offer you a unique platform. It allows you to get products at competitive prices. The interface of its website, the way it selects products and integrates with your e-commerce platform is really different and unique.

On top of that, you'll find tons of options to explore your dropshipping avenues. You can also take them to new horizons with Wholesale2b. To give you an idea of its exclusivity, we have selected its major points in the following list.

Advantages of Wholesale2b

  • Integration with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.
  • Direct shipping of products to Amazon and eBay.
  • Filters to refine your product search.
  • The best suppliers to earn money.
  • Provide the necessary guidelines in the generated reports.
  • Integrates a range of millions of products.
  • Accepts all major payment channels, including PayPal.
  • Groups together unique items.

Disadvantages of Wholesale2b

  • Advanced e-business package for a fee.
  • Difficult and costly product return or exchange process.


Modalyst is another great free wholesale provider specializing in dropshipping. It gives you access to over 10 million products added to multiple e-commerce stores from a wide range of suppliers. All merged into one big marketplace called Modalyst.

It is basically a dropshipping platform to be integrated with your e-commerce store. Moreover, it works on the models adopted by Oberlo or Spocket. Modalyst claims to have served over 300,000 online stores with its free dropshipping products and services

It also brings together some of the best alternative suppliers from around the world. The website states that more than 50 million online shoppers have taken advantage of this platform to buy products online. Thus, it can be considered as one of the best and largest free dropshipping providers.

The main advantages and disadvantages of Modalyst have been listed below for your reference.

The advantages

  • It summarizes costs, product suggestions, margins, etc.
  • It helps you to integrate your store for a good management.
  • Easy integration with Shopify, Wix and BigCommerce.
  • Possibility of integration with AliExpress.
  • Faster delivery of shipments.

The disadvantages

  • No direct integration option with WooCommerce.
  • No private label dropshipping or brand billing options.
  • 5% transaction fee as part of the free package.
  • Limited products (25 products) can be served in the free plan.


So you have just browsed our list of the best free dropshipping suppliers in 2023. These are the free membership dropshipping wholesalers with no membership fees. These 13 dropshipping suppliers can very well increase your business prospects and take your online store to new levels. However, you should know that your success doesn't end with choosing the best supplier. 

You need to find the right product search tool to find winning products for your store. With this, you can double your sales and increase your revenue very quickly. If you still don't know which tool to choose, we recommend Minea. It is the best tool used by thousands of free dropshippers around the world. 

Frequently asked questions

Best free dropshipping suppliers usa

  1. AliExpress
  2. Alibaba
  3. DX.com
  4. DHGate 
  5. 1688
  6. Lightinthebox
  7. Miniinthebox
  8. Taobao
  9. Banggood
  10. Oberlo
  11. Spocket
  12. Wholesale2b
  13. Modalyst

How to create a free dropshipping business?

You can create a dropshipping business for free by yourself. You don't need a business partner to get started. Indeed, the Internet offers you many opportunities to find good quality international suppliers from all over the world.

Is AliExpress drop shipping free?

Yes, dropshipping is AliExpress is free. However, you must follow these three principles to get started:

  • Order unique items only after they have been purchased;
  • Use the free dropshipping website AliExpress;
  • Use free services, platforms, tools and plugins to create your online store. Then import products, perform product processing, etc.

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