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Dropshipping agent: how to find an agent in Asia?

A dropshipping agent will be indispensable if you want to invest in the e-commerce business. Minea tells you more about this subject.

Dropshipping agent: how to find an agent in Asia?

Whether a novice or an expert in dropshipping, operating in overseas sourcing is not an easy job. Without an experienced agent, it can result in delayed or missing deliveries. Fortunately, it is possible to find a Dropshipping agent in Asia and how do you find one?

Dropshipping agent: its operating principles

Before looking for a dropshipping agent, it is first and foremost essential to know, in a more concrete way, its operating principles. In order to understand more easily and quickly, the best method is to make a comparison. In reality, it is similar to the way an estate agent works. When an individual buys a property, the use of an estate agent is essential. This enables them to find a property that meets all these requirements. In addition, with the help of this money, they can benefit from better support in all stages of their transaction.

In this respect, the client can be reassured, thanks to the services of the real estate agent. They help them save time, money and effort.

More specifically, a dropshipping agent works in the same way, but in the field of e-commerce. On a daily basis, it ensures that all import-related problems are eliminated. Thus, the procurement process of Asian products is more secure.

When you start to practice dropshipping, it is obvious that all the experts recommend you to have an agent. In particular, the vast majority will recommend agents in Asia if you want to import Chinese products.

Good reasons to contact a dropshipping agent

There are many reasons to contact a dropshipping agent, but the main ones are

A source of good suppliers and better value for money

Currently, there are a large number of suppliers online and choosing one is not an easy task. If you are looking for a supplier that offers the best value for money, you will not have the resources to find one. A sourcing agent has the knowledge and experience of the Chinese market. Their services are invaluable. He or she can guide you to the factories or suppliers that will best meet your needs. He will help you find them, even if you are not on the beaten track. In addition, many Chinese do not speak French, or even English. Therefore, in order to work with them, a dropshipping agent is essential.

  • Production monitoring and time saving

France is 8,000 kilometres from China. As a result, tracking the production process of orders in real time is almost impossible. In order to comply with your schedule, a procurement officer ensures the accuracy of all information provided by your supplier. By delegating the responsibility for monitoring production deadlines to a procurement officer, you can make huge savings. This allows you to concentrate fully on your sales.

  • Quality control management

After each production process, you probably do not always have time to travel to China. With a dropshipping agent, you can easily check the quality of the items at frequent intervals. However, your money comes in as your representative, based directly in Asia. In other words, he acts as your hands and eyes in China. In this respect, he ensures regular visits to your supplier's factory, while checking the expectations and standards of your customers. He even ensures quality checks on your orders before they are shipped. He also plays an important role in the negotiation process.

  • Reducing import risks

It should be noted that importing products from abroad is a highly regulated area. Depending on the products you are importing, the documents required may vary from country to country. A Chinese dropshipping agent is an expert in this field. They have a thorough knowledge of compliance certifications and export and import regulations. Moreover, he is also an expert in international transport, in order to import goods legally.

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How to find a dropshipping agent in Asia?

Sometimes people consider their supplier as their dropship agent. This is because they have already established trust in their suppliers. However, many Chinese suppliers offer this type of service to their consumers. On the other hand, by choosing this option, the supplier risks favouring their products.

The best way to do this is to recruit an online agent. This method offers a wide variety of directories to find a neutral and fair dropshipping agent. However, all you have to do is type in "China dropshipping agent" on Google. This will give you a lot of contact information.

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Whatever your e-commerce activity, the use of a dropshipping agent is essential. When searching online, you may come across an unreliable agent. With Minea, you can be sure that your business is in the right hands. Just contact us to get started in the right direction.

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